Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Well I finally got my PS3 and I'm enjoying it muchly. I have FFXIII-2 to play around with and let me tell you, Square Enix has finally made it lucrative for me to gain levels. I mean seriously.. I get to level up monsters -and- my characters and it takes no time to gather Crystarium points, hells to the yeah. I'm pleasantly surprised by the game. Granted there's a part of me that goes SQUENIX DO NOT MESS UP MY PAIRING (about Snow and Serah) because I couldn't stand it if they did. So when Noel was asking if Snow was a boyfriend, I'm like "Stay away.. stay away.." because seriously no.. just no.

And there needs more Fang and Vanille. -_- Because it's Fang and Vanille and they're my favorite pair of lesbians ever!

So if anyone wants to add me to their PSN friend's list. I'm Jyuufish
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