Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

From old destroyed ashes, new things can flourish and begin again.

Once again, sorry for not updating. Life has been busy, what with work and such.. it's been hard. But despite a little sprig of sadness in the here and now, I find myself happy with how life is looking. I feel optimistic and unburdened, ready to face the world with hope.

When I was twenty-four, the end of a relationship was nearly the end of the world. At thirty-three, I find that the end of a relationship always is followed by a 'life goes on'. New people come into your life, old people go. Life is such a fluid thing, really.. and so is your experiences. Hold your head high and look forward; perhaps one day there shall be a time when you can look back and only remember the good, but until then.. stay strong and just quite simply live.

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