Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: watch your mouth son, or you'll find yourself flowing home :

Had to prepare for a visit by the District Manager. It was called "Unbeatable Excellence" and me being the poor soul who worked in the backroom had one hell of a work night. I hit the ground running and I didn't stop, I didn't even have time to listen to music because that would of distracted me. Josh came in out of the goodness of his heart for two hours then left after lunch (that was sarcastic, damn net and not being able to translate that sufficiently).

Tonight will be easier, thank the gods. I'm so tired.

And I evidentally had fun with my tags today. Some of those tags don't apply to the post, just so you all know.

Tags: but i'm le'tired, failure should not = vagina, fire ze missles, fricking nazi's ruining it for us all, fwee, i know ballet-fu, i'm coming out alive, if you run into walls you will die!, improved spirits, in soviet pulse chocobo owns you, nippaaaa!, omg stop smacking me with a fish!, rocks fall everybody dies, seishirou's death note, tales of a nightwalker, vagina should = win, you've angered the tiki gods

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