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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Hello everyone, another sporadic update from the Nia/Jyuu! This one may be a trifle rambly because I'm going to just go all over the place, like I normally do. It's been a busy busy week and I think that last week I told everyone about unbeatable excellence, and my woes with the state of the backroom. Well this week did not have it getting any better, not even at all, but I have my own section for the tale of uck that is my work. This is really just the highlights of the week in general.

First of all, started to watch a series called Spice & Wolf which is all about the gaar-ness of money trading and merchanting. But it also involves wolf gods, it's really completely random but the dub isn't bad. (thank goodness for Netflicks). Can you believe we're already up to episode 9 in a week period, well it's easy to get lost in anime land when you finally find it again. Definitely a good series but really not for everyone, you have to like some fanservice and anime wolf girls (as long as it has a good story, I'll likely watch it.. that's the leading reason of why I watched nearly the entirety of Strike Witches.

Work! My favorite subject. It must be because I have so much love for it. Really we had a thing as Unbeatable Excellence on thursday and I worked wednesday night to prepare. The problem back room associate was in fact a problem associate. He called up from his home after lunch and said that he wasn't coming back for the night and thus causing me to want to rip his head off. We had a tussle over who was going to do Dairy picks on friday and I told him that I'm here every day without calling in so I win. Yeah, that was a bitch move but I don't care, I am sick of him acting as the lead back there and taking all the easy tasks for himself when he A.) calls in all the time B.) takes off early all the time C.) avoids work by walking the perimeter of the store for a half an hour and C.) when he does work, it's at the pace of an slower then average turtle. I told him that too, and needless to say he doesn't like me anymore. That doesn't make any big difference since I am not here at work to -be- liked. My friends at work and management think that I'm pretty awesome, anyone else can fucking deal.

In the world of Take That, I've recieved the most awesome news ever. Pet Shop Boys are Take That's support act. That makes me wish I could seriously go to their concert because it's PET SHOP BOYS. That's big, that really is. I've always loved their music and now I want to download all their albums, not just because they are supporting Take That but because I realize that I have alot of holes in my Pet Shop Boys song collection. There is much whining in the Take That front with people going: "Oh but the Pet Shop Boys are so OLD" and "this sucks, why did the boys pick them". Well answer, it is because Take That LIKES the Pet Shop Boys. Sorry it doesn't mesh well with your desire for Tineh Tempah or Cheryl Cole as the support acts, I guess you're just going to have to deal with it.

I am falling in love with Zoicite/Kunzite all over again. I got to the episode in Sailor Moon where Zoicite is sprawled out over Kunzite's lap and Kunzite is stroking his hair and saying. "We'll find a way to beat those sailor scouts, darling!" ♥ Seriously they are love, so much love that I have an original character based on Zoicite in the works, well loosely based of course. Huzzah for Zoicite! Thank you Midori for re-igniting my love for Cheesy Sailor Moon.

I finished "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larrson and I just wanted to say that is a brilliant brilliant book. I have the next book downloaded to my ipod as audiobook, but I need to finish "The Mischief of the Mistletoe" by Laura Willig. (Turnip Fitzhugh for the win and there is probably only one other person on my flist who will even understand what I'm talking about since she reads the flower spy series as well). Once I finish "MoTM" then I will move on to "The Girl who Played with Fire" but I've been listening to the book at every moment and turn, I've been listening to it on the way to work and on the way back, I've been listening to it at work and then I've been listening to it at the computer when I've come home from work.

So anyways I'll be catching up with my friend's list today! Everyone have a great day!

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YES YES YES SAILOR MOONNNNNNNNNN. I don't remember, but are you watching the dub or subbed version?

(Cuz I heard ZoiZoi was a woman in the dub, and I was too young to remember/take notice D:)

Yes he was a woman in the dub, I think it was because of his homosexual relationship with Malachite/Kunzite and the fact that he dressed up as sailor moon in one episode. And we are watching the subbed!

I love Sailor Moon, and Kunzite/Zoicite is LOVE :)

Spice & Wolf is great, let me tell you :D

Oh I agree, I love it! Definitely a great series!

My disappointment in getting the Pet Shop Boys is twofold. 1. I've always hated them and 2. They haven't had a hit in years. I don't care at all that they're old. I just don't think they belong as Take That support act - and I wouldn't want Cheryl Cole or whatever instead.. Still something a bit more current :S

Well that's fine, I mean at the very least you can say that you don't like them, but really I think that alot of the little ones are writing them off because of the 'too old' or 'wanting cheryl cole instead'.

PET SHOP BOYS!!! *does happy dance* I'm soooo happy! And it's CRAP and a f****** shame you are not able to see the whole spectacle live! This definitely SUCKS. As does your colleague - I think you're absolutely right in telling him what annoys you. If he refuses to work properly, he's got to deal with that. Swallowing your anger all the time is not healthy!

I know, I really want to see the spectacle live but the next time I'm definitely getting someone to purchase tickets and THEN I AM GOING HELL OR HIGH WATER!

*changes tactics* Ah, you know, we have seats somewhere far away from the stage and it's a stadium gig so you don't see anything without binoculars anyway. It's going to be ridiculously hot, and there'll be millions of screaming, awful, over-excited girls, long queues before you're in and even longer ones til you're out when it's over. I don't think it's going to be much fun. No no. It's a good thing there's going to be a DVD. Yes. *nods* ;)

Well I'll definitely get the DVD of course but I still want to go. *thuds* I mean still, it's seeing it unfold live.. that's awesome! And well I can't help it. (the screaming fangirls is the deterrent, I can see singing along with the songs but someone screaming "GARY!" all night, well as much as I love him.

You're lucky regardless, remember that!

I know I am lucky. I won't forget that, promise!

Can you believe we're already up to episode 9 in a week period, well it's easy to get lost in anime land when you finally find it again.
~So, so true! I haven't watched anime in a long time, but we recently started a series called Big Windup last week (lolz, a baseball one!) and we're already on episode 8. That's pretty fast for Yin and I! XD

~Good luck with work! I'm sorry that you have deal with some jerks like that, but it is good that you have some friends there too to help balance it out. ♥

Somebody is actually objecting to PSB supporting Take That? They object to the legends of electronic music?! I pity those fools. *Mr T voice*

Well if you consider alot of the demographic of Take That fans, they are just like "OH FOURFIVE HOT GUYS NOM NOM NOM". Yeah, hot is okay but I think that good music is even better. I realize that Pet Shop Boys are not everyone's cup of tea but I mean if Take That are inspired by Pet Shop Boys and want them to open for them, that's AWESOME!

Well, I hope those who objected will change their mind after seeing PSB live, they are great <3


And Strike Witches. <3

Oh God your co-worker sounds so flippin' annoying. Work has no need for useless people. You are paid to actually work, not to just be there and be lazy. I would love to have a job like that though :'D

Oh I need to continue reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". It was really interesting and then I just stopped reading.

Well, I have to say that I'm glad you told off Mr. Slacker Employee. I hate people who think they should be able to do nothing and get paid for it, while all the rest of the world has to work their butts off to get where they want to be in their careers, pay ladder, etc. >.> And yeah, your job is not about making friends and being Miss Congeniality, it's about doing a good job, getting noticed by the right people, and earning your just rewards for your hard work...

And hey - I've heard of Spice and Wolf. :D Never watched it, though, but it's on my tentative 'to watch' list. And geez is that list long. Whew! O.o

I'm glad to see your so excited about the recent Take That development. *smile* I hope you get a chance to see them both in concert. BTW, have you ever seen Take That in concert yet or is it something on you'd just like to do in the future? *is curious*

Oh I know! To Watch Lists are horrendously long for me. Like I've been watching Clannad (so sweet) and then there is Spice and Wolf which we did finish, and then there is East of Eden which my girlfriend and I determined that it's made of awesome if one of the main characters in the series makes the entrance butt naked and waving a gun around. We also want to finish Kuroshitsuji so hopefully we'll get to that soon.

a Take That concert is definitely what I -want- to aspire to. I really do. I want want want want want want want to go see one. I figure that will be what I save up for. BUT I do have the concert DVDs (since I did buy them and I have a british correspondant who actually buys stuff for me from their website (since the website deals in only pounds) If I never see one, at least they release concert DVDs.

And as for the work development, I agree about that as well. He's a buttkisser, when we switched managers, he pretty much did more work then he normally did and fed them the whole "Now these are the people who work and who don't" and tried to get in their good graces.. basically ratting on his fellow co-workers, and everyone knows it too. I don't realy know what game he's playing but it's pretty shitty.

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