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~My god.. my tourniquet..~

twistedrper666 and I are ebul.

What have we done -this- time? We are currently driving our Cs crazy. We have Sirius and Lupin paused -right- in the middle of a smut scene. We just paused Ivory and Daryuun in another smut scene. And tomorrow we are likely going to play our Sigurd and Citan ripoffs (Dorian and Stephen ) and pause -them-.. all because we CAN! *mwhahaha's*

Cs: Never have this problem with Michelle

That is because Michelle is -nice- to you. *hee's*

Next time on Springer.. Incestuous Cs who call out the name of the WRONG brother...

That is one of me and Sora's twisted RPs. -_-

We have quite a few. Me and Sora have between us 10 indvidual SLs going on and like at least that many -waiting- to start.

We play em as the mood arises us, that way we always have something to ease the boredom.. of course granted most of these SLs look like there is no viable end in sight.

Me and Sora support alot of the same pairings though.. we even have a Gremio X Hero generic pairing going on. *pets my Riley Valiase*

Okay, Nia has had bacon.. all fear her. -_-
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