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~The celery stalks at midnight~

Everyone like my new icon? Of course I updated my profile sans all the song lyrics. They always said a change would do you good. That and I like my profile for blurty, it has life, it has vigor.

What is up with me?

Man luvins that is what.

Obsessions. Citan Uzuki and Laguna Loire. *mrrhs* Musicwise, not too many obsessions save for "Evolution" by Ayumi Hamasaki. Been RPing more, just limiting it to portrayals of video game characters.

My friend Michelle.. man she is spoiling me for everyone else. Her Kahr and my Krelian are right at this minute getting it on via AIM. Man, I be a pervert.

Oh yawn! I be so tired.. *mrrhs*

Sleepies. *clonks out on the keyboard*

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