Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Well this weekend was pretty fun but I think that in general I'm having a good week. Todd's digging himself his own hole over and over again but that's not my problem.. and last night both Shu and I went out with another pair of lesbians and we went to a gay bar in Louisville called "The Connection". The drag show there was amazing and I enjoyed it, of course I was a dork and kept looking to see if they were tucked. But I definitely want to go again... definitely.

The latest episode of Once Upon a Time has been watched and once again it caused the tears. That was really sad and of course the cliff hanger at the end really made me watch on baited breath. Well damn, I can't wait til the next episode.. it's like an addiction. (and y'all know how I love my addictions). Speaking of addictions, I am getting my PS3 soon! Tales of Graces F shall be MINES! ♥
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