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~Why me and Sora should be shot for uneccesary cruelty to Cs~

Where was Magus on any typical Academy evening, he could be found in the gardens, tending the flowers. After of course all House Business had been taken care of, after things were said and done, school business completed and pushed aside. It was his way of relaxing. It calmed him and soothed him, not of course like he wasn't naturally calm. He was responsible for most of the grounds gardening in fact but Angelous Gardens, he put a little bit more effort into it.

Not dressed in his robes but rather wearing clothes that he could tromp around in the dirt wearing. Well he looked a little bit more like a man but not by much. The Robes served to accentuate the feminine in him even more then what he was wearing now, simple tunic and simple trousers.

Right now he was planting some crysthatheums, his long hair pulled back and concentrating on it. Usually students that got dentention by him usually were forced to help him with gardening tasks. Not pleasant except to Gaia students who seemed to -like- dentention from him for some reason. At least they always begged their teachers to put them to Magus for dentention. Needless to say those requests were usually all denied.

August had just finished with an advanced class, one that he had invited both Ivory and Daryuun to attend for extra credit / house points for their houses. He was pleased with how the class had gone, all the the students were able to at least get the color correct and the potions would be tested in the morning.

After that, he had gone to see his niece and nephew. May hadn't been forced to stay inside since her brother was with her, not to mention was Manuel there as well. He was proud of his daughter, she had transfered into the school and was already prepared for second year work. Such a bright young lady, she took after her mother..who August hadn't spoken to in years.

And now he found himself walking through the garden, taking a moment to himself before returning to his office. It had been a rather good day, for once he couldn't complain. Not even about that one angry letter he recieved from a part...something about one of the advanced classes being abit too much.

Magus was in the middle of transferring the crysthantheums as he glanced up, seeing his own best friend walking through the gardens, he smiled ever so slightly and then raised his voice. He knew that August liked the gardens as much as he did, which was heartening in a way. Lifting a hand, he called out a simple greeting. "Good evening, August.." Magus murmured softly. The whisps of moonlight dancing about hs form and his image almost seemed to gather up the light.. and hold it.

"Finished up your work, I see, did Advanced potions go well?"

August allowed himself a faint smile when he saw Magus working in the garden. He nods in return to his dear friend and walks over, "I dare say that everyone passed and this is before we've even tested the potions." It wasn't often that he gave out good grades, so that was a sign of something. "And I see you're keeping yourself busy."

"Ah yes, well I just finished up in the library, I was helping Miles clean out the back room, since he appears to be getting a new shipment of scrolls in come the start of the new week." Magus said as he rose up from his kneeling position, wiping his hands on his tunic as he surveyed the chrysthantheums. Magus tended to keep -just- as busy as August, if not more so. Because while this was relaxing work, well it -was- work when it all came down to it. "And are Ivory and Daryuun working to your expectations?" Magus said as he walked past a few of his other projects and finally he was standing by August's side.. surveying the garden plot that he was working with.

"Ah, yes...I had just sent Verchiel down with another package that arrived at the office today. It seems those texts on Light based wards and charms have finally come." He looks thoughtful for a moment, glancing over at Magus' handy work. "And yes, they both caught onto the lesson rather quickly. But a few of the 5th and 7th years to shame." He said almost proudly.

"Alot of the 5th through 7th years could use with quite a bit of humbling I have noticed, it is because they are -comfortable- in what skills they have learned. It never hurt any mage to be tested in their knowledge, it only serves to strengthen them." Magus said as he reached out and grabbed August's hand. "And now that you are here... perhaps you would join me in tea or something like that?" Magus tilted his head, he knew that August would aquiesce.. he always did.

"And you can tell me how the classes went in depth.. the details."

August smiled at Magus, "I couldn't agree with you more there.." He blinked then when the other man took his hand, "You know that I could never decline such an invitation from you, Magus." He shook his head, "Enough about class, I promise Manuel that I would spend the rest of this evening to myself."

Magus was the type of man.. that well.. it was easy for him to get under one's skin. The story of their friendship, they had been young back then, and Riddle had been standoffish, but Magus.. well Magus managed in the space of an hour to get the other guy to talk profusely. Over the years the friendship had just gotten stronger. As it was Magus squeezed his friend's hand fondly and then let it go as he motioned for August to come inside.. murmuring the password and then Angelous House opening up for both of them. The long hallway that eventually led to the common room where the sounds of Angelous students filled the halls, everything was well lighted and there was none of the hints or tricks that that the other houses had. Many (Including Zarkand) had accused Magus of treating his house as a slumber party as opposed to anything else.. however there couldn't be too much complaining becasue.. well Angelous always managed to give Shade a good run for their money when competitions drew neigh.

Magus felt no true reason for ruling Angelous with an iron fist, not when for his Angels, a pillowed fist worked so much better.

He led August into his own office. His office in Angelous was much like his one at the main building, except this one was more personalized, pictures of his brothers, his sisters, his son Miles.. his family. His mother. All of them adorned spaces here and there. Books for reading and the whatnot. It was a very relaxing room.

"Manuel has the right of it. Miles often times has to tell me to do the same thing, not like I listen. I continually have to remind him -who- the father is.." Magus laughed softly.

August follows Magus into the Angelous House, it was known fact that it was allowed for each House Head to design and run their house as they saw fit. It just happened that the students of Angelous House got it better off then some of......oh let’s say...Shade House?

He looks around the room and raises a fine brow, “How do you managed to keep this place so neat...and still help me?” He said in compliment before going on. “Ah, well...Manuel takes after her mother but that is to be expected all things considered.” Magus knew the history between himself and Janice. There was a clash of feelings between them, both that of compliment and compassionate. And...Manuel was conceived after the tension between them became too much and turned into something else...but that didn’t mean there would be a last relationship between them either. They had left off on a friendly note with Manuel as their link. August claimed to have no luck with women...and with good reason.

To say that Magus had at one time been jealous of Janice at one point in time, when he had been less in control of his feelings, but he was fairly good at keeping things inside, the unpleasant things that no one else wanted to hear about, the stuff that he didn't like to admit even to himself. Always ready with a smile though. Magus motioned for August to take a seat and then he walked over to the little kitchen area off to the side where he had constantly a hot kettle on simmer for tea. Magus got quite a few guests, he also got students who felt that they could talk to him with their problems... he should of been made a counselor ideally, he would of been good at it. Finally Magus came back with two tea cups, handing one to August.

"And how is Janice if I may ask?" Magus said as he took a seat in the chair opposite August, tilting his head to the side and crossing one leg over the other.

August took the offered cup, relaxing back in the seat. “Mm, she’s is doing well. Still just as ambitions as ever, last I heart she was visiting her father.” Karden Cobalt, that man that even now could make August shudder at the thought...of those dark red eyes but still he dared to court his daughter. “Manuel mentioned that she asked about you...” He takes a sip of tea and sighs softly, “Mm, a wonderful brew...as always.”

And I hope that Manuel told her that I am not doing too much, keeping myself out of trouble and the whatnot.. more importantly trying to keep the Bainbridges in this house out of trouble" Magus furrowed brow which said that was easier said then done, considering that they got a new set of Bainbridge twins -every- year. Of course speaking of the devil, Amethyst popped her head into the office, she looked like her brother, she also bore strong resemblance to their mother as well.

"Maggy.. Jaspar just locked Melchoir in the closets and refuses to let him out.. you have the master key?" And then when Ame saw August she waved and smiled. Magus nodded and reached into his pocket, taking out his keyring and then tossing it toward Amethyst who deftly caught it.

"And when you see Jasper, tell him that he needs to come and see me about locking his twin in like that.." Magus sighed.

"I gave Manuel quite the report on you, she'll work her way through that and inform her mother of all the good points." He said with the faint hint of teasing, "Which in your case is always everything." August looked over to the door as Ame peeked in, he smiled and waved in return before looking back to Magus, "Seems another problem needs your solving."

"Yes Maggy.. well when we -find- him.. we think he's snuck over to Shade again.. one of the Zeals." Amethyst said with a sweatdrop, and then she winked at August before wandering off in a flounce, armed with the master key, intent on setting Melchoir free.

"And do I need to be reminded that I am glad I was born with -no- twin?" Magus said with yet another smile, this one curving over his lips almost knowingly as he shook his head. "I am used to this stuff.. this is easy... civil wars seem to be what I am the best at resolving." His beautiful purple eyes sparkling softly as he took a sip of his tea. "And how is May doing on her first couple of days?" Magus did dote on May.. well probably because whenever May came over, to Grehaun Manor May and Coral always got along so well and Coral.. well Coral didn't make friends easily.

August sets the empty cup down, folding his arms over his chest as he leans back in the chair. "It's still stressful, I'm sure. I have a hard enough time watching over my niece and nephew." More so his niece, but he wouldn't admit that he was over protective of her. "May is doing just fine, she is abit homesick but she is happy to be with her brother again. She says that she even made a friend.." And there was a slight shift in his auburn eyes, "....a young man by the name of Creed."

August did not have to admit anything, not to Magus. Magus could see it there and so he got up from the chair and pushed his sleeves up as he came around to the back of hte chair where August was sitting. And once the sleeves were pushed up, he laid his hands on August's shoulders and started to kneed. Magus Bainbridge arguably gave the best back massages. Perhaps it was the magic in the hands, one did not know. And well August seemed to have alot of tension in him, Magus could see that keenly.

"And I can imagine you have been sifting through the files for any information you can get on the young man.. am I correct, dear friend?" Magus murmured softly.

"I won't lie, I have." He closes his eyes and sighs softly, comfortable with Magus being this close to him. August was a hard person to get near, he kept himself well protected. But Magus had an open door policy when it came to his friend, he hid very little from the other man. "One of these days, you'll have to allow me to return this favor.."

"But see I am rarely tense, August.. you are the one that is consistantly this way and so I feel I must remedy it half the time." Magus said, laughing softly as he really started to dig his hands in. "If I ever get tense though, yes then I shall have you return the favor.." Even though Magus couldn't think of anyone else's hands that he would want on him.. even though he wasn't even sure he could -tell- August that. It was impossible. A few times he had tried.. but coincidentally he had lost his nerve. One of those times had been the exact night that August had told Magus that he and Janice had gotten together. August had spoken before Magus could of had a chance.. and Magus.. well he had decided to silence himself permanantly.

Creed is in my artifacts class, and he is a very good student, at least where artifacts are concerned. I do not know about how he reacts to -other- teachers but.. well I think that it will be good for Mayume to have more friends, though Coral will no doubt be entering the school next year. Despite my mother constantly worrying about if she will be okay out in a public enviroment."

Because it was known that Coral seemed to be very cloaked and guarded, she got sick often and when she spoke, they were in riddles and rhymes. Making sense to no one except those who made it a practice of reading into mysteries and enigmas.

"You do not always have to be tense to enjoy a massage, you know." He opened his eyes and looked up at Magus, smiling again. "Some warm oil...cool hands.." He looked away from Magus then, "...can be quite nice in other ways." He shakes his head then, changing the subject. "Anyway...you know how protective us Riddle men can be over our young ladies. It runs in our blood to watch over them until it's time for them to marry and sometimes brothers have been known to stay close even after that. As with my uncle..."

Dare Magus wanted to pursue the subject of massage further, but once again his tongue was caught, because quite honestly he did not want to be rejected, he did not want anything to change and he feared change, the leading reason why he had never told August about that one night, because he somehow knew that August wouldn't understand, half the time he hadn't even understood it himself. He bit down on his tongue to stifle any opportunity he would have of speaking.

"It is admirable of how you are protective of them, I am likewise protective of Ame and Coral.. and Miles even though he refuses to be protected. Too much stubborn and stoic pride." Magus chuckled softly. Magus had -never- told August who Mile's mother was.. never. Just one day brought Miles back, introduced him as his son and left it at that.

And August had talked to Magus about that night, about the woman he had met and shared a night with...and how she was gone in the morning. He had even confessed that he might have been able to fall in love with this person, this even after he had claimed after Janice Cobalt...he would remain single for the rest of his life...due to his rotten luck with women.

"And sometimes it's just stalking." He covers his mouth, laughing behind his hand. "My mother swears to this day that her brother is stalking her and her companion.." Magus also knew about August's parents.

"My mother's brother stalks her too.. but there is nothing benign about -that- stalking." Magus said, rolling his eyes faintly as he slowly worked the tension with his fingertips, working them out of August's body. But he was smiling, especially about the stalking, because well.. Riddle's family was -fairly- normal, his.. well his was insane. It had -always- been such. "Your parents, August.. I love them..." Magus said with a bit of a grin.

At that moment Amethyst peeked back in and then entered the office. Magus never shut his door unless he was counseling one of his house members. She dangled the keychain in her hand and saw August sitting there with her brother giving him a back massage. She couldn't help but giggle. She was a fangirl.. sad but true yes. "Here's the key, Melly is right now raiding my pocky cupboard and licking his ego.." Amethyst reached over and dangled the keys to which point, Magus moved one hand and grabbed them, putting them back in his pocket.

"I see you're enjoying a back massage from my wonderful brother again, doesn't he give good ones?" Amethyst said, clasping her hands behind her back and regarding August and Magus with dancing purple eyes. Eyes dancing with mischief. "Shame he only gives them to you and our mom.. he doesn't share the love with anyone else."

August looked up at Magus on that note, "I'm shocked. You wouldn't even share with your darling sister?" He shakes his head and looks to Ame, "Really, I'm utterly surprised to find this out." He was teasing, the playful twist of his smile took that and not to mention that light hint in his otherwise somber voice.

"I gave her a backrub.. once.." Magus said, looking quite shifty eyed and he raised one hand to cough into it. Nowhere near the number of backrubs that Magus had given August.. that was for certain. "But then she wouldn't let me -stop-." Magus grinned slightly.

"Of course it's no fun touching your sister.. not when you have August to play touchy feely over.. right?" Amethyst said, with a rather wide smile and then tilted her head to the side. "OOPS!" And then Amethyst ran out of the room like wildfire, giggling madly the entire way out of it.

"My family.. crazy.. I told you this earlier." Magus said with the slightest chuckle, good thing that August was not turned around to look at him because he would of caught a slight flush over his cheeks.

"It's quite alright." Places a hand over Magus' own, "That's what siblings are for, right? To tease and annoy.." Of course, he wouldn't personally know. After all, he had been an only child and there was no wonder of that. "Ah yes, which reminds me. We are still on for that dinner this Saturday, right?"

The flush just became a bit brighter, his breathing picked up just a bit. It was how August always managed to do that to him, it was insane really and while Magus didn't mind this power that the other man had over him, it got uncomfortable sometimes. He could feel the heat radiating from the other man's hand.. energy and Magus was almost -floored- by it. It wasn't like he was an elf in his teenage years.. and yet half the time he felt inwardly like one where August was concerned.

Did Magus want to take his hands off of August's shoulders.. no. He could easily stand here doing this for hours, but only if it gave him an opportunity.. any excuse to touch.. to caress. "Amethyst does her share of teasing and annoying easily." Needless to say while August had no brothers or sisters.. Magus had too many to -count- over 10.. probably even more under the surface. "And yes, of course we are still on for saturday.. unless.. you have something more pressing to attend to then dinner with me?"

August would only smile, as if he had not noticed the change in his friend. Oh but he did notice, he always had. No, August S. Riddle wasn't as clueless about emotions as one might think, it was because he knew them so well that he was able to control...and deny them.

He moved from the seat, withdrawing his hand from Magus before running his fingers through his strawberry blonde hair. "You know that nothing would be more important then dinner with you, Magus."

Disappointment passed through his purple eyes, very briefly, like a shadow across the clouds. And Magus felt his heart sink into his stomach, plummet down as he felt August get up from the seat. Disappointment because part of him had wished that August had stayed there, safe under his touch. Control.. Magus needed control, even as those words.. meant to placate him.. You know that nothing would be more important then dinner with you, Magus." Bainbridges were usually so good at keeping their emotions from others, with those purple eyes, just as much as Zeals couldn't -keep- others from not knowing what they were feeling.

20 seconds, that was all that the flicker of hurt lasted, before he was better, he was able to function. And he then took up the tea cups and started to walk toward the counter in order to clean out the tea cups. "You are too kind to me, August.. and you flatter me.."

August walks up behind Magus and carefully wraps his arms around the other man's waist, they were best friends and there were times when he did hug the other man in such a fashion. It never meant anything more the deep friendship and surely that was all it meant now, despite all August complaining about women...he still adored them.

"Why don't you ever tell me what is on your mind, hm?" His lips were close to Magus' ear, his breath warm behind that soft whisper. "It's always like...you're holding back."

Those arms slipped around Magus's slim waist and Magus felt them keenly, his heart even went on a further plumment as they stood there for a moment, Magus staring at the tea cups that he was running under the hot water, the water nearly scalding his skin, but he didn't feel it. Not at all. The proximity. He was usually so controlled.. but tonight, it was different. They had been friends.. for so many years.. hundreds of years.. this was no different. It shouldn't of been any different. This shouldn't of affected him quite as much

They had stood this way many times before, but the closeness, combined with the whispered voice. Damn it how could August make himself feel this way.. how much power -did- this man have over him. And somewhere Magus indeed wished that he -had- fallen in love with a Zeal.. fallen in love so that he could be loved back.

And then Magus did the unforgiveable. The one thing that more then likely would change their friendship forever. He swirled around in August's arms and before he could give the other man a chance to think, before he could give -himself- a chance to regain his composure, he had pressed his lips against August's. His control that lost. There. Magus wasn't holding back, though gods above he knew he should of.

August rose a fine brow when Magus turned in his arms, he had expected for the other man to tell him what he had been holding back, to finally open up to him...but this had not been what August had expected at all.

The shock was enough to hold him, it was enough to keep him that close to Magus, lips pressed together in a kiss that should have happened...countless years ago.

But it would rememberance that made him move. August reached up and placed his hands upon Magus' shoulders, he lightly pushed the other man back and held him at a distance. "...no."

He cursed himself, for letting his guard down. For letting himself become so attached to the one person he was never supposed to love more then platonicly. "There is no good that can come of this, Magus." But something deep inside told him otherwise, begged that he wouldn't go on even as he opened his mouth to speak again. "I promised you friendship...I can't give you any more then that." His parents had told them that, the two women knew the story of the Zeals and Bainbridge. Had warned him of it, that one day...some Zeal would come and steal Magus' away. And that it would shatter August's heart beyond repair. "....I should go." He did not wait for a reply, already turning to leave.

"There.. there is no one.. no one I have loved more then you August.." Magus whispered.. his voice so soft.. almost broken even as he saw out of the corner of his eyes August make a move to walk out.. walking, each footstep carrying him toward that door. And then he bowed his head.

"Miles.. he's yours." That was all Magus said, even as he turned away to put the tea cups up. Shivering. Things would never be the same.. but if August was going to walk out like that.. then he should know.. that bit of information. He would not look at August, not now. Not when his cheeks were flaming and flushed and he was struggling to get reason back.

August had been at the door, yes he had all intentions of running out and not looking back. He could not deal with this, there was not enough willpower in the world to keep him from doing one of either two extremes.

To leave himself open to future woe, telling Magus how he felt all this time and the real reason beind Janice and him not marrying. Or to walk out and push Magus away from him...keeping him them despite thier friendship. He just needed time to think, that's all he needed.

And he would not even get that.

"What?" Deadpan, his hand on the knob as his body with rigid. "What the hell are you talking about, Magus?"

"I"m in danger.
Japanese girl.. in your eyes is the fire of man's desire.
I love you japanese girl..
And I know you're the geisha of broken hearts"

Magus felt his stomach clench. What had he just done.. just as he heard August stop there at the door, and he closed his eyes and bowed his head, tendrils of white hair falling out from being tied back, caressig along his pale cheek. A few tears slipped down but barely indistinct. He sighed softly and shook his head.

"That woman.. that you told me that you could of fallen in love with.. That was me.. I used magic to alter my form" Magus felt his throat clench as if talking was a chore. My absence for a few years.. it was because I had gotten pregnant and couldn't revert forms.. Miles.. he.. he's yours." Magus still was not looking at August. He couldn't.

August felt his hand clench tight on the knob, "...." He bit his tongue hard, yes...hard enough to draw first blood. The copper taste calmed him, brought him back to reality but even that wasn't enough...because it was his blood.

A deep breath was taken but not a word was spoken as he released the knob and turned on his heels, "How..." He uttered in a voice that was whisper nor yell, it was a hiss...a pure hiss of anger. Yes, the Riddle's had a second side to them as well. Perhaps this was why they were always sorted into Shade, fore there was a darkness that dwelled deep and demanded to be kept chained within their souls...otherwise...

This would happen.

Yes, Magus had opened up Pandora's box and would be very lucky if he found hope at that bottom after everything else had been released upon him. "How could you..." He walked over to his former friend, his auburn eyes flashed of crimson. "...knowingly...do this."

It was one thing to trick him but then to confess it, after all this time...right at that very moment. It was unforgiveable. No, that was the rage talking...not August. "Do this to me?!" He yelled, standing face to face with Magus. "You tricked me! Me your knew...you knew about Janice...you knew that we had parted ways...that while I pinned for her...I was also trying to forget my feelings for her and you used it against me...didn't you!!!" He screamed, giving a feral growl as suddenly he reached out and seized Magus by the shoulders. "Thought it was funny, huh? Using your magic to trick me...like that...changing yourself for a night.." He laughed, it was bitter...without humor...it was cold and felled with malice. "Was I worth the night, Magus?! Was I worth getting knocked up over?!" But he did not wait for an answer, already he was forcing Magus over to the desk where he would clear push away everything without a care and push the other man down onto, holding him so that he could not ecaspe

He deserved August's anger.. and he knew it.. even as he got pressed against his desk. A scattering of everything clattering to the floor, he could feel August growl, saw it in those eyes so red with fury. How Magus could do it.. look at August like that with eyes that were calm, even when Magus was outwardly trembling.. trembling at himself more then anything else. A shuddering breath that reverbertated even as his eyes continued to look up into that snarling face.

Never had he seen August look like this save for a few times.. and it revolted him that he knew he had caused this. This was why he didn't fight that look, he didn't fight the way that August had pressed him down against the desk. "Janice had nothing to do with this.. " Magus murmured quietly and then bit his lower lip. "It was worth it..." And Magus would not go back down on it.. no matter what. He didn't know if it would make a difference, he didn't know if August was even -listening. "That night I recieved a part of you.. a part of you that I could claim as my own.. even when I -couldn't- have you. I love Miles dearly, I would not trade him in for -anything-."

Oh...but he was listening, somewhere August heard Magus’ voice crystal clear. Somewhere he begged for the demon to return back into the depths of his soul and sleep in the darkness he had always made room for in his heart. But it was free now, it would hear nothing of that. It had been given a reason to wake and it was hungry, it..would devour Magus..

“Please, like you weren’t jealous of Janice. Like you were not jealous to see me happy with someone other then you!” Without taking judgment of force or strength, he caught both of Magus’ wrists in his hands and brought them over the other man’s head...pinning them above him and against the hard surface of the desk.

“But...do you know what makes this all so funny?” He smiled, it was twisted with dark amusement, “Well, do you!?” He demanded before laughing almost uncontrollably. “No, of course you wouldn’t. Of course innocent little Magus wouldn’t know anything about that.”

August lowered himself down, pressing his body against the other man’s own. It was a painful angle for Magus surely, with the edge of the desk pressed to his lower back.

“It was me...who called off the wedding plans...even before I knew she was with child. All because we both knew that I loved someone else...that I could never fully give myself to her...no matter how much I might have wanted to. Who do you think that person was Magus?” There was no denying it now, his eyes were blood red. “It was you...Magus. I was in love with you.”

He brought his lips to Magus’ then, “And this...is the thanks I get?” He glared down at the other man, “A lie....and guilt of loving a woman that I knew only for a night? And all the while...it was the very person that I had given my heart to....knowing that I could never have them?!” There was no time for a reply, his teeth soon met with Magus’ bottom lip...and bit hard enough to draw first blood.

Yes, the blood had calmed him...that copper taste. But it wasn’t enough.


Because he wanted more....it wanted Magus.

The knowledge, it made Magus start just for a moment, his eyes became pained even as he felt himself being pressed against that desk, a soft strangled cry as August's teeth dug into his lower lip, ripping, tearing. No questions, no Magus was not going to shout out that August had never told him. He was not like that. He was not going to beg, he was not going to plead. Just looking up at August with those calm purple eyes. damnable calm.

~was, and now there was only hate~ Magus closed his eyes, visibly pained, visibly uncomfortable but he bore it, Magus.. the blood.. it was a soft shade of purple.. not the red of usual people.. as purple as the color of his eyes, and it tasted coppery, yet sweet at the same time.

He could of spoke but there were no words, nothing. Nothing because August had stifled any words that could of issued forth from his lips. No, he had a feeling August would not listen. And inwardly he cried.

Had August always had such sharp teeth? It was almost as if he had fangs but where...when had they grown within his mouth? It mattered very little, though didn’t it. The whys and hows were thrown out the moment that August had snapped and let it out, to dull his senses while he tried to gather the pieces...to pull himself back together.

Soon fine manicured nails raked down Magus’ neck, no restraint to keep them from lightly kissing against the soft skin as they traveled down to the collar of his robes, “Aren’t you going to say something now, Magus? Don’t you have anything to say!?” He yelled when his nailed found the fabric and ripped away at it, exposing a good bit of Magus’ neck and shoulders. He would pull the torn fabric down lower, still without a care of scratching the skin beneath as he lowered his head, a growl rumbling in his chest.

He placed a soft kiss then, almost gentle against the other man’s neck. So sweet, like August had returned and perhaps he had for a second there before those fangs sank into Magus without mercy.

There was nothing that Magus could do, he didn't struggle but he winced in pain, in an acute pain as he felt those fangs rip into the flesh of his neck. He had been fooled by the softness for a moment, having melted against that desk, and then there was a jerk of his body as teeth found flesh and tore. He found his voice then, it was thickly edged in pain. His eyes filled with tears that refused to be shed.

"No.... you are right.. you are justified.. I -deserve- your hate.." Magus whispered as he turned his head away, rivulets of dark purple blood running from his lip and across his cheek. "I decieved you.. decieved you.. because I wanted a night with you, a night to remember, to cherish..." He had been a virgin then as a woman.. he was a virgin now as a man.

August pulled back, his lips stained of Magus blood as were those fangs. “A night to remember?! To cherish?! Then why not come to me yourself, Magus?! Why hurt me like that!? I had thought...” He began to calm or so it seemed, the crimson of his eyes had dimmed. “...I thought...” He was breathing at a normal pace, not longer heavy and caught between hisses. “....after you left.”

It was being pushed back, to answer that question of if hope could be found within the Pandora’s box of Riddle’s soul, the answer was yes. “I didn’t know what to think...” He was talking about Magus as a whole, both the woman that he had made love to and...the man that left for those months. “Why...of all the things...why do that to me?” He closed his eyes, trying to hold back the pain...and the shame that welled up inside him. “....I loved you, Magus..” He whispered.

And Magus felt August pull back, the blood from his neck running into his hair.. he looked off toward the window, he couldn't look at August, not now.. no he couldn't. Couldn't meet the other man's eyes. "I didn't.. I never.. came to you.. because I did not.. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. And who is to say that you would not of done the same thing to me.. had I thrown myself into your arms.. who was not to say that you would of pushed me away.. just as you pushed me aside.... tonight." Magus was calm.. but composed, that was asking for something.

"So many times I almost told you, so many times fate got in the way, that I soon begain to believe that perhaps it wasn't meant to be... I stopped trying to tell you.. after Miles was born.."

Yet before August could say anything further, it all seemed to come crashing down around him. He realized what he had done, first from the taste in his mouth and then...the very sight before him as he opened his eyes and looked down upon Magus. “By the Fates...what have I done?” He pulled back but not without gathering Magus up into his arms and pulling the other man with him, holding him close as he whispered over and over again. “I’m sorry.” But there were no words that could undo the damage, the rage that had shown itself in him. Another reason August feared becoming close to people, to open himself up to them...to get that close.

“You’re right, so very right. I would have pushed you away...because I didn’t want hurt you....I didn’t want this to happen if you fell in love with some Zeal and left me.” That was why the warning his parents had given him was so important and held steady, it wasn’t that his heart would be broken...more so what would happen after that. “Magus, I’m so sorry.” He released Magus then, ever so carefully. “Please...call for someone to help you.” He said in barely as whisper as he stepped back, “...I need to go.” And this time he would not stop, the door would be swiftly reached and August would bolt out without looking back. The shame was too much, the self loathing. He couldn’t face Magus...not now, not ever.

And Magus watched August go, and he choked back a few wrenching sobs, tears that he allowed himself to cry, not because he was hurt.. not because he was shamed. But because, oh gods Magus could never love a zeal, not when he loved August. He cried because this was turning out as bad and as wretched as anything that a Bainbridge and Zeal could create betwixt them

Eventually though he pulled himself together, he would not leave the school, however he would not stay here tonight. He would go to his mother. Always so insightful, so wise, he needed to talk to her, he needed to cry, he needed to ask her -why-. He slipped out of Angelous, heading to Grehaun Manor which was a vertible sanctuary. And he passed the night there... but he would not run away though, the morning would find him there, as calm and composed and serene as ever.

But for now, it was a time for tears.

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