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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Rena☆Here we come now
I called up the animal shelter and they are going to call me back. I got the feeling that Todd was in a hurry to open up my room so that he could get boxes down, so I'm just going to have to do what I have to do. Sooner rather then later. I've already made a promise to myself that I'm going to volunteer at the animal shelter two nights a week, or try to.. so that I can at the very least do something back. Even if it's just a little bit to help. I have to think about what's good for Lala even if it's just destroying me right now. I have to think to myself, 'at least she's being dropped off by someone who loves her and wants the best for her, and not carried in due to some abuse that I've seen other pet owners inflict upon their animals.' and that's where I don't get animal cruelty, to me, it's just as bad as child abuse, because a pet.. much like your children, rely on you for their basic needs. It's just atrocious and it fills me with yuck, just as the neglect that Lala faced before coming to live with me, it just makes me shudder.

Let's see, I want to talk about something cheerful.. just so that I don't appear to be such a downer. Ahahaha, so anyways the previews for "Once Upon A Time" appeared on Walmart TV for the longest time, so I checked it out, and man it's pretty good. My favorite fairy tale princess has always been Snow White.. so I love the take on her character. But it's a rather brilliant premise. Granted the costumes aren't showy or anything, but I think that for an ABC series (and not one on HBO or Showtime which specializes in luscious scenary and costumes) it's not that bad. I'm still waiting though for my Game of Thrones TV series, but they don't release that until March. Just a little something to look forward to,

Operation get rid of Todd is coming along nicely (that was a joke). Except I don't think he enjoys talking to me anymore. I just get this subtle air of hostility from him.. or perhaps it's just the depression on his end, or my end, speaking. I get the feeling that every time me and Shu has an argument, he's like laughing to himself or something and it just makes me want to punch him in the face and tell him to mind his own business, because what is between me and Shu is between me and Shu and I'll be damned if he knows every time we have a fight or a tiny little upset. (which yes makes it awkward, because he comes down and sees me crying.. well you know what, it's just something that gets on my nerves.. I'm vulnerable to Shu only.. if anyone else sees me cry... it's like instant negative points on my end.) I'm hoping that now that he will be out of our personal space, that every time me and Shu have a fight or a disagreement, he won't know about it. Once again, none of his damned business.

It's just been a week of high emotions on my end. I can't wait until it just panes out. I am sorry, my mind has just run the gamut of emotions for the past couple of weeks. I mean change is a good thing, and most of the things happening are positive but there are just obstacles that I need to face personally until I can get to the future.

Well I'm done now. I hope you all have a good day friendslist and even though I doubt most of you guys read it, to the ones who did. Thank you. ^_^ someone typing it out makes it so much better.. you know, it gets it all off my chest and despite the fact that I never know who's reading it, it's like I guess mind-vomiting is good for the soul.

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You're doing what you feel is best, and I think that's commendable. You have Lala's best interest at heart, and you're a really kind person. *hugs tightly*

Ah, I love Once Upon A Time! It's a very clever show, and the episodes just seem to be getting better and better (the last episode featuring Jiminy Cricket was probably my favorite one so far! ♥). I love their version of Snow White--she's quite different while still retaining the same essence of the character, which is really neat. :D

I hope that the Todd situation gets resolved soon...I can understand how that would be really frustrating for you. 0_0; Someone seeing something private is always really disconcerting.

I hope that things DO start to pane out soon for you. You're an awesome person and you're very strong--so I'm sure you'll be able to get through those obstacles to get to the positive things in the long run. *waves support banner* ♥


I wish I could make good real people icons.

I'm still sitting on one of Renly Baratheon from Game of Thrones. :(

(Deleted comment)
Life can really suck sometimes :( But I hope things will get better for you soon!

I have been thinking of giving Once Upon A Time a try because Robert Carlyle is there and he is one of my favourite actors...

I'm guessing some of Todd's deal is that he now doesn't want to move. -_- I know, he was the one who caused the upheaval and said he wanted to move so he could have his own place and get on with his life and now he's mad because he doesn't want to live alone. I suppose at the moment I'm thinking he needs to get over it and maybe that makes me a bit cold-hearted. I do agree that he has been all up in our business and it's not comfortable, but I don't think he's vindictive quite in that way or at least, I hope not.

I do know he's in a hurry to get things packed, which is retarded; he doesn't have time until after exams and neither do I.

I've been curious about Once Upon A Time but since we don't have cable I hadn't really sought it out. Now I'm intrigued.

I love you! ♥

Yeah, I didn't think that it would be good but the mingling of the fairytale characters is pretty awesome.. and well I can never turn down a good TV series if it sort of catches my eye.. so it's pretty good, I watched the first three episodes the weekend after last, hadn't gottten to the fourth this weekend though it was out.. just too exhausted to watch it.

As for Todd, well I agree.. he made his bed and he should lie in it. But most importantly I think that he should use this opportunity to meet women if he doesn't want to live alone. I honestly think that's gonna be what happens.. he's going to find himself in this situation where he's going to be unhappy if he doesn't find someone, then he's going to lure someone into his parlor. I just hope unknown factor isn't obnoxious.

I love you too.

See, I agree with you on that score, his being alone will motivate things to happen for him. He doesn't agree but he's a pessimist, he sees only how things are going to be what he doesn't like and fails to notice all the open possibilities that are before him. I know this is best, and despite what he's saying now, he's agreed on multiple occasions, he's just being a dick about it in the short term.

Yeah, and I know it may not just be me but I see him as seeing me as the one who isn't going to be alone.. and I think that he may resent me just a little bit because of it. He's going tos ee us as the fun apartment, even though I think that it's what you make of it. And he's not seeing that... he's not seeing that he could bring girls home.. he's not seeing that he can wander around in his boxer shorts if he wants, he's not seeing that he can stock his fridge full of Vienna sausages and there'll be no complaining.

He isn't but in the end, that's his own personal feeling. We can't change his perception nor are we particularly responsible for his happiness.

I'm proud of you for volunteering!

I'm so proud of you for volunteering :)

::hugs muchly as simply can't find words to say::

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