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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: finally found a copy of PSP9 :
Hana☆Boys in the girls room
There, I made an icon and I'm pretty happy with it (considering I'm so hard on myself about icons -_-;) The next icon up that I want to make is one of Arthur from the BBC TV Show "Merlin". Really a brill show and I'm loving the characterization of Arthur. (usually I find that archetype too boring.. but I'm a sucker for grumpy though well meaning snark.)

Maybe one day I'll be able to watch an anime series that I enjoy, but I just don't have time for much.. it's easier to watch Merlin when Shu's at her clinicals, but I have to stay at home and watch the kids and such soooo.

And the time that I do get online, it's pretty much to play SWTOR with Shu or indulge in RP.

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And I'm sure anime series miss you, too. <3

I love your icon <333

I'm sure anime misses you too :)

Oh thank you! <3 I've been reading Clamp's "Gate 7" which is really pretty good. A series that I strongly recommend even though the sengoku basara references are still sort of confusing me.

I'm a sucker for grumpy but well meaning snarks too :)

That icon looks amazing~! XD

the icon loooks good :) good job!!

i'd love to recommend you anime, but it sucks that you're too busy to watch it!

Well recommend away.. even though I don't have time now.. I still sort of would like to hear what is good and what isn't. Just so that I know. <3

hahah ok here's a range of ones i love recently!

-Mawaru penguindrum: by the same director as Utena. METAPHORS EVERYWHERE. a quasi romance story? really good plot, gorgeous art and metaphors. you will never guess what happens next in the story.

-puella magi madoka magica: a magical animal asks a cute schoolgirl to become a magical girl!! but everything is soo fucked up. dark take on the magical girl trope.

-steins;gate: time travel, cute girls, and fucking with your head

-ano hana: a group of old friends cry a lot

see if you like any of those :P

I have seen Aoi Hana and I've also seen Madoka Magica.. the other two, sounds really good so I'll have to give them a try. :)

awesome! got any recommendations for me? =3

I use Paint from getpaint.NET. ::chuckles:: It's at a price I can afford: free. ::giggles:: I suppose one of these days I should try GIMP. It, too, is free and is rumored to have lots of fantastical brushes available as well.

Always on the lookout for manga to read that has plenty of "what ifs" in it. So many are complete unto themselves. I guess that's why I enjoyed Ranma 1/2 and Evangelion so much. So many ways to upset apple carts without straying from the basic premise of the story lines TOO much. ::cackles:: Right now I'm "on the market" for something to read that I can write a fanfic about while inserting a 5-tail kitsune as an original character. ::laughs::

You take care, sweetie. Looking forward to seeing more of your kick-ass icons. ::nods::

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