Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Sometimes I get to a point in my life where a song really just clicks with me. And so I thought I'd share it with everyone. But then I've really always liked Katie Melua's voice ever since I heard her sing "I cried for you" while I was reading Princess scanlations. An absolutely gorgeous woman with a voice that really the only words to describe her voice is angelic.

What is it with songs entitled "The Flood" and the sheer epicness of them? Just goodness.

Let's' see, I missed wishing you all a happy Valentines day however I've been living in a box. I always return but it's just been really hard inside of my head for the past month. Not all that interesting. Sure I have interests but I've just really haven't wanted to externalize them. Let's see, I think that my cat's kidney is failing (I think it's called Chronic Renal Failure) so I've been keeping it together by giving her copious ammounts of soft food and love which she's well with I think, she doesn't complain about being stuck in the room however I try to spend a good ammount of time up there so that she does have some sort of interaction with people.

As I said, it's just really difficult inside of my mind right now. So I hope everyone in LJ land are doing well.

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