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Innerbeautyblue: ::purrs:: So yummy... Ooooh, it's going to be so good when they finally shag!
OneWingedHyu: Yes it is! *nods and grins*
OneWingedHyu: It's taking forever.. but it's worth it..
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: I -know- you're not speaking for me...]]
Innerbeautyblue: Oh yes... It is -definitely- worth it!! ::eyes Lanis:: Don't say a word... -_-
OneWingedHyu: Of course Briant is getting impatient.. he was trying to get me to roll dice..
Innerbeautyblue: ::LOL:: Really? For what, might I inquire?
OneWingedHyu: Well see Briant wanted to give and get head.. and I told him that if that happened then they might as well fuck.. to which point Briant was just pouting like crazy..
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *sighs* Both me and Lanis are getting blue balls here.. *nods sagely*]]
OneWingedHyu: You've been frigid your entire life.. surely you can wait 4 weeks...
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *points to Lanis* Look at him.. would -you- be able to wait 4 weeks?]]
OneWingedHyu: -__
OneWingedHyu: -_-
Innerbeautyblue: ::pets poor Briant:: I understand love... We're going as fast as we can!
Innerbeautyblue: PIRATE SEX!!!
OneWingedHyu: YAR
Innerbeautyblue: HAR!
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: That's not funny...]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: And you mean you are going as -slow- as you can...]]
Innerbeautyblue: [[::Lanis figits and pokes at his mun:: You roll the bloody dice then! :;whines:: I want briant so bad that I'm about to lose my mind!]]
Innerbeautyblue: Sorry, love... Four weeks... That's the rule... Besides... Just imagine how -goooood- it's gonna feel!!
OneWingedHyu: When Cs develop a mind of their own.. I love it!
Innerbeautyblue: [[I -am- imagining it you dingbat!]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *glares at Nia and Monnie* Yes what he said.. dingbat. You two are supposed to be all Yaoi fangirls and all but we aren't getting instant gratification here!]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: I get it five times a day.. in my bloody dreams!]]
Innerbeautyblue: Oh yeah... They're so precious when they're like this... ::pets them::
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *gets petted* *tries to bite Monnie's hand off*]
Innerbeautyblue: [[I want a new mun! One who understands our needs!!!]]
Innerbeautyblue: ::LOL:: Temper, temper...
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *drags Lanis off* Fine.. you know what.. we are going to go screw our heads off right now.. AND YOU CAN'T WATCH!]]
OneWingedHyu: *facepalms*
OneWingedHyu: *runs after them*
OneWingedHyu: Nooooooooooooo
Innerbeautyblue: What?! Mutiny, I tell you!!
Innerbeautyblue: [[::gets dragged off and slams the door in their faces:: Bloody cruel bitches!]]
OneWingedHyu: [[*And hence they go into the big soundproof room and they proceed to smut like bunnies to which Nia and Monnie don't even get to -hear- their moans and groans of delight*]]
OneWingedHyu: Bloody cruel Cs.. *sighs*
Innerbeautyblue: ::grrs at them:: I tell you... No respect... None at all... ::stands beside Nia, pouting::
OneWingedHyu: *drags off Monnie and grins* We'll just do yaoi stuff!
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *soundspeaker comes on* Oh you'll do yaoi stuff with -her- but you won't let me do it with Lanis.. I AM HURT!]]
OneWingedHyu: I didn't roll the 9 weeks like you did..
Innerbeautyblue: Mmm... ::purrs and engages in much Yaoi-osity::
Innerbeautyblue: She is right, you know... ::In the mist of much naughtiness::
OneWingedHyu: *Yay naughtiness!!!*
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: *exasperated* I disown them...]]
Innerbeautyblue: [[We're on strike! :;broods:]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: They do not take in accounts our yaoi boy sex drive... ]]
Innerbeautyblue: [[No they don't... ::growls:: can't we just... skip the dice? Just this once? PLEASE!!! I'm horny as fuck and you are killing my groove!]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: I don't think they are listening.. too busy playing with those beads.. -_- ]]
Innerbeautyblue: Mmm... Oh Nia! ::whimpers and moans to taunt them::
OneWingedHyu: Yes Monnie.. yes yes yes yes yes... *growlies all seductively* // [[Briant: *bangs his head against a wall*]]
Innerbeautyblue: [[::just cries:: I hate them... I do...]]
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant: They suck...]]
OneWingedHyu: Mmmmmm suck.. gives me ideas.. *proceeds to do -just- that to Monnie*
OneWingedHyu: [[DAMN YOU!]]
Innerbeautyblue: ::LOLOL:: Aaaah! Oh, that's so gooooooooood!! ::creamies::
OneWingedHyu: [[Briant; This is C Abuse.. right Lanis? *sighs*]]
Innerbeautyblue: [[More like neglect, love... They're girls... What do you expect? ::fehs and gives them the finger::]]

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