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~A bit of insanity to close out the night~

(Me:) (I was not RPing smut in PM land! It was just that I didn't feel like having an audience. *puffs*)
(Jesse) Nia-(riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight)
{Rose) ((Mhm, sure, Nia. And I'm the President ¬¬))
(Sora) ((^_^ It was fluff, honest..))
(Jesse) (who was fluffing who's nuts, what?)
( Sora) ((x_x No, no...it was sap. You know, sweet stuff...*sniffles because for once her mind wasn't in the gutter but now!* ))
(Me) Man, no one EVER believes me!
(Pip) Y'can't blame us. ^^

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