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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The first Arthur icon was an epic failure, however I'm quite happy with how this turned out and I won't be changing it any time soon. Anyone who hasn't watched "Merlin" yet, you SHOULD. or else. Really, Arthur is amazing but then the entire cast is and I've gotten Shu hooked on it which is always a plus because fandoms are more fun when shared with someone, y'know?

Once Upon a Time is also amazing and I really don't know what's going happen anymore. The backstory that we've been getting on Rumplestiltzkin makes me like him a little bit more.. so I don't know.. it's one of those series that anything could happen so I shall be waiting with baited breath for more on that score.

A month until Tales of Graces F comes out for the PS3. By that time maybe I will have a PS3 (please let taxes come in soon *crosses fingers*)

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I liked your first Arthur icon, and I will most definitely keep watching Merlin <333

Well that first Arthur icon was good.. but it didn't come out how I saw it in my mind which is always frustrating -_-

Once Upon A Time is fun for the little references, and thankfully this episode was TONS better than it had been, but man, do you have to be patient with the writing. This episode kept me from cutting ties entirely, but I certainly don't care about Snow White and Charming anymore, and Emma is boring. I can see why Lost fans complained if they always had this super uneven stuff to deal with.

But I think the worst part is that Rumplestilzkin is the only interesting villain. The queen does evil stuff... sometimes... but the rest of the time she's just primping in front of the camera. I wish Maleficent had been more than a cameo, because we need someone like that around.

Well you know, I think sometimes it can be good.. but you have to keep on it. I agree about Snow and Charming.. I wish that there had been more with them.. you know their initial meeting was quite sweet I think.. but I don't know, the forbidden love angle isn't really too intriquing.

But Rumplestiltzken/Mr.Gold.. that was such a good episode, this last one. I also loved the little nod to Disney scattered with the chipped tea cup and such.

I think my favorite nod was the sorcerer's hat in the corner, even if that implies bad things for Yensid and his apprentice. Meep.

I also liked the twist about Belle's Storybooke half. But that's why I said the writing was uneven, because parts of it can be good. It's actually almost worse because you can see all the potential and how it's not being lived up to. I really liked Snow and Charming's initial arcs, and when his Storybooke side came in I was looking forward to it--and then it fizzled out. And that's basically how it's been feeling for me the entire time. It seems a whole lot better than Grimm to me (most obvious example being that OUAT doesn't use fail German and get away with it), but I'm still rewriting whole scenes in my head as I'm watching. The only other things I've done that with are the later Harry Potter movies and terrible comedies. ...and sometimes the ASOIAF series, because Martin's prose can be uninspiring.

Of course, this sort of hard-nosed look is because I'm overly trained in too much, especially writing. Which reminds me, I'm glad the cinematography and editing has gotten better overall, though, because WHEW those first two episodes were pretty bad at it.

Edited at 2012-02-15 05:02 pm (UTC)

I so wanna watch Merlin for it's wonderful ladies cast. o.o

Especially Gwen/Morgana.

Oh see I'm holding out for Morgana/Morgause.. that's what started it.. a fanmix that illuminated that lovely pair. But I'm firmly in it for the Merthur now.

Yay, Merlin love is always awesome! What season are you on, or are you all caught up? :D

Well I had just cleared the Labrinth of Gedref which was just about the most awesome episode ever. >.> I'm really enjoying the series.

Ooh, that episode! I loved that one.

And the series is really good, and just getting better methinks. If you ever want someone to gush about it, just let me know (always looking for Merlin fans, lol)!

Oh yeah, me too! so you know what, it's gonna be fun.. and I'll definitely want someone to gush with! (I do have my girlfriend but there's a difference between real life gushing and INTERNETZ gushing *which is why such thing as tumblr exists.. for gushment!*)

Haha, I know what you mean; I personally have my mom to gush with irl, but internet gushing is so much different. Though I think posts on tumblr have consumed my soul (or at least most of my time, haha) because the fandom is such a fun and wonderful one.

Was really worried when I heard that the BBC were making another Merlin type series. There have been so many and most haven't been that good but I'm so glad I watched Merlin as its fantastic. <3
Can't wait for season 5! *O*

Well I will yay when I get there *is still on season one*

Your Arthur icon is amazing! ♥

Ah, I rather like Once Upon A Time still as well...sometimes I'm not a fan of some of the writing choices, but the things I've loved I've been loving in it (and currently that seems to be more of what I've been seeing in the episodes than not). I loved this episode for the backstory on Rumplestiltzken/Mr.Gold (I think he's probably one of the best characters in the show--his actor has been nothings short of astounding in every scene he's in! ♥)--and it will be curious to see how things do play out now since it DOES seem like it is a show where just about anything can possibly happen. :D

{Now if they'd only do a proper Red Riding Hood/Ruby episode I'd be totally hooked...she's awesome even in the smaller role she's been in so far! XD}

Agreed with Mr. Gold. He is amazing in everything he does and I think that is awesome.. so yeah, I like Snow White but I think that she seems to have lost her kickass which makes me sad. -_- will have to fangirl Mr.Gold/Rumplestiltzkin instead!

Ohh, PS3. I still need to finish saving up for one of those before mid-March myself. :( Too much new stuff coming out at once!

Gonna still preorder Tales of Graces F though, because I will be getting a PS3.. I just wants the game -_-

::sighs:: No TV. And if I did have one, it would turn into an internet or TV cable thing. ::chuckles:: At least on the 'net I can research things for fanfics that never get out of the outline state. ::laughs::

glad to hear you're enjoying viewing and making icons. ::nodnods::

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