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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Take That♥Tonight this could be
So Take That is doing the theme song for the next X-men movie, X-men: First Class, all about Magento and Professor Xavier's romancerivalry. The song came out on itunes tonight and I tell you, it's the Barlowen duet song that I've always wanted. Gary and Mark sink it and I seriously am going to make a ringtone of that. For all you comic/superhero geeks, I'll upload it for you when I get it.

Though I know at the movie theater I will hear the song and I will be going "TAKE THAT REPRESENT" and all those silly americans are going to look at me because I'm crazy and they'd never heard of Take That.

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Awesome~! XD I'm glad you like the song! ♥ ...I guess that means the movie is coming out soon then? Lolz, I saw a trailer for it a while ago and then nothing since. O_O;

Ooh, now I'm interested! And it makes me glad that I'll at least be in the know thanks to you &hearts

This is late, but I'm so glad you were loving Level E! The prince is awful in the best way.

Yeah, it's a great song.. I'll upload it when I get my hands on it.

And Level E is awesome, and Craft, he makes me LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!

CRAFT IS MY FAVORITE PART FOREVER. Koyasu does such an amazing job with him and you can tell he's loving the craziness.

Yes yes yes.. CRAFT IS WONDERFUL. Instantly became my favorite character. *_*


Okay, I don't have the upload again, but if you go to that site and then click on the 'click to play' you'll hear the next Take That song from X-men which is AWESOME.

Also I can tell that Koyasu had a blast, he's really good at those ridiculous characters and I'm pretty sure that he enjoys playing them quite a bit. >.>

I just listened to the song and it's VERY ENJOYABLE. I loved the heavy beat (and I was cracking up because I'm trying to picture the moment this could play in the movie proper versus the credits and I was having too much fun with it). And I totally agree about Koyasu >.> He gets type-casted as srs bsns characters who are meant to be sexy pretty often. I bet when he's allowed to go crazy he just goes all out.

Ahaha yeah isn't it. Take That has really really just changed very much. They went from doing standard boy band stuff to belting out stuff like this. While I LOVE their love songs, songs like these are fun when they are singing about gods and men and evolution. ahaha.

And oh gods, yeah I know.. Koyasu goes crazy. Remember his character in Yakitate!Japan. Kuroyanagi.. oh god, oh god.

Magneto/Xavier bromance FOR THE WIN.

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