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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: A meme for good measure :
Michiru/Haruka♥And so today my
Look at my icons and ask me any questions that come to mind. They can be about an icon itself, the keywords, the fandom it comes from, etc.

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What do you love best about Mion/Shion? 8D

I like how they and really everyone in the series are kharmically linked, I think that as far as sisters go, they really did what they had to in order to survive, and they've each been on the side of good and had been influenced negatively but yet at the final arc they just pull together to get through it. That's primarily what I like about the both of them, seperate and as a whole.

Lol, a question that comes to my mind is - isn't it difficult to have such long keywords? And how do you come up with them - are they Take That song quotes? :D

Well not particularly, I often times will take a song, associate it with the character and use it in reference for the icon that I'm making.. and I never forget an icon or a keyword so it's really easy. Some of the song lyrics are Take That, but really any song can be used and while I do use alot of Take That, there are other bands that I use lyrics from.

That's interesting, I hardly ever associate songs with characters... How do these associations come to your mind - you just listen to a song and suddenly realise that it fits a character, or do you go through your music collection looking for a song that might fit a character?

It usually hits me, it usually hits me with the force of a ten ton brick. When I made the association with Take That's "The Flood" and the series Higurashi, it was like that was all in my mind. Usually it happens when I'm just wandering away in musetown and I'm listening to my ipod, something clicks and then I go "You know this song reminds me of so and so'. It's wierd really.

You have alot of really nice icons ^^ but do you ever have a hard time finding one for a certain anime or topic?
I find it difficult at times if i'm looking for a certain thing, then again i just look on google cause i don't know where else to look. :)

Oh see I don't go in thinking that I'm going to make a certain icon. I mean there's been a time when I have searched for a picture, i.e when the song comes to me and I go "That would make an awesome icon of so-and-so." like when I heard the Flood for the first time and I thought it fit the Higurashi series so I made a set of four, all dealing with lyrics.

But a secret is that Pixiv and Surpara, Safebooru and 4chan are three image resources that I browse constantly, not because I'm looking for pictures for icons but that I may get inspiriation.

Oh i see! I know some people make their own icons but i don't know how to do that.
Must be really interesting though, and all you're icons are so nice.^^

(i love the song the flood.Got addicted to the song the first time i heard it :D)

The flood is such a complex song. Very complex. When I stayed up all night to hear it on th Chris Moyles show, I was impressed at how beautiful it was... it is definitely a master piece.

That's a good venue to go through, learning to make your own icons.. it's infinitely fun! You should try!

I just love your icons ♥

What do you love about Celty/Shinra?

Celty/Shinra is cute for the fact that she seemingly does not have a head and he does not Mind this, in fact prefers her without the head. I don't know, there's something that inherently registers as 'wrong' in my mind, but considering that he's so adorable, it's hard not to love him, and the fact that you can see Celty's acceptance that he loves her.. especially when she starts bursting heart smoke. And it's funny how I know exactly what icon you are referencing because I'm remembering how much I love that icon. (artistic placement for the win, so you think that she has a head.)

Only people who know the pairing/characters well WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER!

Only people who know the pairing/characters well WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER!

It really is cute in that way. And yes, it is hard not to love him - he is just so gosh darn adorable, as is their love and acceptance of each other. At first I did find their relationship a bit strange, but I warmed to it quickly :)

Artistic placement ftw indeed! :D

Your icons are gorgeous! XD Do you tend to get inspired to make them by finding the images or song lyrics or being immersed in the fandom at the moment? ♥

Well it's a combination of both. See all planets have to align completely. For example I have this perfect icon of Sayaka from Madoka tat I'm dying to make, however I need the perfect song for it.. so I have to hear it, but once I hear it I will know. It helps to have a picture that I think is gorgeous and that I want to make an icon, or perhaps it's just a song that I go "if only I could find something to icon this to." the ones that I usually tend to make just random and haphazardly usually go after a time because I just lose interest in them or they just have no soul.

And I firmly believe that icons have souls which is probably why I make so few of them.

Did you know that your Grownup!Len icon isn't Len?

It's Sora. He's an Utau, actually. .A.;;;

Well suck.. I guess that is okay. I mean I didn't know but I just assumed it was grown up Len. Well I'll probably pretend it is Len until I learn more about the Utau.. at least for a little whhile.

I thought it WAS Len for a minute. owo;;; I'm just familiar with that hair-part now, I guess.

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