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~Introducing Sora's Twisted Muse~

Guess what Sora let me borrow! Or actually it's just clinging to my leg.. *eyes it*

Twisted Muse: *Munches on cookies and looks all cute and gothic-y lolita-ish while arm is wrapped around Nia's leg*

Ah yes, me and Sora are supposed to play tonight, I don't know who we're gonna play as but it should be good. *laughs hysterically and pets the cute little muse.

Janus: *slinks over and feeds the Twisted Muse cake while Nia is not looking*

But anyways, I am addicted to this song that is currently playing on my MP3 player. It really rocks. I found it on http://www.livejournal.com/users/mawari It is a MP3 journal rotation. That is where I get alot of my new stuff. ^_^
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