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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Well this weekend was pretty fun but I think that in general I'm having a good week. Todd's digging himself his own hole over and over again but that's not my problem.. and last night both Shu and I went out with another pair of lesbians and we went to a gay bar in Louisville called "The Connection". The drag show there was amazing and I enjoyed it, of course I was a dork and kept looking to see if they were tucked. But I definitely want to go again... definitely.

The latest episode of Once Upon a Time has been watched and once again it caused the tears. That was really sad and of course the cliff hanger at the end really made me watch on baited breath. Well damn, I can't wait til the next episode.. it's like an addiction. (and y'all know how I love my addictions). Speaking of addictions, I am getting my PS3 soon! Tales of Graces F shall be MINES! ♥

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I'm glad you had fun at the bar! XD

~Haha, I feel the same way about Once Upon a Time...I was so hooked on yesterday's episode that the cliffhanger has just kept me waiting, hehe. :)

Yay for having fun! ::hugs::

Boo for cliffies! ::muttergrumbles:: One always has to wait for the next installment to see ho things turn out. At least in a book all you have to do is turn a page. ::giggles::

Yay for a$$holes digging their own burial mounds! ::chuckles::

So what's Tales of Graces F about? I'm usually too lazy to look up Tales news since they don't always make it stateside, but it'd be nice to have a JRPG in my current PS3 collection. I've only played Symphonia and Vesperia to boot, although I finally got a copy of the PS2 Abyss about a month ago.

That bar sounds fun, and I'm glad it was a good time!

Oh hey, the PS3 is technically region-free! Even better, I can just buy most of the new Tales stuff if they all sound awesome /googled

Well it follows the same plot as other Tales game. There's a lead, there's the main heroine who helps the male on his quest, there's the quirky sidekicks, the conversations that you can trigger, the traitorous party member and villians who are pretty damn awesome. I can't wait honestly, it'll be fun to play.

Ah, so then it'll probably be better just to pick and choose after all. I'll just wait for Xenoblade before anything else, then. I'm so glad they're finally releasing it, even if it's only related to Xenogears and Xenosaga in name! I thought I was never going to see another Monolith Soft game.

I'm glad you had fun~!!!

I feel the same way about Once Upon A Time - ;_;

There are alot of people who say that Once Upon a Time isn't a good series.. but seriously, any show that can make me cry every episode isn't so bad at all!

I would love to go to a gay bar... >.>;

Oh my gosh, that's so weird that you went to The Connection here in town, I forgot you were close to here, lol. (Although all these years I could have SWORN it was called Connections.) I've never been, but my friend loves the place.

Yeah, I'm an hour away. And oh it's so much fun! I enjoyed myself and the drag show was a blast! See I thought it was called connections untill I saw the sign right behind the bar that had the full name in black lettering.

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