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~Be my lover boy..~

Man, I just discovered a pairing that I remembered I -really- liked.

Daryuun X Narus from Heroic Legend of Arslan.

Oh man. *falls over* So now I have to tack them on to my supported pairings list. *sniffles*

I also need to play at VoS but you know what. I have lacked the desire for the most part. I think my original muses are struggling to take control. Magus is especially fiesty. I mean granted I still love them all. *pats Citan, Laguna, Magus and the others* but well, I think it is time for me to make up some of my own stories, that is why UO is so good for me.

YAOI OPS! *grins and does the little salute*

Oh yes, I just want to say that Sora has a cute voice on the phone. ^_^ She sounds older then me, that's for sure.
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