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Well first of all I would like to say 'Early Happy Valentines Day" to whoever celebrates it. Myself and Shu won't be celebrating it until, oh.. whenever she gets the plans together. But well I know there are two camps; one camp says "yay hearts flowers and love' while the other says. "Commercialization.. screw you'. So I'll leave it up to you how you acknowledge it.

Secondly, we got our little girl tested for more allergies. Oh gods, the list expands and I'm wondering exactly what we're going to be feeding our litting girl. It's daunting. Dairy, nuts, egg, soy -and- wheat (let's not mention the stuff from the OTHER lower level food showcases) Obviously something has to give.. we're going to have to figure out what we can live with and what we can live without. The major ones are eggs and nuts.. those are non-negotiables and will kill her.

I got the first volume of Clamp's Gate 7 and I'm so happy, I've been following the manga online.. but I'm not an utter loser. I will buy anything of Clamp's that come out and Gate 7 is truly a marvelous thing to behold. I'm enjoying it and yes I do have favorite characters.

Merlin is epic and I've been glued to that series. For me it's Ru-Paul's Drag Race (I need my weekly dose of bitchy drag queens) and Merlin. Not to mention playing Star Wars The Old Republic with Shu. So I've been keeping myself semi occupied (not to mention, new Jo Beverly book.. that's a yearly occurance so I make it last)

I've had it up to HERE with Todd. That's no surprise though, but he has just really started to rankle me on so many levels, though luckily Shu's mom feels the same way about him as I do. But seriously, I have not seen someone so blatently oblivious to everyone's happiness then him. Granted I do have my selfish moments, but never once does my selfish moments ever get the kids dragged into it. Bubby had Pneumonia this weekend (funny that I can spell pneumonia and not occurance) and he had a date down, he only called to check on Bubby like once and that was a text message. We'll all be better when he loses that final hold of control over all of us.

Wow! Holy Update, Batman!
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