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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Sharon Needles☆And I don't care if

I work in a place that sells -these-.   The only way I can possibly describe this is Runway/Stripper Pole Mario Cart.. for naturally bitchy girls who want to completely take out the competition.

How do you even WALK in these anyways?

..Well aside from 'very carefully'.

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...how would you even get those on your feet? let alone figure out how to walk in them.

I have touched these shoes.. they are VERY sharp. >.< so maybe using furry gloves would be adviseable.

or like those gloves people use to garden with maybe?

Yeah, and wowzah they're sharp too.. I mean seriously they are heavy and they leave indents in your hand when you hold them.

Good Gravy those shoes! I would fall out of them before I could even get them on 0_0

It hurts just looking at those shoes. 0_0

Wow. Those look so cool, but I have no idea how one would walk in them! O_O;

Yeah, see the balance is all off because the support is in the front not the back (though let's be honest.. a slender heel is not really all that much support.). I have never tried walking in it but I can imagine it takes MUCH skill.

I guess it makes me a bad person, but I immediately imagined the wearer of these falling and getting a horrible injury from those shoes - because they look like an accident waiting to happen.

Well considering that they are shoes designed for a 14 year old socialite/skank in training... it doesn't matter because all they want is to look fabulous.

Lol, I feel old now, I don't find these things fabulous at all XD

DAMN those shoes o_O I keep seeing that style without studs in cheaparse fashion shops here (the type that pop up in empty units, then close down just as suddenly) but have yet to see anybody wearing them in real life!

They look like they're not really designed with much walking in mind!

Yeah, I have yet to see anyone wear them in real life either but evidentally it's all the rage.. I work for nastygal.com and so of course I see alot of these shoes. There are much wierder shoes at that website btw, not just those.

Ooh there's some cute things on there too! Haha one pair is the same as on a current edition of a fashion magazine here (the boots with the metal spiked plate on the heel)

Do you sell a lot of those crazyass shoes?

You know, we sell a fair amount of them from what I've seen but I've only been in that warehouse for a week so I don't know fully, I'll be able to better tell you at a later date!

I have a friend whose got a pair of shoes that looks like that. She says you just walk like you're wearing a pair of high heels.

How interesting.. see I don't know, I just think about how weight distribution is while wearing the shoe.. but awesome, it is possible to walk in those shoes!!

OMG do you watch Ru Paul's Drag Race? *.*

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