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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Jason/Howard♥I was enjoying

I am pathetic. I know.

Jason and his Take That boyfriend, Howard. Who doesn't like a little Donorange in their life? soundofthesurf I expect you to totally sit there and stare for a few minutes at the pretty.

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I gladly live up to your expectations. I. Sit. And. Stare.

The thing that still mostly amazes me is the seriousness with which Howard removes absolutely NOTHING. True love. *nods*

Yeah, for the longest time I sat there and had to squint, I squinted because I was trying to see what he was removing. and Jason doesn't even flinch, he keeps talking. Doesn't startle, doesn't look at Howard, just continues on. Which leads me to believe.. that happens often.

Exactly my thoughts - this is nothing unusual in the Donorange-household. Interestingly it's usually Howard who's being overtly affectionate in public (his big soppy eyes on the BW-tour-documentary when confessing how proud he is of Jay!) - probably the reason why he always hires these actresses who (more or less convincingly) pretend to be his girlfriends. Silly boys!^^

That must be it.. clearly! (I'm sorry, but I cannot stand his current girlfriend. I mean I posted it up on facebook, but really she's the girlfriend of Howard Donald.. and all she can do is give broody eyes. Hell that's enough reason to smile.

Donald and Jason have a special relationship. Makes me go ♥

She definitely should be grinning like the Cheshire cat all the time, but I'm guessing smiling is hard to do when you're constantly competing with L'Orange - the master of wistful looks and Mr Always-been-a-smiler in one person. ;)


I love that.. makes him seem like International Man of Mystery. (SOMEONE SHOULD DO A JAMES BONDESQUE FIC.) Howard can be a L'Orange girlguy!

Mysterious he is indeed. There was this interview (if only I knew where I read this) from around the BW-promo-time where Howard says that L'Orange always retires early, stating he wants to read a bit and sleep (sleep, hah!) and that the others think he is a secret agent going off on missions at night. Seriously, these lads write all fic themselves, it's unbelievable!

I've started a huge James Bondesque-fic but it's soooooooo on hiatus (serious case of writer's block). *sighs massively* Unfortunately it has different pairings (I started this when I was still in a massive post-reunion-Willorange-phase).

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