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The first Arthur icon was an epic failure, however I'm quite happy with how this turned out and I won't be changing it any time soon. Anyone who hasn't watched "Merlin" yet, you SHOULD. or else. Really, Arthur is amazing but then the entire cast is and I've gotten Shu hooked on it which is always a plus because fandoms are more fun when shared with someone, y'know?

Once Upon a Time is also amazing and I really don't know what's going happen anymore. The backstory that we've been getting on Rumplestiltzkin makes me like him a little bit more.. so I don't know.. it's one of those series that anything could happen so I shall be waiting with baited breath for more on that score.

A month until Tales of Graces F comes out for the PS3. By that time maybe I will have a PS3 (please let taxes come in soon *crosses fingers*)
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