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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Adventures in FFXIII-2 Land :
Lightning☆All the things you took
For the giant piece of shit that was FFX-2 (seriously, gameplay wise it was phenomenal, but as for the story.. I have very bad memories of that game.. and certain people that have embittered me to FFX-2, Nooj and all that jazz *insert lengthly barf here*), FFXIII-2 is rather enjoyable.

Granted there's one problem. That is Noel. Noel and his 'can't get a girl' attitude. Dear Noel, I'm very sorry that your girlfriend ran off with Caius (but I can't blame her.. I mean LOOK AT HIM) but that does not mean that you have to try to tear up Snow and Serah. Seriously? Stop ragging on Snow because you are jealous, Snow is brash and stubborn, but he has a good heart. I wish the game provided a girlfriend but I suppose that in the game Noel and Yeul is valid (just I can already tell now that that won't be my cup of tea *Yeul/Caius FTW*)

I caved and bought the three dollar Time Guardian outfit.. so that Noel could wear real pants (no, Noel.. it's not 'hammer time' kthxbai)

Sorry, with the exception of Fang/Vanille.. I just can't gay this game up. Everyone in this particular FF game is so exceedingly straight it hurts at time. But FF games are like that, there always is ONE HOMOSEXUAL SIPHON in which all the gay is suddenly siphoned into this single character. You know who gayed it up last game.. yeah Fang and Vanille, 12.. it was totally Balthier *sorry to all you that think Balthier is straight, I know I don't*, and nine.. well there was no one more homosexual then Kuja.


Okaybees. I'm done now, going to take my nap before I grind out more on the Archilyte plains.

See ya guys laters!

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I don't think Noel and Yeul are supposed to be a pair. I read it as a group of friends being torn apart and he wanted to save the friend that he was closest to/save her from crazyballs Caius. (And he's 20 and she's 15. I would not. I'm sure some people don't care, but I just wouldn't ship that.)

I totally agree that he was being way too harsh on Snow. I don't think it was because he wants to separate them, though. idk what part you're at now, but he explains that he wanted to hate Snow because he left Serah on her own. It hit home for Noel because he wanted to protect Yeul and couldn't.

Yeah there are quite a few people that don't care. I know that personally I don't mind the age difference between Caius and Yeul but that's okay. I just loved the 'oh shit' expression on Caius's face when Yeul fell over dead for the first time. And well I've probably based pairings on less. (I don't need a reason for pairings, not really. I honestly don't explain pairings as a general rule, because when you try to defend them.. I just see it as trying to make it appear more acceptable to someone when in fact you should just be proud that you like what you like.

Granted I do like Noel.. alot. He's better then some Final Fantasy chracters and for me somewhere between Cecil and Zack (who are pretty damn high) and Squall and Tidus (who are pretty darn low) so he has decent representation.

Didn't finish either X or VIII because I didn't like the main characters. -_-

I'm not sure which ending hopelesslynuts is talking about, but I like Noel with Hope. P: The regular ending leaves a lot of potential for them, imo.

Aw, really? X doesn't have my favorite cast, but it's the most fun Final Fantasy to me. I liked the battle system in it a lot. (I didn't like the battle system in VIII, on the other hand. I think that's a big part of what makes or breaks a Final Fantasy for me.)

>.> And you used to love those guys too...

... If Noel is MC Hammer-ing it up, then clearly it's not a case of he can't get a girl. They just "Can't touch this!" ... literally! ... Though saying there is no gay, Mayoki says there are lots of endings to the game and ending 6 screams Noel/Hope. ^^ Your gay might be there if you wanna find some more~?

Yeah, I did love those guys too.. but you know what.. there are certain really bad expiriences that as time goes on, you just can't bear to really look at them. I wish I could look upon FFX-2 with fond memories, but I just can't. :sighs: because I'm instantly reminded.

*HUG* I know, hun. I'm really sorry... I wish it weren't so but, I do understand. Believe me I understand... >.>;

But you have new and better things to fangirl over now so.... that counts for something!

Absolutely. For that one series that was pretty much ruined for me.. I have ten million series it seems that I can share with my girlfriend. (which reminds me, me and Mish have been together for seven years.. can you believe that?)

^^ I can very much believe that! You found the right girl for you, hun, and I'm glad for you. You really deserve someone good for what you had to go through... So here's hoping for 7 more years... and then 7 more and so on forever! XP

Yeah, I know.. She's pretty awesome if I do say so myself.. hehehehe.

I'm glad you're having a fun time with the game! ♥ I haven't played it myself yet, so I can't really say much more than that at the moment...but I hope you continue to have fun with it! ♥ :)

I'm glad you're having fun with the game, and I do hope you continue to have fun with it *^^*

I hope you continue to have fun with the game! :) I'm envious that you get to play it! XD

My first Final Fantasy femmeslash pair happens to be Tifa/Aeris from Final Fantasy VII. As "non-canon" or "improbable" as it was, I believed they would have been good friends had Aeris lived....

Oh I agree, I like Tifa/Aerith too.

You're spot on with Noel! So getting that costume. Anything rather than those pants... *shudder*


Yeah, those pants.. I was just like "Sometimes it's nice to feel fabric against your thighs, just sayin'."

The only FF game I ever got to play was FF7—and that was only the first disk. ::sighs:: Maybe one of these days the FF folks will remake FF7 for the PC and us Old Bats can play it once again. ::chuckles::

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