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Holy shit!  I'm alive!

No, really.. I am.   I know that there are times when I drop off the face of the earth but sometimes I just emmerge again.  I guess it's because I'm once again excited.  Zappos KY was bought out by Amazon and so in order to avoid the blitzkreig that will eventually happen, I made the transition to NastyGal.com; a place that sells stripper shoes and vintage clothing.    I am going to miss all of the friends that I made there (which you guys know nothing about because I haven't really been around to post about my life).  

I feel like I've maybe finally outgrown LJ, I don't want to say that.. I really don't but I find that my time has been getting considerably shorter and shorter.. and the time that I do have I really just want to spend chillaxing or reading.  It's sad because iI used to be so creative with making icons or the whatnot and perhaps I should still make a few icons for memories sake.. just to keep things around or to make it so that I don't feel as if I've totally lost it.  Well okay so I haven't lost the creative spark, just I have little time for it.

So anyways.. thank you all for not deleting me.  I went back and read posts and I saw so many people that I recognized and it was comforting to see them on my flist;  <lj user="myaru">, <lj user="measuringlife">, <lj-user="amelia_seyroon"> and everyone else. (if I left you out, it's because I didn't know how to spell some of your guy's names. ahahahaha, but believe me, you guys are remembered.)

Ohohohoho, I found out that they liscensed Rose of Versailles.  It's about fucking time!  And also, we get a Final Fantasy XIII-3?  seriously, hasn't Lightning suffered enough?   It sort of makes me sad though.  And I'm playing Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.. and I have my WAIFU all picked out!  (It's going to be Violet, she's so adorable.. and Father Gerard.  OMG, I am so terrified of him, he's like SCARY gay).

I am going to finish cleaning the apartment now and then make some delicious pumpkin treats!

Thank you all for sticking with me!
Tags: a real life i has it, a tab goes in b tab, but i dun wanna pilot the gear, gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!, surprise *your head's gone*, things that don't suck.. yet, zombies ate my henshin wand
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