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In my eyes there's nothing sadder then this icon. I don't know why it inspires such sad sad thoughts in me, perhaps it is because Tir is the cursed one and destined to lose everyone he cares about. Granted it's not as dramatic as that when all things are said and done, but it's saying goodbye to a very special friend and wondering how you'll manage it when the time comes to let go; to say goodbye.. knowing that it's far kinder of all the options that are before me. If fate is kind, then I will have no worries about it.. but if not, well I just can't think about that now can I? I can't really turn to anyone, not really.. because in the end, I was her family. I had heard all of these, 'well we will give up Prim and Lala together' and then in the end, well.. that bears no mentioning. That's why I have to do it myself, why I have to go there with Lala to see it through because in the end, I had to let her go.. but to me it kills me because Ohana.. well it means something to me. And even if there's absolutely no one else out there that cares for her, I did and still do.. deeply and it's going to break my heart to place her in the animal shelter, but it's far kinder then letting her fend for herself out on the streets.. and because I'm not cruel, it breaks my heart even thinking of all the possibilities out there for her.

It's funny how a cat that just sort of wandered into my life has managed to make herself exceedingly precious to me.

Anyways sorry for the saddening post. I post so rarely that I really should talk of happier things.
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