Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Jyuu's foray into Eternal Sonata :

Okay, the roommate known as Todd got Eternal Sonata for Father's Day and I asked him if I could play it for many reasons, one of them being that it is about Frederic Chopin whom happens to be my favorite classical composer (Nocturne is my favorite composition by him.. I remember in high school having conversations about Chopin's heavy and depressive hands as they hit the notes.). So I played it.. I'm five hours into it now and I have to honestly say that my favorite character isn't Chopin (even though, I swear to god, I went into this game with my Chopin fangirl flag streaming). Oh no, I'm utterly in love with Polka.. she was the type of character that reminds me of Corrine Graie. Not the current one whom is a pirate queen now. No, the first Corrine was far different. I just felt my heart just pow with absolute and utter love for her, and it was instantaneous.

Guys, this is strong because I don't get insta-pow's often. I got an insta-pow'd with Raven, I also got an insta-love with Eshild and as well as Firion. It's really funny how it works. But I'm in love with Polka and now I want an icon of her (as well as just to snuggle her and tell her it's going to be alright!)

Frederic though, yeah.. my girlfriend is totally going to muse him. I know it.

Fugue is also not so bad either.. from the little part I saw of him PWNING THE PARTY

Anyone played the game and want to fangirl with me over it? I love the music geekery in it, FOR THE WIN AND EMPIRE!

And yeah, I did icon Polka, because it doesn't take me long.

Also, I'm jyuukoi on tumblr so add me if you want.
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