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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Linneus/Gilder♥I cannot lie.. from you
Black Friday was a hot mess as usual. Fights were started over $1.50 towels AGAIN and it was just one big clusterfuck. You could hear the sound of ripping plastic from the back room. And all I can think is 'damn greedy bastards'. I don't care if you pay my wage or not, you are a bunch of sick and disgusting pigs, (talking to the pigs, not to you friend's list.) Makes me ashamed to be apart of the human race, especially when said human race is 'I want I want I want'.

Also, I don't really care about Reed and his boy (from the Tea House) because that pairing type does not appeal to me. BRING BACK LINNEUS AND GILDER! I want Linneus and his hot 'packing bloody knives in his jacket pockets' boyfriend.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh now that would be great.. see I think it would be someone just so very shocking. Yeah I know how this is going.. cold man uses young innocent man, slowly warms up.. and love is suddenly in the air. But I find that *yawn*inducing, really. So I was bored throughout that scene.. boy's first sexual awakening.. once again yawn.

Now Linneus/Gilder.. QUALITY! I especially loved the bloody knives. I bet Gilder could beat Atros to a pulp. >.> and Rhys and Axis.. yeah I think we definitely need to see more of that, because I liked it too.

Mercutio.. oh, I swear that would be awesome too. I bet you that they have plans for him.

(Deleted comment)
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