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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So evidentally my icon of Renly Baratheon from "Game of Thrones" came out like crap, however my Snow White icon came out just fine. Well... *harumpfs* anyways to get my mind off the constant press of real life, I watched two episodes of Once Upon a Time. And let me tell you, the Jimmny Cricket episode made me cry something fierce. And I really like the Snow White/Prince Charming dynamic. I also like the hidden stories laying therein that you just didn't know (like the Prince Charming's entire storyline somewhat revealed was definitely a good thing... it made me appreciate his strength because it wasn't about beating the odds, it's something far deeper then that.) and Snow White... well I still love her so much and I think she's wonderful.

So yes, icon. I'm pretty happy with it. >.>

So how's everyone today?

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Yay for the revival of fairy tales. =3

Jimmny Cricket pissed me off pretty fierce... pretending like he has some morals when he was going to off his parents for his own convenince.... jeezum christ that's cold.

but I do love what they've done with Snow White.. cause she was never one of my favorites before but this show has made me appreciate her more.

See there was a catalyst to it. Alot of people have to learn from the school of hard knocks.. and alot of people are pretty desperate and he'd approached that desperation. Being trapped in something like that is very very abusive and it tends to skew your way of thinking. I'm not saying that it's right, just that the saying 'desperate times call for desperate measures' is usually what a person is thinking. And it took a pretty epic mistake for him get back on the right track.. but he was willing to make that sacrifice to do what was right. So that is what I read into the entire episode.

Lovely icon! ♥ I think the Jimmny Cricket episode ended up making him one of my favorite characters! I really liked him by the end, and the whole reveal about Gepetto (sp? O_O;) was really well-done. I also really like this take on Prince Charming too. XD

Snow's hair in your icon is perfection!

Yeah, it's one of those flukes where I finally find the icon texture that fits.. and well that was brilliant and worked perfectly.. and mmmmmMark! <3

Thank you.. it's just been really bitter around here. I wish I could get back into the groove but it's hard. -_- but I do have to admit you are one of my favorite people round here.

Don't force yourself. ♥ I know how things can get and I know how difficult it can be to keep up with/be comfortable hanging around a site like this when you feel like you have nothing positive to offer.

You're one of my favorites as well and that's why I'll probably always poke or prod if you've been inactive for a while, just to make sure you're hanging in there.

Speaking honestly, it's people like you who make me want to come back even for a little bit. So what's been up with you? What new fandoms have seized you. For me, it's Star Wars The Old Republic (Shu is a jedi. -_-) and then I've been watching TV such as Once Upon a Time" and "Merlin". Anime and manga have fallen flat for me.. until I find the series 'I can't live without'(tm)

There hasn't been much for me by way of new fandoms. I got a PS3 for Christmas, so I'm FINALLY playing FFXIII (shock of all shocks is that so far -as of the start of chapter 11- it's Light and not Fang that I've got the girlcrush on). I'm also watching Once Upon a Time and Grimm has sucked me in completely. Other than that, I've been watching a few anime series here and there, but nothing particularly noteworthy. I've had a hard time getting into things these days too.

Ahahahaha,, so what do you think about Once Upon a Time? I know that I got sucked in it because I'm a big fairy tale whore (I've been meaning to watch Grimm though). I have pretty much all of Andrew Lang's Fairy books and a big book of Grimms, Hans Christian Andersen. I really loved fairy tales as a child.

Lightning is pretty awesome. Fang though, man.. wow, I just have no words to describe. But yes, congrats on the PS3.. I'm going to get mine soon.

I like it enough that I DVR it every week, but I will admit that it's pretty cheesy. I haven't been able to decide yet if I think that's because of the acting or the writing. Of course, I'm still annoyed that they already killed off one of the two characters I actually liked, so that could be clouding my judgment.

You should watch Grimm! It's like a cross between Buffy and a crime drama. It's clever and cheeky, slightly dark and puts an incredibly interesting, modern twist on the classics.

Physically Fang has Light beat by miles when it comes my type, but I feel like her personality is falling a little flat as far as the story-line goes (and as far as my expectations, built from my friends' opinions). I have been sick and distracted by other games, so I'm only at Hecatoncheir, maybe her character development comes a little later on?

Let me know when you get a PS3 and PSN account, so I can add you. <3

Well I got my PS3.. and my psn account name is Jyuufish so just look for me! <3 I'm playing FFXIII-2 right now so there will be new icons of Lightning in valkyire outfit.. whoohoo. (and I liked fang because she was kinda rough.. she sort of reminds me of Kain in a way.. with the way she's kinda gruff.. but definitely a bit softer *though I think more prone to thumps on the head*

And ahaha all you had to do is mention someone dying and I knew who one of your favorite characters were!

I need to watch grimm. I'll get into it shortly methinks. Thanks for the rec!

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