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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Linneus/Gilder♥I cannot lie.. from you
Black Friday was a hot mess as usual. Fights were started over $1.50 towels AGAIN and it was just one big clusterfuck. You could hear the sound of ripping plastic from the back room. And all I can think is 'damn greedy bastards'. I don't care if you pay my wage or not, you are a bunch of sick and disgusting pigs, (talking to the pigs, not to you friend's list.) Makes me ashamed to be apart of the human race, especially when said human race is 'I want I want I want'.

Also, I don't really care about Reed and his boy (from the Tea House) because that pairing type does not appeal to me. BRING BACK LINNEUS AND GILDER! I want Linneus and his hot 'packing bloody knives in his jacket pockets' boyfriend.

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I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the mess of Black Friday. The horror stories I have heard are frightening.

I thought I was the only one who disliked that pairing. I was so excited for more continuation and then ugh, Reed and what's-his-face. I don't like the redhead at all. I want more Linneus and Gilder (and a -lot- more Axis and Rhys D:)

The redheaded boy is just too.. wholesome and innocent.. and Reed is just a.. well he's a stone. Albeit a hot stone, but still one none theless.

Axis and Rhys is also awesome.. because they have that violentsex things going on.. Gilder and Linneus because damn it LINNEUS NEEDS LOVE! and Gilder is much hotter (and less dickwaddy) then Atros.

Pretty much my thoughts there. I really don't like the overly innocent and wholesome ukes and Reed is hot but... yeah. >_>

They do have that violent thing but then there was that scene where they're all raw and grr and then in the middle of it there's a bit of sweetness and I wanna know mooooore about them because of things other characters have said. Ugh. Totally, I don't overly care for Linneus, he's not my type of character but Atros is a dick and he has some hot chemistry with Gilder and he does need some love. Atros will no doubt step in and ruin it all though.

I hate people like that, as if it's there right to act like total douches.

Oh gods I hope not, because Atros is the last person I want to see with Linneus, and I think Linneus is a good character, but I think that he's had the wrong foil. Around Atros he reverts to this passive thing.. but he was very aggressive with Gilder. Certain people can bring out unfavorable flaws in other. I like to see Linneus's as more then the sweet housewifey member of the Tea House.

Yeah when the whole Gilder and Linneus scene ended, I was like "NOOOOO"

I really hope not either, Atros is just an asshole dealing with him, ugh. I think my main beef with Linneus is the fact I don't like the overly effeminate passive guys like that who seem to be more of a chick with a dick than an actual guy. I like him with Gilder because he is more aggressive and not so... meh.

Same. I mean we just had that whole scene with Reed and Rory (yay names) and they go back straight to them? Meeeeeeh. I just have this thing against Rory, just skipped those pages so I was just twiddling my thumbs for a few weeks.

At the very least, Reed is leaving now.. so perhaps it will go right back to Gilder and Linneus, it's like a commercial break.. or something. =_=

We can only hope, though they'll likely skip to something else to spite us.

I don't have very many horror stories sicne I was in the backroom all evening BUT I've heard plenty. Yeah, people are real winners.

The horror stories I have heard on Facebook were more than enough.

It's depressing how humanity has fallen. People can be so selfish that they will resort to behaving like savages, only caring for themselves that they fight each other over the best deals. It's every man for himself.

Wow I'm amazed you can put up with Black Friday without going insane!

I don't care about Reed and whatshisface (Rory?) either, for the same reason =/ Reed needs to find himself a new shiny pretty to play with. Someone older and less innocent lol Maybe someone utterly filthy, because that would be hilarious!
but YES LINNEUS AND GILDER. Want more. Interested in how things will develop with Rhys and Axis, too XD

Oh now that would be great.. see I think it would be someone just so very shocking. Yeah I know how this is going.. cold man uses young innocent man, slowly warms up.. and love is suddenly in the air. But I find that *yawn*inducing, really. So I was bored throughout that scene.. boy's first sexual awakening.. once again yawn.

Now Linneus/Gilder.. QUALITY! I especially loved the bloody knives. I bet Gilder could beat Atros to a pulp. >.> and Rhys and Axis.. yeah I think we definitely need to see more of that, because I liked it too.

Mercutio.. oh, I swear that would be awesome too. I bet you that they have plans for him.

...maybe Reed should go have fun with Mercutio. XD Mercutio does seem to spend lots of time polishing his toys, after all XD

Oh yeah, and something more revolving around Mercutio. He looks FUN.

Oh god the amount of shit people buy and throw away just pisses me the fuck off. Doesn't help that I'm surrounded by idiot girls at school all day who get an engagement ring twice mine's size (mine's a very modest size if you can imagine that) and then bitch that theirs "isn't big enough".


It's a material world.. its also sad that they can't make do with what they have. *shakes head* sad sad day.

That is why I stay as far away from Black Friday as I possibly can - those kinds of horror stories are really frightening.

Yeah I agree about that.. damn I wish I had a choice!

Good Lord...Black Friday is just too crazy for me :/ Such is the nature of humanity - I want I want I want, Buy This Buy That, Feel Better About Yourself By Buying This - and nothing is ever enough...

One day, I'll read Tea House. I like that icon, it's really good!

It's a really good series and definitely worht it, there are some annoying characters but well you can't really have it all. >.> Linneus and Gilder though.. WINZORS!

people honestly scare me on black friday and the rest of the holiday sales... >_< pigs are better behaved than them.

Black Friday sounds horrible, I'm glad it's over and you survived!

i went to walmart slightly before 12 midnight - it was ridiculously crazy. So we left shortly after going inside. It was like a twisted, dark humored type of maze trying to get in and get out. never again.

Orz, Black Friday showcases the worst of human nature, I swear. O_O;

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