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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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Tales of Graces F: Impressions
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I haven't even cleared the childhood arc yet. This is also not spoilers since most of it is like at the weeeeee beginning, so I'm not cut-texting it (and it has to do with the character's initial personalities and no way how they develop)

Asbel - Wow, what an interesting character. I'm used to Tales main characters being assholes, but well they finally started out with As with this one, but really he just suffers from what I percieve as the Aries Foot in Mouth Syndrome. He will say the first thing on his mind, no matter if you like it or not. Must make it difficult for his future girlfriend and/or boyfriend.

Hubert - D'awww.. this is shuufish's favorite character so far. I can't wait to see him become a tsundere badass.

Sophie - (They are not so much twintails.. as tentacles.. I keep expecting her to pick up both Asbel and Hubert, one in each tail and wave them around like Ultros from FF3) But I think she's a fun character. Not so much a girl as Asbel's inherited family pet. The thing is that at 11, Asbel wouldn't know -what- to do with a girl except for slap a collar on her and make her do party tricks (aka Backward flip flop GO!) which reminds me, is it really a good idea to let Asbel be in charge of an amnesiacs developing social well being? There you go.

Cheria - This is the character that I could forsee having problems with. Definitely I couldn't claim her as a muse for RPing.. but I think she has alot of potential. No, I do not think that she is a weak female (look at how she yells at Asbel, that's something special right there.. and I approve) but I think that at this moment, her little girl approach is a bit wearing. I hope this doesn't turn into a 'Cheria yipping over Asbel's attention twenty-four seven' type game. If it doesn't, then I will be happy. Tales games are usually so much more then that.

Still shuufish says that the whole title sequence where Asbel reaches for Richard's hand as the singer croons "Two hearts become one" is uber gay. I'm inclined to agree with her. (Yaoi goggles.. I was born with them sometimes)

I can't wait for Malik's purple mankini and Pascal. But this Tales game is a fun diversion. Must have Sophie icon though. Must make it myself. Maybe I'll find a good song to set it too... but I don't know, that song will have to be spot-fucking-on.

Wow, I haven't written my impressions out on anything for a long time. Hope you enjoyed it!

Also.. completely unreleated.

Rupaul's Drag Race - I AM SO GLAD THAT SHARON NEEDLES WAS NOT ELIMINATED. Sorry to see William go. (Damn it Phi Phi.. *shakes fist*) I started to love William just when he said that he was really going to whore it up with Latrice. LOL!

Now to use some of my special tags!

Also anyone who has the "Tales of Graces F" theme song. Please to be SENDING IT TO ME NOW!"

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I've always found Willam to be bitchily hilarious, and I am sad that he's gone. :( I really wanted Phi Phi to go, because for all her talk, she doesn't bring it as well as she thinks she does, and I was seriously underwhelmed by her LSFYL (she took off her shoes, and her wig, and it annoys me how many people have done that so far; does anyone seriously perform that way?). BUT I TOO AM GLAD THAT SHARON STAYS (though I figured she would since there's still a picture of her from one of the previews in an outfit we haven't seen yet).

Yeah, well I think that what annoys me is the Phi Phi eye role.. not to mention while Phi Phi looks pretty.. I just see her as vapid.. there's no substance to her.. and I need substance. Sharon has proven how intelligent she is.

I don't know how they get away with the whole stripping down thing too.. I'd be annoyed but I guess it's the desperation thing. But Sharon's LSFYL was classy, I mean damn.. she really did bring it.

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