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~Sirius and Lupin (Diagon Alley.. 5th year)~

It was a clear summer's day out in the wilds of Cambridgeshire, Sussex when Remus's owl came back with the letter that Lupin had been waiting all summer for. Now Remus's parents were rather domesticated and used to country living so after each term of Hogwarts ended, he was dragged away from James, Sirius and Pettigrew and taken to the country for three uneventful months, three whole moons without his friends to be there by his side. The one advantage of it was the fact that when the moon decided to shine its light over him, well he didn't have to worry overly too much about hurting anyone. However his owl, Aristotle swooped down while he was sitting at the window seat, doing his correspondances to James and Sirius, the owl and taped at the pane of glass, causing him to jump up almost excitedly to let the bird in.

The fine parchmented envelop fell into his hands and he opened it eagerly. And then the badge fell out and he nearly gaped. ~I've been made.. Prefect?~ This was a surprise to him even though whenever James and Sirius went on their pranks, Remus was the one to sweep everything underneath the carpet so that no one found out. Lupin, as he liked to be called, ran in to call to his parents that the letter for Hogwarts arrived. This meant of course an eventual trip to Diagon Alley was in order. And then he sent off letters to Sirius and James, telling them when he'd be at Diagon Alley, hoping of course that they would meet him there.

Lupin had missed them.. most importantly he had missed Sirius. Even though he was not very likely to admit that to himself. Sirius, well Sirius Black was -beyond- him and perhaps as untouchable as the moon that hung in the silvery sky.

And that is what Lupin did.. he wrote them.. conveniently leaving out the fact that he had been made Prefect.. at least until Diagon Alley.

No doubt they'd get a big kick out of it.

"Blah blah blah..." He said to himself while seated outside the house he didn't even bother to call home, he listened to the shrill voice that muffled the damnable sniveling voice of a certain House Elf that Sirius wanted nothing more then..to gnaw off his neck.

Alright, maybe that was Padfoot talking. Nevermind that. So back to the day under a window because he didn't feel like facing that woman after having upset her again. Nothing new there though, he was used to it. "Something...anything...come on." He looked up at the sky, one of his eyes covered over by his black bangs. And soon enough his praying was answered, the family owl came fluttering down and dropped a letter on his lap before it went to give the rest of the letters to those inside.

Sirius all but ripped it open, "Perfect excuse." Now...to sneak inside and change. Which really wasn't all that bad, once she was in the other room and away from the stairs. It was then while in his room that a tap-tapping came at his window. "Eh?" Sirius walked over and brightened up just ever so slightly when he saw the owl there. It was surely from Lupin.

And after he received the letter, managed to scribble down a hasty reply, and sent it off. He would really need to make sure he looked his best now.

Lupin recieved replies from both James and Sirius almost instantaneously, with the same news that they got their letters. Sirius of course wrote back saying that he was heading off to Diagon Alley to kick off some larks ASAP, while James said that he would meet them there day after tomorrow.. but then of course James family was.. well adjusted unlike Sirius's. Lupin knew quite well of Sirius's home enviroment and part of him felt bad for the other boy. Not like his were any better, they tended to shelter him.. the whole reason why they lived in sussex which was nearly 70 miles away from London.. even more if you went by the english Kilometers.

However after the fact that he got prefect, well he was allowed to go to Diagon Alley.. he had asked his parents not to come, after all Sirius and James always managed to go alone, and he had been accompanied by his parents, he was not embarassed.. he just didn't like being over-protective.

So it was the next morning that he woke up and got dressed, collecting money from his parents, a sack full of sickles and galleons and then he headed off via the family gate key that would take him right into the Inn on Diagon Alley.

He had his badge hidden in his pockets though. He wasn't going to tell Sirius -just- yet.

The next morning was better forgotten and he would keep it what way, already leaning back against a wall by the front door inside the Inn on Diagon Alley. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and a pair of muggle leather pants that got him eyed for countless reasons but he loved these pants...so sue him.

Sirius had his eyes closed, his hands locked behind his neck. He had gotten there earlier then planned, any excuse just to get out of the house. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to be there to greet his friend, absently wondering if Lupin's parents would be coming along this time. He almost hoped no..

Lupin tucked his wand into the pockets of his robes and then saw Sirius standing there, leaning against the wall and his heart gave a little skip.. however well he didn't go over there and glomp him. After all Lupin always acted responsible, the ever so proper Hogwarts student. Perfect grades, perfect everything. Then Lupin noticed the leather pants and almost fell over. Oh yes, Lupin was wondering vaugely how Sirius got out of Number 12 Grimmauld Place with those on.

Walking over to the Sirius he brushed a lock of his honey gold hair out of his eyes and then cleared his throat and said in a very soft, very gentle voice. "Hello Sirius.." And he said this almost shyly. "I would ask you if you were having a good holiday but I know you are not." Lupin said with a bit of sympathy, knowing that Sirius lived for Hogwarts almost as much as -he- did.

Sirius opened his visable eye and smiled, "Hey Lupin." He pushed off the wall and smoothed out his shirt which wasn't by much because it was a rather short shirt to begin with. "What? I've had a bloody wonderful holiday...really." He smirked after saying that, folding his arms over his chest.

"Good to see you and without your parents for a change." He raised a fine brow, "I'm shocked!" Pleasantly surprised as well, but he wouldn't mention that.

Lupin looked up at the boy, looked up because he was at least a few inches shorter then Sirius, that quiet smile that hinted of knowledge and secrets. It wasn't a know it all smile even though he managed to get perfect marks in whatever class he was taking.. didn't need to brag, his reputation preceeded him more often then not. "I managed to convince them that I did not need them watching over my every movement, they were a bit hesitant of course but really, they finally relented.." And that is when Lupin took Sirius's hand and gave it a friendly squeeze.

"That means we have the entire day without parents.. Did James write you and tell you he wouldn't be here until tomorrow?" Lupin inquired as he then let Sirius's hand go, forgetting himself in his enthusiasm for seeing the other guy.

Sirius smiled in return or more like smirked, it was hard to tell but it was friendly all the same. He looked down at Lupin when the other boy took his hand but he said nothing of the gesture, just lightly giving a return squeeze.

"A whole day without adult supervision? Who could ask for anything more then that?" He winked, "Yeah, James wrote me...too bad really. The three of us could have gotten into a load of trouble today." And once Lupin released his hand, he drapped his arm over the slighter boy's shoulders. "But..I guess we can manage, eh?"

"Oh I am sure that you can cause up a stir just fine without James being here, Sirius." Lupin said offhandedly as he felt that arm drapped over his shoulder and then his eyes sparkled just a bit. "Actually I think that my prank playing days might be up, Sirius.." Lupin said somewhat mournfully, or rather he was pretending to be mournful as they stepped out of the inn and into the thriving Alley that was Diagon.

Sirius blinked at that, "Now what would make you say something like that, Lupin?" He hadn't caught on that the other boy was just pulling his leg. "You haven't taken one of those lousy warnings to heart have you?" Sirius took a moment to glance into one of the windows of a store they passed, admiring the newest broom on sale at that time.

And Lupin paused to admire the broom as well, he knew that James and Sirius were Quidditch mad. Lupin personally was not a fan of the sport but he came out and watched and caught enthusiasm surely enough once he was actually out there. The broom -was- rather nice, the top of the art for that time. "Reach into my robes pocket, Sirius." Lupin murmured non-commitally and hummed underneath his breath which sounded cute coming from him. Sideways glance at Sirius all the while, even though he could see Sirius's reflection very well in the reflection of the shop glass.

Alright, for a split second his mind had reached a level that was perhaps just below the gutter but he managed to pull it back up real quick. "Eh?" He shrugs and does as told, carefully reaching into the pocket and feeling around. "...this isn't what I think it is..." He didn't even bother to finish, taking the badge into his hand and bringing it out of Lupin's pocket. "A Prefect." He grins, "Way to go, Moony!" He cheered.

And Lupin blushed, well Sirius's approval meant alot to him, for the mere fact well that Lupin cared what Sirius thought. No one else.. well okay maybe his teachers a little bit but if Sirius was happy for him then he had a reason to be happy himself. Of course while Sirius had been groping around, well he had acted as if it were an everyday occurance that the guy did that. "Yes, I was surprised.. I guess it is one of the advantages of never really getting caught now is it, padfoot." Lupin whispered before taking the badge back. "I am curious to see who else made Prefect.. probably Malfoy.." And then at the thought of Lucius, well Lupin had to frown. "So anyways, my days in the Mauraders are not over, do not worry, Sirius. That just means we have to be extra sneaky."

"Good chance that.." He didn't look all that fond over the idea of Malfoy having that kind of power, but then again...he was never that fond of Lucius. "But we're always careful, Lupin." And again he would drape his arm back over his friend's shoulder and start to lead the way. "So, what say you that we forget the school shopping until tomorrow?" Sirius had took a second to abit more admiring but this time it was not an item within a window, there was a rather attractive young witch walking by with her friends and kept glancing over at them. He grinned devlishly and winked at her, causing the girl to duck her head as he friends giggled in that school girlish way.

Lupin was used to the fact that Sirius had a notorious roving eye. He tried to turn a blind eye to it more often then not. Just because well Sirius was not interested in him and that settled quite a few things in his mind. He heard the giggles and then nudged Sirius, smiling gently. "Yes, we should wait until James is here with us. Now what do you want to do?" Lupin murmured, as he glanced over at Sirius who was fashionably slouching against him. Would probably give the yaoi fangirls quite a few ideas and giggeles there. Really it was rare that Lupin got -any- time alone with Sirius except for fleeting glimmers here and there. James, Sirius and Lupin.. oh yes and Pettigrew too even though he wasn't -too- much of a functioning part of the group, were a boxed set.

"Well." His attention was pulled back to Lupin after that nudge and hearing his friend's voice, "There is plenty we could do, I'm sure you've already guessed half the things that I'd suggest." Sirius said in good nature, "So let me here what you'd like to do and then...we'll figure something out from there." He nods, "Sounds like a plan to me." And back to the window shopping.

"Well I know that it couldn't be that you want to torment Snape because I do not see him around." Lupin said as he glanced around at the mill of crowds. Even though he at times felt -sorry- for Snape, not voicing it because well, he knew Sirius would laugh in that hearty way of his and tell him that Snape was a prat. "Knocturn Alley.. well I know you.. you'd want to sneak down there anyways. Change the window display at Flourish & Blots, well you tend to get pretty creative with that..." And on and on Lupin went off, guessing what his friend would likely do. "And you know that I came down because I wanted to spend some time with you, so anything we end up doing would be fine with me, just as long as you save the truly outrageous pranks for the evening when everyone tends not to notice things like that." Lupin said as he glanced toward Sirius's profile, tempted to brush that lock away from Sirius's eye. It made him look so rakish and dangerous.

"In that case, butterbeer on me...just the two of us but first.." He ushers Lupin towards one of the stores that had caught his eye, "I -have- to go in there." Sirius withdrew from his friend, looking around the bookstore. It was surprising that he picked this store to drop into but he had seen something he wanted and really...there was no stopping Sirius when his mind was set. He had disappear behind one of the long row of shelves before returning and going straight to the counter without showing Lupin what he had picked up. After the item was paid for, surely with money he nabbed from his mum while she was sleeping. He took the small package which surely was a book inside and returned to his friend. "Alright, ready. Let's get that butterbeer..."

"What did you purchase, Sirius?" Lupin inquired as they walked out of bookstore, normally he could of stayed in there forever however there would be time enough, and he really hadn't =expected= Sirius to go inside the store. As they headed back to a little corner-side ice cream shop that sold butterbear along with every flavored ice cream, though it was not as much fun as every-flavored beans because well at the ice cream shop you -knew- what you were going to get and avoid such flavors as 'snot' and 'vomit' hence taking all the pleasant and not so pleasant surprise after it.

Never let it be said that Lupin was not curious.

He didn't answer that question, waving it off and changing the subject while they walked to the ice cream shop. "It's kinda scary to think that someone would want vomit flavored ice cream." He commented off handedly while walking up to the counter with his friend and ordering the two butterbeers. It was only after they had been seated in one of the booths by the window that he pushed the package over to Lupin without a word, sheepishly looking out said window while opening his bottle.

"There are some twisted wizards out there, Sirius." Lupin said dryly as he sipped at his butterbeer in a refined sort of way and then one eyebrow raised as he took one look at the package that was pushed across the table at him. "What is this?" Lupin then picked up the brown paper wrapped package and then started to open it up. "You did not have to give me anything.." Lupin laughed softly as he opened it up.

"Point taken." He made a face as some older wizard went walking by with grass flavored ice cream. Sirius still hadn't looked back at his friend yet, sipping from the bottle that had taken him minutes longer then normally needed to open. He wasn't good when it came to sappy stuff like this, but with the excuse of this being a congrats gift or something...how could he pass it up?

Inside the package was both journal and quill, the book's dark blue cover was decorated with a picture of a snowy night scene. The sky clear with slow falling flakes of snow and stars that shimmered in the darkness along with a crescent moon that watched over all. And over the snow cover ground stalked the cutest pair of pups, both tumbling for the viewing enjoyment of the journal's owner. As for the quill, it was simple enough with small moon and star chimes hanging from it. This had been one of the showcased items in the window, Lupin might have noticed it and well...so had Sirius.

Lupin gasped softly as he looked down at the book, at the two pups. Both him and Sirius had done that quite a few times.. playing out in their forms. How many times had be been there in the shrieking shack with only Sirius as Padfoot to keep him company. Nuzzling up against each other.. in fact Padfoot was the only one of them that had a -truly- calming effect on him. "This is.. this is beautiful Sirius.. I.. I'm touched." And truly he was... Lupin fell for sentimental things like this unfortunately, things that held true memories.

That is when he got up from his seat across from Sirius and slipped into the booth next to Sirius and slipped his arms around the other guy's waist and gave him a squeeze, a rather nice hug. He could of kissed him, but for Sirius's reaction and he didn't want that. So he settled for a warm and snuggly hug. "You know I missed having you around these past three months, to calm the savage beast in me.." Lupin whispered quietly enough so that no one else heard.

"Now...don't go getting misty eyed on me, Moony." He said lightly, trying to hide his pleased smile. Sirius blinked as his friend got up and came around to hug him, he couldn't help but blush just a tad and was thankful his face was hidden as he returned the gesture. "I've missed you too." He whispered back just as quietly, his lips so close to Lupin's ear. "...just you period." He sighed, pulling Lupin a little closer then first intended.

"Do you mean that Sirius Black.. I mean that you missed me?" Lupin murmured, he tried to look into Sirius's face though he couldn't for the mere reason that well Sirius was hiding his face from him, wasn't looking him in the eye, but he did lean into the lips that whispered into his ear, those words sent a little thrill going through him that he was this close to Sirius.. and they weren't in their other forms. It was becoming harder and harder to resist the temptation to kiss him, especially with how emotional and sappy he was acting. But one did not kiss someone right in the middle of an ice cream shop.

Now what had gotten him all sappy like this? Maybe because that picture on the journal had reminded him just how much he missed Lupin or was it the hug that only reminded him even more of how utterly cold and alone he felt when he was -not- close to his friend? Whatever the case may be, Sirius wasn't going to let go of the other boy anytime soon nor was he going to lift his head until his cheeks stopped burning. "What do you mean do I mean it?" He huffs softly, his breath passing over Lupin's ear in a warm puff. "Of course I mean it, Remus Lupin."

"Next summer you are going to have to come and visit me in Cambridgeshire." Lupin said as he then leaned over and planted a few soft kiss to his friend's cheek. "You are good at escaping your house anyways and it would be nice to be holed up in the wilds of Sussex with someone other then my parents." Lupin grinned slightly and rested his cheek against the ebony black locks that were always so wind-swept and touseled. "And then we can go out into the forest on days of the full moon and romp to our hearts content and not have to worry about anyone except ourselves.."

"I like the sound of that...and I think I'll do just that. I doubt mum will worry and it'll be great to come back just as she starts getting her hopes up that I'm dead." He smirked at that thought even while nuzzling his cheek to Lupin's neck, now all those thoughts of tumbling around with his friend was giving him ideas even in this form which might not have been all that good of a thing but he had control over himself..of course. "...you smell good.."

And it was Lupin's turn to blush, "Ah this.. cologne.." Which Lupin never usually wore, more often then not he smelled of wholesome things like grass, wildflowers and berries, natural things. More often then not because Lupin liked roaming around in nature.and observing the creatures therein. Though granted the cologne did hold bases in such fragrance, but it was a spicier fragrance, a cross between the smell of fresh grass and spice cookies. It might lead one to believe that Lupin was trying to impress someone, perhaps it was Sirius that he was trying to. Wait, there was no -perhaps- in that.. he -was- trying to. But Sirius didn't know that.

And nice and drozy from his moment of being lost in Lupin, he pulled back an almost sleepy smile which with his already ruffled hair and half closed eyes gave him the most sinful bedroom look even if he wasn't trying. "It suits you." He leaned back in the chair then, running his fingers through hair that refused to be tamed, "So...when do your parents expect you back?"

"I.. well.. umm.." Lupin saw that look and sort of flushed even more, more from longing then anything else. nervous yes.. because well Sirius.. so perfect. He wasn't meant to be tamed to be, tied to someone.. The prettiest girl at Hogwarts hadn't even managed to tame him though she had tried, once again victim to Sirius's tendancies toward rake-hood.

"They don't expect me back until the day after James meets us here.. so I am going to stay at the Inn for the next couple of nights. First time I've really been let off the hook for more then a day during the summer.. freedom is quite nice." Lupin said as he reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind Sirius's ear, it was the effort and the thought that counted. ~Gods you're so beautiful.. so perfect..~ "I would ask the same of you but I know that your mother does not care."

Sirius tilted his head back, he joked and teased about his mother but there was something about hearing it from someone else that just kinda socked you in the gut...even if you didn't want to admit even to yourself. "Yeah, she doesn't.." He shakes his head and looks back to Lupin with a lopsided grin, "And on that note...I think we should share a room together." He nods, "You'll need someone to watch over you of course, since your parents aren't here to do it. So, I'll just have to take the grueling responsibility upon myself." Sirius would declare in mock distress but couldn't keep a straight face and ended up laughing seconds later.

"I am not a boy of eleven, Sirius." Lupin huffed and then crossed his arms over his chest. "I can take care of myself. What you need is someone to take care of -you- and you are just using me as an excuse, and you -know- it. You are like bloody Peter Pan and James is Tinkerbell and I am forced to be Wendy."

"James...tinkerbell?" Sirius laughed out loud, hugging his stomach as he leaned over. "I don't think James would agree with you there..." He snickers, head tilted as he looks up at Lupin. "But...you do make for a -cute- Wendy." He winked, his smile playful. "But anyway..." Sirius pulls himself back up, "You know that you'd leave your window open for me to sneak into anyway...so let's not argue over this."

"About Tinkerbell.. of course not. That would bruise his masculinity and we could not very well have that." Lupin smiled softly, of course having read his share of books, in fact most of the time his nose was buried either in homework or a book. "And yes well I happen to be fond of Peter Pan, only reason why I -would- leave my window open. The logical thing to do would be to automatically shut the window in the face of anyone trying to crawl up the window, you never know if it could be Malfoy or something."

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