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~Final Fantasy 4's Theme of Love is playing.. puts me in a particularly sappy mood~

Did some more on the Xenogears Arc that me and Michelle are working on. Right now making it so that Kahr, Krelian, Sigurd and Hyu's current incarnations can die without something bad or particularly traumatic happening to them. *pets Thaddeus who munches on a cookie* Compared to Mathias and Hyuga, Thad is a cutie.

Citan: I do so very resent that. *frowns*
Mathias: *rolls sleeves up* I think it is time to teach her a lesson
Thad: *munch munch*
Mathias proceeds to walk over and kick the %$^% out of Nia much to the cheering of Nia's Peanut gallery.. errh Cs.

Of course poor Julian didn't -tell- Kavan that he was the Heir to the Throne of Shevat.. OOops. 7 Years.. 7 Years and then the shit hits the ceiling.

Meanwhile Thaddeus and Gabriel are cuddling.. how cute.. *snickers*

I got The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Wal-Mart and some new kitchen tools and some nifty halloween pot holders.

Oh yeah, also drawing out angst for Lupin and Sirius. *snickers*

I am so mean to my Cs.

Cs Nia should be shot! *unanimous save for Thaddeus who just sits there eating cookies*

I love you Thad!

Thad Kupo!
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