Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I have nothing against republicans and conservatives as a whole, really I don't.

I just get fed up by the fact that they just think that everything should be about them.    Most of the times liberals are 'celebrate diversity' while the entire right movement is 'let's celebrate people like ourselves!' (which sometimes is equivalent to rich, white people, right-wing christian politics.).   I see all of this hatred posted on facebook sites.. community sites devoted to 'christians for Romney' in which they proceed to spread hate and bigotry all across the board.  Seriously, do you really think that Jesus would spout a whole lot of the shit that they proceed to spout?  Do you think Jesus would even -care- about who you voted for?

Personally, I think that if Jesus were around today in the flesh.. he'd care more about how you treated everyone then how you voted. 

There was this one facebook post where it said that Republicans were supposed to vote on tuesday, while Democrats were supposed to vote on wednesday.   Someone asked the poster if they were aware that there were laws against misleading people's votes, and the response was 'lol u stupid liberal'.   WTF, man?

Straight, gay.. conservative, liberal, christian, pagan.. I think that ultimately what it comes down to is that you treat everyone with respect regardless of whether they are like you or not.
Tags: you fail as a human being good sir

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