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~Bring me to Life~

Disclaimer: This songfic happens after the very FIRST story between Corrine and Magus. The fight with Lavos had happened 300 years ago and Zeal had been restored. Corrine had been in the Underworld (AKA Bauhaus) for that long while Magus tried to attain the ressurection spell in order to bring her back to him. She gets brought back, but in a way that neither of them had anticipated.

Rating: NC-17

It had been arranged.

Queen Zeal had given Magus access to the spell that he had striven 300 years to learn. A spell that he had constantly tried to bring himself worthy enough. It was the spell of ressurection and immortality. It would breath life into even the tenuous shade of the underworld. The heart would work once again, they would be given form as if they had never died in the first place.

It was a spell that Magus had been banking on learning so that he could storm the gates of hell and bring Corrine back to him. So that it would be possible to hold her in his arms again, Zeal be damned.

Zeal be damned indeed.

Magus had been given the spell in order to ressurect Darryn's little fiance. Ironically enough the woman was the same one that he had given his heart to what seemed like eternities ago.

So with stone cold purpose he walked into his lab where Corrine was sitting there on the table, clad in his magic invested clothes that would not get ruined by the procedures. There were questions in her dear sweet purple eyes, but he couldn't bring himself to speak to her. Betrayed. That is how he felt. How -could- Corrine do this to him, ally herself to another man, his -cousin- no less.

"Magus, I can explain!"


"How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb,
Without a soul..my spirit sleeping somewhere cold.
Until you find it there and lead it back home.."

That silenced her. It was all that he could do -not- to let go of the bitter tears that seemed to form in his eyes like a numb sickness. Clenching his fists to his sides, he estinquished all lights save for the lights of a few glowing candles that flickered eerily in the dark room with the touch of his mind upon them. He walked over to the table where Corrine lay with her ever watchful eyes on him.

Very adeptly Magus set up the shields around the altar like table, securing them with effortless ease as they would be the one to contain and reflect the potent energy that would surge through Corrine's body, giving body to shade and heart to spirit.

Her advent from the world had been painless and tinged with the touch of pleasure, like a virgins first orgasm.

Her advent into the world would be vastly different.

Raising his hands to the skies and closing his eyes, he started to cast the first spell. His voice was soft at first in its recitations, almost a bit unsure for this was the first time he had done anything of its magnitude. A purple haze enveloped both him and Corrine's form. He heard her give out a cry of pain, only the first. But he steeled himself against it and concentrated fully into the spell that he was casting. Success of this spell necessitated that he not break his concentration. A fine bead of sweat lined his brow as his voice rose in pitch.

Her whimpers grew into cries, her cries grew into screams as the energy pulsed through her, awakening every nerve ending that had forgotten just what it was to feel -pain-. The body was re-animating itself with a hunger for life, for blood. And still his eyes remained closed. Tell yourself this is not Corrine. Do not open your eyes. One look will irrevocably ruin the spell. And his eyes remained clamped shut even though he heard the cries and it was driving his subconscious half mad with desire to tear away the shields and take her in his arms.

Only his purpose, only the knowledge that she was meant for someone else not him kept him from opening them and drawing her to him. He was given a duty and he had to do it.

Power surged around him in a crescendo of light and darkness and refracted onto Corrine whose screams had risen to a fevered pitch. As much as he wanted to think about Corrine, he couldn't. No.. over and over his mind repeated to block out her screams.

The whole room for one brief second was illuminated in some sacred energy as the last arcane word rolled off his lips. He opened his eyes and for one split second he connected with Corrine on a level so deep as to be almost painful. For a moment he could -feel- the pain that wracked her body. Then the light was gone, taking the glow of the candles with it and bathing the room in absolute darkness

There was only silence. No screams. Nothing.

"Wake me up inside.."

Magus sat on the table next to Corrine's still form and his hand smoothing over her silvery hair with surprising gentleness for one that had just caused her unbearable pain. Sadness reflecting in the depths of his grey eyes. Not cold, but rather rainy eyes. After the ritual brought the greater realization of how much he loved this woman who had given her everything to him back before Lavos had been destroyed. Sadness that now she would never be, never could never be his.

He watched as Corrine stirred and then moved her head so that she could look up at him. Eyes that slowly came into focus as she realized where she was. Those eyes looked at him with such pure love and devotion, rending his heart in two for the mere thought that he deserved a look from her angelic countenance.

"Am I mortal?" Corrine inquired wonderingly as she raised herself from the table, feeling every pore in her body vibrate with -life- Magus soundlessly nodded as he slipped off the table and offered her his hand to help her down. She gratefully accepted it and jumped down.

Misjudging her strength, her feet hit the ground and she instantly buckled, falling forward. She would of fell clattering to the floor if it were not for Magus's strong arms that wrapped around her.and pulled her close. With a trembling heart she looked up and saw Magus's eyes looking down at her. The sadness, she could feel it almost as acutely as she could feel the pain that wracked her body.

"I never meant to hurt you." Corrine whispered, a few tears coming to her own eyes as she reached up to touch his cold cheek, and she drew her hand away. Did she make him that cold?

Wake me up inside {I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside.. {Save me}
Call my name and save me from the dark.
Bid my blood to run, {I can't wake up}
Before I come undone. {Save me}
Save me from the nothing I've become.

Magus reached down to touch her own equally warm cheek and then he caught her hand up in his. He hurt just in the simple act of letting go, it was something that he could not do for the life of him. Never was he any good at letting go of things and Corrine would no doubt be the hardest. He wanted to tell her that he loved her, he wanted to say all those things that he had been afraid to say last night at their hurried and rushed conversation.

"I know you didn't. You did not know when I would be coming back after all. Who could blame you?" Magus chuckled bitterly and held her even closer. His hair had escaped their ties and was shielding his face as he bowed his head. Corrine then raised herself on her aching toes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, looking up at his chiseled face before she pressed a faltering kiss against his equally cold lips.

He shouldn't of allowed such a chaste kiss to touch him from lips that were never meant to be his. But like the taste of the sweetest wine, her lips were their own temptation, a temptation that he was too weak to resist. Allow me one kiss.. one last memory of our love his mind pleaded as he drew her closer and his lips responded to her innocence, her devotion.

The kiss should of never deepened but it did. Finally Magus was holding Corrine close with some sort of desperation as his tongue slid into her wet and warm mouth, damn her for being pliant, damn him for the weakness that would not allow him to draw back.

Now that I know what I'm without you can't just leave me.
Bring it to me and make me real.. bring me to life."

Pressing her back to the edge of the altar, their lips never left each other. It was a hunger that was not coming solely from Magus though he in all his agonizing angsty would of wished that it did. It would just give him another excuse to damn himself. His hands ran up and down her sides in a will of their own and he couldn't of stopped himself even if he wanted to save for one word from Corrine. One word from her and he would of ceased and drawn back.

No such word came.

One hand fumbled at the ties of her magically invested robes, the robes that had looked so well on her even though they were his. The other hand tangled in her locks of silver, feeling the sensation of strands dripping through his fingers.

The blaring need inside of him to possessive her came as a shock that tried to register in his mind, however 326 years of celibacy egged that need on, combined with Corrine's form pressed against his own. So warm, so sweet. A groan escaped his lips as he tore his lips away from their decadent prize. His darkened eyes looked into hers, seeking something there before he continued. His conscious still plauged him when it came to Corrine, the beautiful angelic memory of his soul.

A question unspoken between them.

"I.. I want you, Magus." Corrine murmured at first hesitantly and then with more certainty as she grew bolder.

"Wake me up inside {I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside.. {Save me}
Call my name and save me from the dark.
Bid my blood to run, {I can't wake up}
Before I come undone. {Save me}
Save me from the nothing I've become."

Those words were enough for Magus. He picked her up in his strong arms and carried her out of the his laboratory, winding through dark passages until the hidden door leading to his room loomed up ahead. He could feel her heartbeat pressing against his own chest or was that his own heart beat loud enough for them both to hear?

Entering his bedroom, he strode over to his purple silk covered bed and laid her down on it gently. The rational part of his mind was pushed aside with an ease that was almost surprising for the chameleon haired man who had allowed his reason to rule his everything for the past few centuries.

He pushed aside the magically invested robes to reveal her porcelain skin, so smooth and pliant as to marvel at her perfection. Never had he seen Corrine naked before, never had he really had the desire though he loved her beyond all recognition. But Corrine was free of the burdans of her sickly mortal body and he felt the first stirrings of, could it be lust?

"Are you sure?" He inquired even while his heartbeat quickened and his mouth went almost dry with the heat feeding his body like fire feeds the flames. A finger traced the curve of her neck as he was entranced by every part of her but he was given her one last chance to back down. To get up off this bed and leave him forever. She nodded her head and then rested her head against the pillow so that her hair formed a halo about her face, and his heart melted its last traces of ice, running rivulets into his soul.

"Frozen inside without your touch,
Without your love.. darling.
Only you are the life among the dead."

It was like eternity in which he shed his own robes, stepping out of them so that Corrine could see him, he saw her amethyst eyes widen as she drank his nakedness in but she didn't recoil like most virgins would of, there was only love shining in her eyes and a trace of untapped passion. She raised herself up so that she could run her fingers along the side of his hips almost worshipfully. He felt himself harden almost painfully even at that gentle touch.

With equally gentle hands he pushed her back against the pillows and then crawled up on the bed to join her. Finally their naked bodies were touching and Magus drew Corrine into his arms to place kisses against her hair and face almost reverently. Their legs twined together as if trying to get closer and closer before the actual physical intimacy. Lips sought each other, sharing kisses that nearly touched the soul.

Thoughts were rendered obsolete in the heat of the moment. His hands very gently cupped a breast, running his fingers over the nipple that instantly hardened to his touch, like music to his ears was Corrine's gasp of pleasure and he felt her body arch faintly. That only urged him on.

His lips followed where his hand left off, tonguing wetly the nipple before him. Every whimper like food for his soul. Running his lips over her smooth flat stomach, running his hands over every patch of skin that was available for his touch. He was like a man who had not seen food in a long time, Hungry His mind breathed as his fingers curled in the white curls of her maiden's hair, feeling her tremble with every touch. Sensing of course that it was not a tremble based out of fear but rather surppressed desire, he placed kisses against her navel and then rubbed his lips against silky locks at the juncture of her thighs. Her fingers raked through his hair as if there was nowhere else that those hands could go to hold onto in this drowning sea of mutual need.

Slowly his fingers parted the curls there and was assaulted by the fragrance of her lust, skin like petals forming around her core and the treasure within. His eyes darkened before closing as his lips touched the sensitive nub there, inciting a response from Corrine to buck against him though it was weak due to the strength of his body holding hers down. Running his tongue in and out of every fold, tasting her sweetness even as desire consumed his soul and rendered him incapable of thought. Indolently his hand stroked against her inner thigh in featherlight touches as if he was pressing her on, driving her to near climax.

"All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark but you were right in front of me.

Raising his head from his task, he looked up at Corrine who was writhing on the bed, her beautiful face flushed, lips parted sweetly and her eyes closed as if she couldn't bear to see such a sight. He rose himself up on the bed so that he could look down at that face, his hand caressing against her cheek. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Absolute love, absolute trust, enough to make his heart ache. Very gently he parted her legs and positioned himself in between them before drawing her once more into his arms.

"I love you more then my own life, Corrine." He said solemnly as kisses rained down on her face to somehow cool her heat flushed face. The tip of his cock touched her wetness, testing the waters there before finally he eased himself into her. Corrine tensed in his embrace as she clung to him. The proof of her virginity lay before him like a barrier. He was not stupid, he knew that he was her first and vice versa. The proof only touched him. No, he didn't want to hurt Corrine but blood was a part of her life now and proof that she did indeed exist as more then a shade.

He drew back very slowly as they kissed, and then with lightening quickness he had plunged deeply into her, broken that barrier and felt her cry into his mouth. He was not even sure what part of the wetness that surrounded his cock was her blood. There was no need to move for a time, waiting for her to adjust both emotionally and physically to him filling her. Finally he felt her untense as she planted soft kisses against his shoulder. That is when he started to move inside her. It was agonizingly slow for him who wanted to consume her in their love. A mating so complete as to bind them together as surely as life and death did now.

Her breathing quickened as she came apart in his arms. Filled with almost a religious like ecstasy their bodies mounted to the heights together, worshipping each other in the purest way possible. Where did he end and she begin? The lines were not clear, being blurred by the promised passion. So lost to each other, it was impossible to discern anything beneath there sphere of oneness.

Corrine came first, crying out into his room as her muscles clenched around Magus's shaft as if she were not already tight enough. That was enough for Magus to take and he came right after her, coming deep inside her as his seed coated her velvety depths, slicking her down even more. His name whispered against her lips as the fell into each other's arms with exhaustion.

"I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems..
Got to open my eyes to everything.."

They were together in the heavens. Soaring as free as anyone could. Nothing could prevent this moment between them, of feeling like they had finally belonged and found their home. But inevitably they could not stay there and so they made their descent back to the realm of reality that composed of Corrine cuddled into his arms and his hand stroking her hair softly as the pleasure ebbed through them on a more conscious level

Corrine, her name meant light and salvation.

How would he survive the next 300 years knowing that she was to be married to Darryn Lachesis? How would be be able to go to family functions and bear seeing her there with happily married and probably with a gaggle of children that by all rights should of been him.

But for now he didn't have to think about it. For this single moment the gods that he thought he had not believed in saw fit to bless him with one moment of bliss, a moment that would have to last him a million more cold and lonely nights.

"I love you Magus." She breathed sleepily into his ear, whispery soft like an angel's kiss.

"And I you.." He murmured as he felt himself want to drift off, and so that is what they did. With only the lapping waves of their love to guide them.

"Without a thought without a voice without a soul
Don't let me die here.. there must be something more
Bring me to life"

Song: "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence

Songfic by: Nia Westphal

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