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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Sharon Needles☆And I don't care if

I work in a place that sells -these-.   The only way I can possibly describe this is Runway/Stripper Pole Mario Cart.. for naturally bitchy girls who want to completely take out the competition.

How do you even WALK in these anyways?

..Well aside from 'very carefully'.

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...how would you even get those on your feet? let alone figure out how to walk in them.

I have touched these shoes.. they are VERY sharp. >.< so maybe using furry gloves would be adviseable.

or like those gloves people use to garden with maybe?

Yeah, and wowzah they're sharp too.. I mean seriously they are heavy and they leave indents in your hand when you hold them.

Good Gravy those shoes! I would fall out of them before I could even get them on 0_0

It hurts just looking at those shoes. 0_0

Wow. Those look so cool, but I have no idea how one would walk in them! O_O;

Yeah, see the balance is all off because the support is in the front not the back (though let's be honest.. a slender heel is not really all that much support.). I have never tried walking in it but I can imagine it takes MUCH skill.

I guess it makes me a bad person, but I immediately imagined the wearer of these falling and getting a horrible injury from those shoes - because they look like an accident waiting to happen.

Well considering that they are shoes designed for a 14 year old socialite/skank in training... it doesn't matter because all they want is to look fabulous.

Lol, I feel old now, I don't find these things fabulous at all XD

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I have yet to see anyone wear them in real life either but evidentally it's all the rage.. I work for nastygal.com and so of course I see alot of these shoes. There are much wierder shoes at that website btw, not just those.

(Deleted comment)
You know, we sell a fair amount of them from what I've seen but I've only been in that warehouse for a week so I don't know fully, I'll be able to better tell you at a later date!

I have a friend whose got a pair of shoes that looks like that. She says you just walk like you're wearing a pair of high heels.

How interesting.. see I don't know, I just think about how weight distribution is while wearing the shoe.. but awesome, it is possible to walk in those shoes!!

OMG do you watch Ru Paul's Drag Race? *.*

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