Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: finally found a copy of PSP9 :

There, I made an icon and I'm pretty happy with it (considering I'm so hard on myself about icons -_-;) The next icon up that I want to make is one of Arthur from the BBC TV Show "Merlin". Really a brill show and I'm loving the characterization of Arthur. (usually I find that archetype too boring.. but I'm a sucker for grumpy though well meaning snark.)

Maybe one day I'll be able to watch an anime series that I enjoy, but I just don't have time for much.. it's easier to watch Merlin when Shu's at her clinicals, but I have to stay at home and watch the kids and such soooo.

And the time that I do get online, it's pretty much to play SWTOR with Shu or indulge in RP.
Tags: a real life i has it
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