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~Tinky Winky Mufu Fruit~ [[*Citan glares at me*]]

You know what I love about my husband?

I love the little scoff he makes whenever we are listening to Harry Potter on tape and a mention of Sirius and Lupin come up that hits the nail on the mark that they were living a cozy homey little relationship right up until "UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCE" occured.

Me: *squee* They are soooooo sleeping together.
Husband: *rolls eyes* It's a children book
Me: *hee's* Harry Has Two Godfathers...
Husband: Why do I bother?

Seriously though, you know that Sirius and Lupin are smutting especially when they both come to gether to buy Harry a joint christmas present. You know who buys joint christmas presents. MARRIED COUPLES!

I rest my case.

~This has been a yaoi rant by Nia~

"Never again is what you swore the time before"
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