Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So evidentally my icon of Renly Baratheon from "Game of Thrones" came out like crap, however my Snow White icon came out just fine. Well... *harumpfs* anyways to get my mind off the constant press of real life, I watched two episodes of Once Upon a Time. And let me tell you, the Jimmny Cricket episode made me cry something fierce. And I really like the Snow White/Prince Charming dynamic. I also like the hidden stories laying therein that you just didn't know (like the Prince Charming's entire storyline somewhat revealed was definitely a good thing... it made me appreciate his strength because it wasn't about beating the odds, it's something far deeper then that.) and Snow White... well I still love her so much and I think she's wonderful.

So yes, icon. I'm pretty happy with it. >.>

So how's everyone today?
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