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So it is official, I absolutely adore Level E and it's actually amazing that I've struck gold two times in a row, first with Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and then with Level E.

First impressions upon watching Level E was that I liked the Prince, I liked him alot. And I thought.. 'he could be a muse in my box, easily'. However then Craft came in. And Craft is a combination of Klaus Heinz Von Dem Eberbach and.. oh goodness, I'm trying to think of a good example of comedic relief and it's not coming to me. (Craft is mega tsun tsun.. like woah) Absolutely fell in love with Craft and want an icon of him. I have already made one but sadly.. TIS NOT ANY GOOD. So I'm not uploading it.

I have a potential picture to work from but we'll also see, once again it varies. I also have another Sayaka one in the works that I thought was simply lovely but I need a song to go with it. Once I have a song, I'll make it.

I ship Craft/Prince, because it's full of hilarity. It was before that the Prince and his forced roommate, but Craft/Prince has HISTORY, yo. So it's the natural choice for me. Oh man, still laughing over the 'go go colour rangers' episode. And how the Prince sent the rangers over to Craft saying that he was a 'mid boss'.

Since I have no Craft icon, this icon of Klaus shall have to suffice.

Quick Edit:


Hey someone buy me a ticket to Japan so I can go! *puppy eyes*
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