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~Magus and August's smut scene~ *drumrolls*

Schala took the hint.

So did Miles. It was quite a nice thing really since Magus had sent word that dinner would be at Grehaun Manor tonight. Schala had reverted to her male form of Schae and dragged off Miles to cause trouble in Tressmyrre. Yes, Schala did enjoy wandering around in her male form. Especially when she did not want to be recognized, and this evening seemed to be exactly one of those times when anonymity had been best.

Miles had protested but then Miles usually protested to alot of his grandmother's plans. Serene and calm, yes Schala was. However Schala was not above her little moments of trickery and intrique.

However twlight was dawning and well Magus was busy setting up the table on the back patio. Schala was quite the gardener just like her son so the backyard was filled with glittering lights, that looked like fireflies blinking in the trees and shrubs. Usually Grehaun Manor was lit up like this during the nighttime, making it appear like a true fairyland. Magus had been busy cooking, and now he was just waiting for August to arrive.

It was all romantic, Magus even had soft violin music playing. Since August had told him that he wanted to woo him.. well Magus decided to get a one up on the other man. He was going to take this out of August's hands. That and Magus was probably a bit more romantic at heart then Riddle.

And August had come just as promised, not nearly as nervous as before. If anything he was back to his old self again, maybe it had been all the tormenting of his students that brought him back to earth...that or he was just still relieved over how things had gone the other day.

In any case, he came into the decided area. Holding a dozen red roses in his arms while admiring Magus' handy work. No, August wasn't nearly as much as a romantic as Magus but that didn't mean that he could not enjoy the effert put behind all this.

Of course Magus had cooked dinner for August many times, however this time.. it was almost like their first date and well Magus, he wanted it to be special. He had prepared all of August's favorite dishes, and he was in the process of setting everything out when August walked in. He glanced up from arranging everything on the table and gave August a smile, a soft one, his purple eyes sparkling. "You are early." Magus said as he glanced over at the red roses held in August's hands, his heart fluttering more from August's presence more then anything else.

"Did you have fun tormenting your students?" Magus inquired as he stepped away from the table and approached his friend.. or rather his more then that. "With that smile on your face, I take it you instilled the fear of the gods in them, I pity the poor things."

"Would you believe that more then half of them...decided that they would use my time away as a break from studying? Really, if it weren't for Ivory and Daryuun...I would have given up on that class all together." Shakes his head, he always threatened to do just that but never would bring himself to going through with it. "Oh and don't pity them...I wasn't that harsh." Ahem, right...a 3000 essay wasn't harsh at all.

"You look beautiful, as always." He said this while offering the dozen roses to Magus, "And yes, I know I'm abit early but I could not wait to see you."

"Hmmmm.. well Ivory has been hanging around Angelous House quite a bit, and in Daryuun's presence. I sense yet another Bainbridge and Zeal romance in the works." Magus chuckled slightly and raked a few fingers through long white hair that he had not bothered tying back per normal. "Of course while you were gone, Ivory and Obsidian had another duel. I do not know what it was about this time." Magus murmured as he then took the roses and set them in a vase laying on the patio. There were plenty of spare vases. He then took August's hand and led him toward the table.

"I prepared all your favorites..." Oh no, Magus was not going to kiss August in a greeting. He had -more- in store for August. August would truly find out this night why Bainbridges were in such high demand.. and why exactly their love was like a drug.

August had no idea what was in store for him that night, though there was little chance he would protest it even if he did know. "All of my favorites? Really, you shouldn't have." Now that reminded him of his mother, she had done much the same the very next day while he was just recently with them. His mother spoiled him and in a way...so did Magus.

Well there was quite a few resemblances between Nadia and Magus, they both were very calm.. calming influences since the Riddle men evidentally needed it. Magus smiled and then took August's hand, leading him toward the table. "Well perhaps not all of them, but I did make sure that they made a good representation on tonight's menu. And we shall not have any interruptions tonight. Schala dragged Miles once again off to Tressmyrre to which I am safely betting that they will be there a majority of the evening..." Magus smiled lightly as he then took the seat opposite to August.

August settled down into his seat, placing his hands on his lap and he looked from the table to Magus' again. "You've really out done yourself." He smiled faintly, "Oh? So this means...we'll have the evening all to ourselves? That is...nice to know."

"Yes, my mother decided tonight to shape-shift into her male persona, and needless to say I know -she- won't be back until way later. Despite what she looks like, my mother is a troublemaker. " Magus said, his eyes sparkling very so slightly. He pondered something, however he thought perhaps it would be best for August to at least get some eating done, at least before he set in upon what he was intent on doing. Smiling softly he motioned toward all the food. "You had better dig in.." ~You will need the energy..~ He said more in his mind then anything else.

"I would dare say the same of mines...minus the shape-shifting." August nods and begins to eat, poking at a little bit of everything. While he was never a big eater, which he had been scolded about even by Lucca once which in itself said alot...he was never one to disappoint Magus when it came to anything that had be prepared by the other man.

Magus immediately dropped the subject of their parents, because that just was not the type of conversation that would be appropriate for what Magus was going to do next, even as he toyed with his own food and taking a few bites. Meanwhile, exerting just a little bit of magic energy.. so that August would feel a soft and very wet tongue trail along his inner thigh. Magus was nondescriptly eyeing August over the rim of his wine glass. "Miles was ranting about how dusty the library was this afternoon, he has recruited me to help him clean it tomorrow.. I daresay I shall be spending all my spare minutes doing that work. I have never seen him get so riled up over things.

August had paused in mid sentence, whatever he had been about to say was forgotten as he could have sworn he felt someone licking at his inner thigh, not to say it was a -bad- thing but it was unexpected and had caught him very much off guard. He bit back a moan, bringing the glass of wine to his lips so soon after taking the first sip. "I-is that right?" He felt his cheeks flush faintly, my...now wasn't this embarassing? "If...you'd like I could have Verchiel also lend a hand. He wouldn't mind...I'm sure."

"You would do that? Well that would be quite nice, it would keep Miles from ranting to be sure, you do not have to hear his rants and indeed you are quite lucky.." Magus said, smiling into his wine, as he ran his tongue over his lower lip, to lick at a drop of wine that did not want to go down. And of course at that very instant, the tongue was felt more insistantly. Oh not to say that Magus was not sharing in this, the energy that he expended reflected back to him, so that he could feel August's reactions even if he could not actually hear or see them, aside from a falter. The tongue, tracing words.. tracing designs. There was really no tongue down there though, it was just Magus mentally stimulating August's own mind.

"And then perhaps it would get done quicker, honestly that library looks like a Zephyr student and a Gaia student had a magic fight in there.. so much dust.."

August taps his fingers lightly on the rim of the glass before setting it back down on the table, he closes his eyes and leans back in the chair just abit. "Magus..." He said quite calm, there was almost...the hint of a purr behind his tone. "...what are you doing?"

And every second the tongue got closer and closer up the inner thigh, drawing hearer August's arousal which was no doubt hardening even as they spoke. "What am I doing? Whatever do you mean August." There was innocence in his voice, an innocence that could not be believed fully. His smile was just a bit -too- silky. And as he said those words, it felt as if that tongue started lapping at the sacs laying just underneath August's shaft. Even as Magus took another sip of his wine.

August fought the urge to squirm abit in his seat, "...oh God..." However he had not been able to catch himself before uttering those moaned words, his face only flushed further on that note and his auburn eyes opened...directed right at Magus. "I don't know...what you're doing...but you are doing something..."

"My beautiful August.. the Bainbridges are not -only- gifted in light magic. We are skilled in yet another type of magic.. one that cannot exactly be -taught- at the academy for obvious reasons." Magus murmured softly, his purple eyes shining softly. "I can stop if you wish it, August." Magus murmured as he ran his tongue very lightly over the rim of his wine glass, even as that tongue started to move upwards, up along that shaft which was no doubt aching at this very moment.

"I...never said that I wanted you to stop." He took a deep breath, a shiver running down his spin. "I...was only curious as to what you were...doing to me...that's all." He bit his bottom lip, to stiffen another moan. "And...as talented as you are...in this magic..." August leaned back in the chair, "..I much rather have you...seated in my lap right now." Ah, lust...it went hand in hand with love...that is when it came to most Riddle men.

And Magus got up from his seat and moved toward August, looking undeniably beautiful, even as he sat down right on August's lap and started to trail a finger along those semi-parted lips. His purple eyes dark and so seductive. "You are the only one I can use this magic on though.." Magus whispered softly as he nuzzled his face against August's hair. "We can only use it on lover's we have had before..." Implying that August had been the only lover he had ever known. He did not stop it though, he did not stop that magic, the tongue continued to trail over August's silky skin, licking at his head delicately

It was becoming just that more difficult to talk now, fearful that anytime he tried to open his mouth...a moan or small gasp would replace intended words. "...only me?" August managed, looking up at Magus as he snaked his arms around the other man's waist. "That...is very nice to know." This murmured before he captured one of Magus' fingers between his lips, well...if not to talk he could at least keep his mouth busy otherwise.

"Am I moving too fast, August?" Magus murmured softly as he felt August suck against that finger, his other hand moving to trail through locks of pale red hair, caressing through strands affectionately as he straddled August's lap. Even as sent the energy a bit more insistantly and August would feel a wet mouth wrap around the tip of his arousal. "I've wanted to touch you like this for so long.." Magus said as he leaned down and started to nuzzle the patch of skin underneath August's ear.with his lips.

While that sensible voice in the back of his head answered with a loud squeak of a yes! in reply to the question of going too fast. There was it's counter part which had slapped the poor sensible thing silly and made it so that August would not even be able to consider any sort of logical advice. He withdrew his mouth, again trying to speak clearly...only to find a whispered. "I want you, Magus..."

"All you have to do is say the words and I shall stop," Even as Magus's lips drew close to August's and then he caught up August in a soft kiss, even though the treatment on August did not cease. The kiss was tender and sweet but it was almost as if Magus was trying to lure passion out of August, lure him with the honeyed sweetness of his tongue. He did not tell August that he had prepared his bedroom specifically for this night, with candlelight and flowers.. not yet.

And he was easily coaxed into the kiss, almost feverish to return that passion that Magus offered him. There was longing behind this shared kiss, August had wanted and waited for this for sometime...though he denied it so strongly for countless reasons but none of that mattered now.

And very gracefully Magus got up from August's lap, giving August some time in which to breath freely for Magus had stopped the mental caressing, though traces of it lingered in a post magick afterglow haze. It left you feeling quite good for a few minutes. He then turned around and offered his hand, long fingers unadorned.. artists hands. "Stay with me tonight?" That was a question, and Magus's hand was an invitation to come with him to his bedroom. Giving August quite a few ways out if he should seek them.

There was no way that he could have refused Magus right then, normally it was hard enough for him to decline the other man and now it was just impossible. He reached out and took the offered hand once he had been able to catch his breath, his own auburn eyes having shifted to a darker...desire filled shade as he pulled himself up from the chair...stiff in more ways then one but able to move without too much protest. "I'll stay..for as long as you'll have me."

With a wave of his hand, Magus estiguished the candlelight on the table. The table well it could stay, the area around the patio was insulated magically and the food could reside there safely until Magus came down to put it up, though he knew that Schala might very well do it before he got around to it. He then smiled softly and silently as he started to lead August into the kitchen, cutting lights off as he went through the various rooms on the way to his room which happened to be on the third floor.

It was a big house mind you, it had to be big enough to fit all the guests that were swarming around Grehaun Manor at all hours of the day.

Finally he came to his door and opened it, ushuring August inside, a slight snap of his fingers and the darkened room was illuminated by candles circling all around the bed, it would almost be like a sacred ritual, their joining together. The room held lingering traces of incense to stimulate the senses and the bed was covered with comfortable pillows and things to grasp and hold onto. The door clicked behind them, the spell put up that would soundproof the room from in the worst case possible scenario someone listening at the door.

Magus had evidentally planned this all day.

August rose a fine brow, looking to Magus once they were inside the room. “I dare say that you planned all this out from the start, Magus.” Not to say that he was complaining, oh no...not in the very least. August looked around the room for the moment, it did not surprise him how romantic and sensual this whole setting was...after all these were Magus’ plans. He voiced none of this though, letting Magus lead them both through this...until the situation said otherwise.

Magus was a bit nervous, mainly because well he had never truly seduced anyone before, at least not in this form. And he was nervous that halfway through it, August -would- ask for a woman and not him. Even though August had assured him that it was -him- that he wanted, still. So very tentatively Magus nuzzled into August's arms, his fingers resting on the collar of August's shirt, playing with the buttons and undoing a first one. "I hope, I dared hope that you would like it. I wanted it to be perfect." Magus said, biting his lower lip as he revealed some of August's collarbone and then very softly ran his lips over the skin, his tongue darting out to taste against the skin.

How long had he dreamed of this moment even when he had thought that it was wrong to think like this of his best friend? He couldn't even remember. Even as one arm slipped around August's waist even while the other kept descending, undoing each botton in turn.

August runs his fingers gently down the side of Magus' face while bringing his other arm around the other man's waist, holding him close. "I do like it...thank you." He smiles ever so faintly, "But as you know...anywhere that you are...is already perfect in my eyes." This whispered while he watched Magus' hand slowly travel down his chest...the fastens of his shirt thankfully not nearly as complex as those of his suits that he wears during school hours.

While Magus would welcome the challenges later, tonight was not a time for challenges or anything -overly- kinky. Tonight was about them, about going beyond the lines of friendship and into being lovers as well. No doubt they would keep it from a great many people and successfully. Both men were not prone to public displays of affection. His fingers tracing patterns over the skin that was revealed. The shirt hanging on him, parted though.

"I have wanted to do this for so long, August." Magus murmured. it was a soft whisper. Too afraid to speak loudly so as to ruin this mood that wrapped around them. "Kiss you.. touch you.." Every word seemed punctuated by it's own lingering kiss.

"No regrets?" He asked in barely a voice but still just as serious, this step they were taking was the biggest in their friendship...soon to be turned into a relationship shared by lovers. There was still time to turn back, before that line was crossed. And though for a moment, the warning his parents had given him so long ago rang most clear now. He accepted it and made his choice...the choice to love Magus.

That is when Magus led August to the bed that was surrounded by candlelight, sitting down on the covers and then patting the area beside him. "Regrets about what? About what I have done. Of course I have regrets over things that I could never say, no one goes through their life without some sort of regrets.. that would imply that we have lead a perfect life. However it is up to us to -learn- from those regrets and think about what -did- happen." Magus murmured softly.

August walks over and sits down on the edge of the bed, he shrugs the shirt off from his shoulders and shortly after goes about folding it. Yes, in even this...August was neat. "No, I was speaking more on the lines of what we're about...to do now." He spoke calmly, setting the shirt aside. "Because after this...there really won't be any turning back." August reaches out, lightly brushing his fingers down the side of Magus' cheek. "I'll be...excepting you as a man, Magus. And I have no problem with that...not anymore."

Magus heard those words as they rippled like shivers down his form, and then those fingers lightly caressing his cheek, and instinctively he leaned into it, nuzzling against that cool palm. "August.. I want this.. And I know you do too for you have told me. We are both mature enough to know that when we walk away from this bed in the morning, it will be together and hand in hand." And then with that Magus took August's hand in his own, gave it a soft squeeze before he layed it on the fastenings of his own tunic.

August smiled faintly, "I love you, Magus." He whispered this as he leaned in close and gently kissed the corner of the other man's mouth while careful fingers began to work at the fastens of the tunic...slowly undoing them without delay.

And it didn't take much of an effort for Magus to tilt his head, sliding August's lips from the corner to full on his lips with but a soft brush. The candlelight flickered off of August's skin, the shadows and the light forming between them. August was apart of the shadows, apart of the darkness.. a Zeal no, but he didn't need to be. For light and shadow couldn't survive without each other and perhaps Magus recognized that he needed a -different- type of darkness, this was just his. Running his fingers along August's shoulder as his lips parted gently underneath August's.

And Magus was the light that August had always so blindly searched for through the dark, that he had denied for far too long after finally finding. He held the kiss, wanting to take it deeper...to lose himself in the sweetness that was Magus. Carefully he pushes the other man back onto the bed, moving with him so that he was laying on top of Magus.

Magus drapped his arms very lightly around August's shoulders as he felt the kiss continue, deepen and probe, falling back against covers that were forgiving and feeling August's body cover his, his lips moving out of the kiss so that he could tug with his lips against that lower lip. Very lightly he trailed his fingers over August's back, sending soft waves of pleasure shooting through the other man's spine. This time, it would get August addicted.

August shivered under that touch, he knew that he was caught in Magus' web and there was no other place that he would rather be. He pulled back from the kiss, bowing his head, and soon enough was brushing his lips against the other man's neck where he had once bitten him. It was a silent askance for forgiveness, even as his fingers pushed aside the fabric of Magus' tunic and began to trace down his sides.

Magus reached for August's fingers, twining them with his own even as his body arched against the kiss to the neck, before wetting his lips with his tongue and laying back against the bed. Squeezing against those fingers. Whispering out something so tangible and simply soft. "August.. yours..." Magus ran his along August's sides as well before his fingers started to toy with August's nipples, running the pads of his thumb over that sensitive spot more often then not overlooked

August moans, the sound muffled against Magus' neck as he kisses the delicate skin and lower still...inch by inch a simple trail of lingering butterfly kisses. His free hand moved down Magus' side, fingers teasing over the skin while searching out their goal. He pulled back, looking down at Magus in the dim candlelight. "You're beautiful." August whispered, his fingers toying over the fastens of the other man's pants.

Yes, indeed Magus was with the firelight playing off of his ivory skin and his long white hair spread out like a fan around his head, an cloud of angel's white. Very softly Magus trailed his fingers even lower to run over that stomach that was so smooth and flat. Taking in every bit of skin that was revealed to his sight and revealing in it. Even though he had seen this body before, it had been so many years ago.. August was likewise -just- as perfect and Magus reveled in it.

This was all just abit new to August, not to say that he hadn't been intimate with someone before but on those three accounts...they had been female. And while Magus could be mistaken by looks, there was no denying that underneath those tunics and robes was the body of a man. August had unfastened the pants and parted the fabric, slipping his fingers inside.

And came in contact with the soft silk of Magus's boxers inside those pants, and laying just underneath those silken folds was a very -male- press of aroused desire. Now Magus had never been touched by another man, at least not in this body and so it felt quite heavenly. And then as Magus leaned upward to press his lips against August's shoulders. There would be soft silken lips running their way along August's shaft, nibbling softly. Magus was at his old tricks again it seemed

August gasps despite himself, "..I'm starting to question.." He began as he pulled away from Magus, "..just how angelic you are." There was good humor hidden somewhere in that desire laced whisper. His fingers withdrew, both hands coming down to tug away and rid the other man of those un-needed lays as August started to kiss down Magus' chest and slowly towards his flat stomach..

"I think that you should not question.. just.. enjoy." Magus murmured softly as his fingers rested down on August's lock of red gold, tangling in those tresses of silk and letting out a whispered purr of pleasure at those cool lips against his rather hot skin. Though if August thought that would cause him to stop, he had another thing coming [[*Magus smacks his mun for the -really- bad- pun* *Nia smacks him back*]] (On to our regularly scheduled romantic smut) The tip of August's head, savored lip like the sweetest bit of candy before a hot tongue started to lathe around it, swirling insistantly.

August tried to keep his concentration which at this point was easier said then done, he kept kissing down Magus' body while trying hard to distract himself from the need that welled up and twisted inside his stomach. No longer as neat and tidy, once he had been able to slide down both pants and boxers...they were discarded onto the floor.

This loss of control was what Magus almost thirsted for, thirsted for making August writhe in his arms. He did not need August's control, he knew that August was capable of consuming passion and he wanted it desperately. And then the lips stopped very tentatively, long enough for August to get back hia bearings. And then Magus arched very sweetly against August, letting out a soft desire laden whimper that seemed to echo throughout the room, causing the candlelight to flicker softly.

There was a very likely chance that Magus would get his way in this soon enough, though when given the second to regain his composure that was the time August would use in hopes of keeping control over himself. He bows his head between Magus' legs, returning the favor or torture that had been dished out onto him. Now, let it not been said that August had not once or twice caught himself daydreaming about doing just this to his long time friend. Oh no, his mouth gave him away...so sure in those first licks against the tip before slowly his tongue dragged down the under-side of Magus' erection.

Magus felt that warm mouth brush against his arousal and he let out a moan of pleasure that was so breathlessly ethereal. Now it was a good thing that Magus had set that sound ward on the room because had anyone chanced down the hallway at this particular time in the evening, they would of known -exactly- what was happening in Magus room. There was nothing tentative about that tongue that stroked his length and Magus felt himself moan and fought to get control back so that he could mentally pleasure August. However rolling an 11, that was impossible, he couldn't will his mind to grasp into August's. So intense was the pleasure.

August ran his tongue back up Magus' length before pulling back, those moans were music to his ears. He smiled almost sinfully upon the other man, kind of like a cat that had just stolen it's first taste of cream. With a few whispers words, lost and easily forgotten. A thin vial of lavender oil appeared between his fingers, a simple summoning spell...just one of those little things that Lucca had taught him while Nadia wasn't looking. August kept silent as he uncorked the scented oil, oil that was laced with a mild aphrodisiac. He poured some of the oil over his fingers, bringing one to Magus' entrace and faintly brushing the tip against the tight pucker...but not yet invading. The oil was warm, soothingly so.

"August..." Magus arched up his aching body and felt his fingers dig into the sheets of the bed, struggling for something to hold. When it all came down to it, Magus did not have too much control in matters such as these. He was not as practiced nor as versed and he was left with a steady wave of lust that engulfed him, heightened by the scent of lavander oil. He was relaxed completely, it would be nothing. He was not going to resist the intrusion even though the rest of his body was taut with desire.

He wasn't going to rush this, no matter how his body urged him on. The very sight of Magus was enough to nearly drive him over the edge of that control he held so dearly to. August took a deep breath, pressing one finger into the other man ever so carefully. Auburn eyes kept on Magus, looking out for any reaction...any sign that he should stop. Even as he began to move that finger inside the other man, working it's way in and out at a stready pace.

Nothing, nothing gave sign that Magus wanted August to stop. Magus was greedy for that touch that he had dreamed about, longed for and even fantasized about so many nights that Magus lay in bed, thinking sinful thoughts about his and August's body twined together. A finger pressed against that sensitive spot and Magus let out a soft whispered plea, opening his eyes to look up at August. Cheeks flushed softly, dark purple eyes in which one could drown. He was a beguiling sight in his lack of control.

"August.. please...." Magus was begging, begging for August, those words rolling off his lips like honey

And August would add a second finger then, having to tune out some of that begging...just to keep himself level headed while preparing Magus for what was to come, of course...Magus already knew what to expect. Exactly ten inchs, no more and no less. Which was becoming rather uncomfortable in his pants, a painful reminder of his aching form.

August withdrew his fingers then and went about unfastening his own pants, peeling them off and tossing them onto the floor to join the rest of the already discarded clothing. He would spread more of that oil onto his fingers before having it vanish as easily as it had appeared. A groan passing his lips as applied the oil onto his own erection before moving to lay himself between Magus' legs.

There really no proper words at that moment, so he would settle for a kiss upon those wanton lips as he rocked his hips forward and pressed into Magus.

And slowly Magus felt August slip into him, inch by inch and he gasped softly out into the now nearly silent room. He clenched against August, at first the muscles fighting the intrusion. After all Magus was a virgin as far as this went, he was incredibly tight. A softly long drawn out moan then emerged from his lips. It was tinged with both pain and pleasure. It did hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. Because it precluded the pleasure that was sure to follow.

And then Magus wrapped his legs around August's waist. Their eyes meeting in something unspoken all the while. Parting his lips to speak and then finally murmuring. "I've loved only you.. and I'll love no other.." Somehow sensing August's fears in that brief moment of connection. Fears that he would lose him to a Zeal.

Those words would ease his fears, though never would they be completely erased away...maybe they never would be. But that was pushed from his mind for now, there was only room for Magus now. He closed his eyes and kissed the corner of the other man's mouth, keeping himself still for a few passing moments while adjusting to that virgin tightness and fending off premature climax.

He starts to move once that self control was found again, moving steadily as he kisses at Magus' ear and whispers sweet nothings...little promises and just how much he loved the other man.

Once again he tried, tried to stimulate August in some way, shape or form however that was not to be the case for each time he tried, he felt August pounding against him, and those distracting whispers running through his ear, whisperings of love and devotion.. forever. He couldn't even -know- what exactly August said but he knew that they were sweet.

Arching his hips up to take August in even deeper yet and thereby creating a rhythem with his own body, his own body rocking wantonly against August's. Magus's moans filled the room, so pleasure laden and as warm as the snug clamp of his velvet depths around August's arousal.

"Please August.." Begging for something. Who knew, perhaps it was a plea to go faster, perhaps it was just a moaned prayer said to the alter of their eventual orgasms. Or perhaps it was merely a plea for August to lose himself in him just like he was losing himself right now.

August moaned against Magus' skin, the sound muffled and drowned over by Magus' own moaning pleas. He was lost in the feeling of the other man, completely and utterly. Even as that need for release twisted inside him, made itself known all the more as he began to rock his hips back...thrusting deep inside the other man and meeting with the movement of the withering body beneath him.

"Magus...Magus." He whispered in a mantra, "...so close."

They became less aware of the room surrounding them and more in tune with each other in their hazy desire frenzied state. Magus clutched at August's shoulders and met each delicious thrust and feeling himself close.. August was close, he could sense it... taste it on the salty sweat of August's skin. A pulsing building up inside of him that could not be denied, ached to be released.

"Gods, August.. I.. so.. yours, August.. yours.." Magus was not coherant though somewhere inside of him he knew that August could understand him perfectly.

And then he came. Everything exploded behind his eyesight, tinged with the colors of love and lust combined. His seed spilled forth onto his flat and perfect stomach and his muscles started to clench against August, in order to milk his release from him.

And he was soon to follow, his body to rocking against Magus' even in climax. Filling the other man with his seed. August relaxed, laying on Magus for awhile...just recollecting himself and taking time to savor the afterglow

He pulled back, looking down at the other man with a soft tired smile. Running his fingers down the side of Magus' face before carefully withdrawing himself from his person.

August lay beside Magus then, bringing his arms around the other man and just holding him close. "...you complete me." He whispered.

It was beautiful, the way that they had laid there on the bed. What had just happened had been.. amazing. Even more amazing then that first time that he had been with August as the woman. Probably amazing though because Magus knew for certain that August had been making love to him and not his disguise as a woman. Lacing his fingers with August and then settling into August's arms, slowly blowing against the hot sweaty skin to cool it down a little bit after such passion.

"I am glad you think so, my dearest lover.." Magus said as he trailed his fingertips very soflty along August's collarbone "I do not think I could of wished for a better lover.." And then he let silence reign between them. There were no need for words right now, not when holding each other seemed to suffice so much more.

Thanks to Sora for the wonderful RP per usual

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    Long time no see! Once again I am over at Dreamwidth however if you find yourself being added by an 'alwaysbeenasmiler'; that's me. I've added some…

  • : Pimping : (come on people, we need more people for this challenge comm)

    ff_land is a Final Fantasy-themed challenge community where you first get sorted into one of six teams (Soldiers, White Mages, Black…

  • (no subject)

    They have some sort of Final Fantasy sorting thing over at Dreamwidth that I am sort of interested in. I am reading my application and I'm thinking…

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