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Happy livejournaling everyone, this is your bi(weekly) correspondant Jyuu and sometimes known as Nia on various parts of the web (like Facebook). Well I'm just going to update with what's been going on here in the past week, though I can assure you that it's just involved alot of Sims Medieval. Have any of you gotten a chance to get it yet? If so, how do you like it? Wickedly fun but that's for later.

Work Front

Now heaven forbid I should tell anyone I work at Walmart, though I do get it often..how can you work for that company? Well it's very easy considering that they keep promoting me like wildfire. Already being mentored and everything, but I think it's just because I've proven I work hard and the other person in the backroom is the proverbial dead weight. On saturday night he comes up to me and goes, "Nia, I may call in tomorrow" and I'm like "So.. that makes any difference how?". I don't mean to imply that he doesn't do any work, because I'm sure he does..in his own fashion. It always seems as if the same ammount of work gets done every day regardless of if he is here or not. Unbeatable Excellence this week happens which is another naem for an inspection, and I come back hte night before it. Better get my tums out and to the ready.

Sailor Moon

Guess who's been watching this with her daughter? Yeah, Midori loves it.. absolutely adores it. In fact she wants to be Queen Beryl's friend (which I find fitting for the dictator in training that we are raising). But to a certain part it reminds me of my true love.. Zoicite and Kunzite(Malachite in the DIC dubs, when Zoicite mysteriously and MAGICALLY became a woman. *anyone as old as me will likely remember this) Jadeite was technically a loser with no friends in the negaverse. But Nephrite pops up and suddenly you get the ZOICITE PEANUT GALLERY. Zoicite, definitely my favorite..why do I always like the bitchy ones? Expect more blogging and flailing, also expect an icon..maybe of Zoicite.

Sims Medieval

Still massive ammounts of fun. Cullen (based on Jason from Take That) and Alex (based on Howard from Take That) are courting, I had two playthroughs involving Gunnar the Knight because I couldn't get the timing right or his focus wasn't to par and he kept getting locked up in stocks, this time.. SUCCESS. The original character based on Raven from Vesperia, was a bit disappointed because his quest was like supposed to be the starter quest. so I had to move onto another quest based on Cullen, just to build up points to erect buildings. Still a fun game.

Take Thattery

Someone's been posting on FB that Robbie is wearing sunglasses because Jason blacked his eye and that the weight loss challenge between Robbie and Gary is like OHMYGODSOSERIOUS. Give me a fucking break. Seriously? Jason wouldn't black anyone's eye, I think that he would be prone to giving someone the never-ending cold shoulder. (and Gary and Robbie have always been competitive, that's nothing new in the slightest) Though on a positive note, the boys are looking great. Jason has emmerged from a winter that saw him rather skinny and he's starting to get meat on those bones, oh and he's starting to interact with Howard more now. I think that Jason may just have S.A.D or something, I don't know. Looking back at previous pictures, he just tends toward looking a little worse for wear when it involves the winter season and coat wearing.

Going to go check my flist after I make myself some sort of breakfast. So I'll be back (I'm hungry damn it)

Everyone have a great day, but netwise and in real life!

Completely random but THIS PICTURE thrills me.
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