Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So after four years of working at Walmart, I finally got a job somewhere else. It's been getting stressful and despite everything and my co-workers who are massively supportive and awesome (save for that sprig of drama that surfaced.. which I really just don't want to go into). The backroom is never done, everything piles up.. day shift does jackshit and expects myself and Jeff (that is when he shows up to work) to do everything.

I applied a few weeks ago to ZapposFC in Shepardsville KY, and I actually got the job. Free Medical Insurance, Free Dental, Free Food, 40 percent discount at online store and a slew of other benefits that I'd be crazy to pass up. Yes, I'm starting off with lower pay -but- I think that long term it will be worth it as Zappos actually -hires- people to work and isn't afraid to do so.

So I put in my two week notice and come April 1st, I will no longer be a Walmart associate. Somehow, I've just been nothing but relieved. I will miss certain people, but I won't miss the job and the way that Management thinks, no ASSUMES, that we can do it all.
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