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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So after four years of working at Walmart, I finally got a job somewhere else. It's been getting stressful and despite everything and my co-workers who are massively supportive and awesome (save for that sprig of drama that surfaced.. which I really just don't want to go into). The backroom is never done, everything piles up.. day shift does jackshit and expects myself and Jeff (that is when he shows up to work) to do everything.

I applied a few weeks ago to ZapposFC in Shepardsville KY, and I actually got the job. Free Medical Insurance, Free Dental, Free Food, 40 percent discount at online store and a slew of other benefits that I'd be crazy to pass up. Yes, I'm starting off with lower pay -but- I think that long term it will be worth it as Zappos actually -hires- people to work and isn't afraid to do so.

So I put in my two week notice and come April 1st, I will no longer be a Walmart associate. Somehow, I've just been nothing but relieved. I will miss certain people, but I won't miss the job and the way that Management thinks, no ASSUMES, that we can do it all.

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This sounds fantastic! Hope everything works out!

Thank you! Me too.. I'm rather excited. I've heard nothing but good about that place and it ranks up there in the top best places to work. So here's crossing my fingers! <3

That's amazing! Congratulations on the new job! ♥

Sounds like you've found yourself a pretty sweet deal. Congrats on the new job, and I hope things work out for you! :]

Congratulations! It's great to hear that you have found a more rewarding job where you will be appreciated more :)

That's great :D

It sounds like a great step forward :)

Yeah and evidentally it's a fun place to work which is a major plus!

Congrats! Hope it works out for the best! :)

I'm glad to hear it! Hopefully you'll be much happier at the new job. As someone that has also worked at Walmart, from Dept. Manager to ICS, I understand the 'you must work miracles or you are a failure' mentality. It's not a healthy place to work at all.

Oh goodness, you worked ICS.. I am so sorry. I understand completely how much that must suck (since that is exactly what I worked). Backroom is just horrible and I only really feared the fact that I had to tell management because they seem to think that I -can- do miracles.. but I can't.. not at the expense of my mental health... that's for sure.

Thank you! I'm mass ammounts of excited!

Aw, great to hear! Congratulations, and I hope the first week goes well for you <3

(Deleted comment)
Congratulations! ::hugs:: All the best on your new position!

Well, at least we know Wal-Mart is consistent in their asshattery from one store to another. This is pretty much how I felt after three years of their BS. But it was the kick in the pants I needed to go back to school, so I'm at least grateful in retrospect.

Hope your new job is much better than the old one!

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