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~Must.. write.. Sigurd X Citan smut.. must...write.. gah!~

At Michelle's insistance I have been thinking of doing the whole sex in Fenrir thing, but then I'd want to make a songfic to "My Heart Will Go On" (thanks to Michelle I will -never- be able to think of Sex in Fenrir without hearing the strains of that song going through my mind) But for a going away smut, I'm not sure.

I have this horrible problem about when I write smut, I have to have at least 2 pages of -normal- reading before we get to the good stuff.

It is very disheartening. -_-

So Fenrir might be out of the question.

Meanwhile in RP land I am trying to keep Lupin from ripping Sirius's clothes, unfortuantely it is -that- time of the month. *snickers*

My muses = hours of amusement.


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