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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Mark☆What is the sail without a
Take That - Love Love

Free for download. Really strong song with Gary Barlow pushing the limits of his voice to the highs. From the upcomming X-Men: First Class movie, and really I think that they made a really good decision with it. (plus Gary and Mark duet, the Barlowen fan in me SQUEES)

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The song is so brilliant. I love the beginning, oomph oomph :P

I think this song could get really popular in the clubs.

Yeah it could, it's really brill.. I love the beginning too. But I think I like how Gary's voice goes from low to high, it's a very great showcase for the diversity in his voice.

Yeah, it's really cool. I love it. All deep and manly and then high and... surprisingly manly still! :P

I've been an X-men fan since i first watched the cartoon when i was very little. :D
So i'm really looking forward to the new movie. I think the others had alot of good and bad moment but hope this one is loads better.
Gary Barlow is my favourite Take That member.^^ And thank you so SO much for the download link. :D I hadn't heard the song yet, so BIG thank yous! ^_^

Oh Gary Barlow's voice is lovely. My girlfriend likes Gary and Howard, I'm a big Jason and Mark fan.. we're both sort of ambivilant on Howard but I was around the first time and remember how Robbie acted. I mean I accept his presence in the band but still not that much of a fan.

And no problem with the upload, glad you are enjoying!

Yay! I nabbed the mp3.

Huzzah! I put it up so that you wouldn't have to wait for me to roll myself out of bed!

That's seriously awesome, right there.

I put it on when it had finished downloading and I swear I haven't taken it off loop since, haha. I GUESS I KNOW WHAT I'LL BE PUTTING ON MY MP3 PLAYER FOR MY TRAIN JOURNEYS TOMORROW

Ahaha, so glad that you like it. Isn't it a brill song? I absolutely adore it, when it came on randomly my playlist last night at work, I turned it up, sang it real loud and then had several oncores of it. Really just an epic song!

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