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Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where
Three posts in the span of a few days. Everyone is probably wondering what they did to merit it. But oh, I just watched the last two episodes of Puella Mahou Magia Madoka (well the last two until they release the finale two episodes on the 22nd.) and I have to say that I'm officially impressed.

I didn't think that a 12 episode anime could be really good. My thing is around 24 - 26 episodes, which I think is enough to suitably wrap up a plotline, and then maybe a second series. (Higurashi had a good thing there, a very good thing). But damn, I'm actually quite amazed at the brilliance that it is, the characters.. I like the characters, and when I got to episode 10, even Homura I started to really like.

And it's all going to be wrapped up in 12 episodes which is sheer brilliance. They have a good thing here I wonder if they realize that. Not a whole lot of anime in my eyes can successfully pull off 12 episodes without being hurried unless it's a haremesque anime.

Now to go find song inspir' for a Sayaka/Kyoko or a Kaname/Homura icon.

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They've done an amazing job in such a short time - and it's not just the story, but the visual design and everything. I'm so glad I watched this anime instead of letting the "magical girl" description turn me off. It's excellent.

I do like the visual design too, I will admit. But the timing, they got it just right for the series, knowing when to drop the bombshells.. and they've made the cutest thing ever.. that you want to punch in the face.

I've become disenchanted with the magical girl genre but I did hear the descriptions of it and thought that it was definitely something that I wanted to watch, so I did.. and promptly got hooked.

Ahahahahah, seriously. Kyuubey alternately makes me want to facepalm ("Why do people always freak out when I tell them [spoiler]? :3") and punt him through the nearest goal post. Kyouko was a favorite of mine, so I really wanted to punch him after that.

This anime keeps popping up in my thoughts when I least expect it. After watching ten episodes, I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I'm so glad we're going to get the finale soon.

Edited at 2011-04-20 07:56 am (UTC)

I love it when 12 episode series can pull off great things! I'll have to look into this one. :)

I've enjoyed everything of Madoka so far. I'm interested to see how it'll end (and I think it'd be sort of hilarious if it ended badly and Homura just keeps doing her thing until the end of time, but we'll find out). Lately it seems like all I've been watching is 11-12 episode series, but most of those were either more risky ventures, like Eden of the East and House of Five Leaves, or based on shorter material like Level E was. For the most part, 24-26 runners are my favorite types.

I have watched Eden of the East and I was enchanted by it. So it was very good al things considered. Level E.. is that any good?

Eden was so my favorite anime the season it came out. I've been rewatching it to prepare for AMV-age and I forgot how good it was. But Level E. I loved it--it's a comedy that isn't a harem, and also has lots of different arcs so it never feels same-y. It also has really high production values and they try to keep it looking consistent. I'd say to give it a try, although you'd need to watch the first two episodes to get the full feel. I miss it and Wandering Son a lot more than I miss Star Driver.

Thank you for the rec, Little sister! *hugs* I appreciate it!

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