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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I am officially impressed with Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka. I've been blown away by a 12 episode series and I'm afraid sadly that I'm going to start judging all 12 episodes by this series. I wish I could go into it without really spoiling, but it was a satisfying end to say the least and I'm quite happy with it. One of those series that I watched the two episodes and I was just like 'damn... damn that was good'.

It also set the yuri-radar going off and off and off.

If you've seen it, feel free to discuss in comments with me. Since if you are responding to this, I'm going to assume that you've already seen it.

But still... damn that was good and I really really really REALLY hope that the dvd gets a US release, because I'll be buying it. Now a run down of my favorite characters.

I loved Sayaka, but I think that is primarily because of the way her story parallels the Little Mermaid mythos. (Think about it enough, you'll hit upon it.. and not the crappy Disney version, the Hans Christian Anderson version where the mermaid turns to sea foam in the end). I also really loved Madoka. I really really loved her a whole bunch, and the end, the end oh god.

But if I said anymore, I'd spoiler it.


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I loved this series as well. I was thoroughly impressed because even just for a 12 episode series it blew me away. If it had gone on any longer it would have ruined it.

I am so waiting for it to get licensed and I will buy it!

And yes, Yuri radar, OMFG! I was so expecting Madoka and Homura to kiss at the end and I was disappointed they didn't even though I knew it wasn't that kind of genre...technically.

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Impatiently waiting here!

I haven't seen it, but your post has convinced me that I need to. :)

The ending..what a heartbreaker. T.T

The ending is heartbreaking but strangely I'm satisfied with it.!

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Yeah, Homura and Madoka, it's hard to not ship them honestly. Just because they are perfect for each other and episode twelve made me b'awww. But I concur with you greatly and I just really want this DVD to come out in the US already.

(Deleted comment)
It's really just a tangled of complexities. I watched an episode of it and wasn't immediately hooked, but episode 2 hooked me then I just consumed it. Card Captor Sakura is one of my favorite magical girl shows, but I really like this showed the dark side of being a magical girl and you really start hating that cute little.. thing.

Oh man Madoka... I cried a billion times during the last episode. It was beautiful. ;_; I can't even put all my thoughts about it into words.

oh yeah it was amazing. best thing i've watched for a while.

I'd been wanting to watch it for ages, but I had a feeling that if I watched it week by week I'd get impatient... that I managed to marathon it in two days makes me think I made the right decision, haha XD

I've loved SHAFT's animation for like ever but lskfjklsd they really went to town, and I'm glad that they animated something everyone seems to be watching XD (most of my favourites by that studio seem pretty obscure...) aukjfdsd so beautiful and augh Madoka and Homura uahaauhghg Kyouko and Sayaka aiukjdalkdsa dkklsdfsdl

It was so gooooooodddddddd

Yeah you know, I watched the first ten episodes and then I had like a few days where I had to wait for the last episode. Just glad that I didn't start it like when it first started. It was beautiful and epic and I am so happy that I watched it. One of those anime where all the characters and all the interactions were quite simply brilliant!

I knew you'd like the series, I just knew you did and so glad we can spazz on it! *_*

Hee ♥ yeah, I was pretty much getting them as they came out, but then the subber I was following halted on episode 8, and it was like... eghhh and then the series itself went on hiatus (completely understandable, though) and it was just like... yeahhhh I'll marathon it in the futurreee

I watched episodes 1-3 yesterday evening and then 4-6 yesterday night, and then pretty much devoured 7-12 tonight XD it's really one of those you can't stop watching, but I like that? I mean, it means it's over quickly, but through all the anime I've watched it's pretty rare to find one where I can get through it so quickly :x I think that's definitely the sign of a good series XD

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