Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Here in Tampa :

Well I made it safely. It was one hell of a trip from Kentucky to Tampa. (I think I told everyone that I was vacationing in Florida for a week, but I do think it was a while back and I update my journal so rarely that it's easy to see how people can get out of the loop; hell I am rarely -in- the loop involving myself. Well that's alright.

Wednesday morning I got off work and then myself, Shuu and the two kids started the drive to Florida, stopping in Nashville in order to visit with Shu's sisters. We had yummy sonics and then I relinguished drive control to Shu and didn't realize that I had passed out and barely remembered the two hour drive to Chattenooga. I actuallly slept through Soren screaming his lungs off. (I'm a rock when I sleep, I am absolutely dead to the world and I've actually been getting really good sleep which wasn't the case last october when I went on vacation. We ate at Fazooli's when we got there, then I managed to snag myself five pairs of really nice panties and then we went back to Shu's mom house and I once again passed out.

On thursday morning, started the drive.. ate at Panera which is uber yummy and then had a delightful.. 10 hours of utter driving. It was pretty fun and we had a good time thinking of a muse town TV station, where my Zelos muse and Shu's Sigurd muse start a 'simple life' esque show where they are forced to do manual labor (they are otherwise pampered since they have rich boyfriends i.e Regal and Hyuga.) Then it gave birth to other shows, like a Sephiroth show sort of like punk'd where Sephiroth does mean things to Zack and Ike because they are both clueless/dumb and a Cops reality TV series where Yuri Lowell's naked ass gets seen on a regular basis and Flynn is all DISAPPOINT.

But now I am in Tampa, safe and sound. I had been about to give a good 'fuck you' in the direction of wherever Kuro lived but honestly, I then remembered that it was way too much effort to raise my arm and extend my middle finger, and honestly.. not worth it. I'm here at Florida to have fun, not think about the past.

Today I think we're going to St. Pete's to check out the beach, let Midori have a little bit of fun.

Signing off, have a wonderful day everyone!

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