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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: I dream things I don't want you to know :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Another Mark icon, because we are playing the original version of Mark and Gary (Felix and Spencer) and the occasion just seemed to speak of it. And hey, shuufish had a beautiful new Gary icon so I was like, "Awww.. needs more Mark" and it's not like I don't have five million icons of Jason.

Finally being trained for back room. I haven't killed anyone with the electric pallet jack/lift yet. Almost ran through Trey though.. on purpose. (motherfucker better stay out of my way, sitting there snickering as I tried to fumble my way through a tight corner).

They also don't understand how I can be such a sadistic person and listen to Take That (they are naturally of the male pursuasion.. barely). I tell them that they have to appreciate the fact that I'm such a well rounded individual.

Silly boys, they just don't understand what it's like to be a girl.

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I like your new icon! And it's funny, when I made this icon I didn't really like it, I just got tired of working with it. It's grown on me though. I should make others though, I've got a few Howard or Howard/Jason icons.

And now I have two Mark icons. I really need to make a Barlowen icon, and I have one that is particularly my favorite, I just really just need to get into the grove of it.

Yeah, I spent today thinking I should make another Gary icon, but I didn't really ever feel the motivation for it.

Yeah, I get so little icon motivation these days..but when you made an icon it motivated me to make an icon so that's good.

That is good, even though the Gary icon was actually made before Christmas. Maybe I'll make another now... and maybe I'll look at a picture of Mark squeezing Gary's bum while I'm at it.

Well you've never used it so I never knew you had it, but it's good.

Your icons are always awesome. :D

Good luck with training (and lolz, that part about Trey kind of made me snicker...that was rather silly of him! XD). ♥

What Trey doesn't realize is that I am piloting the DEATH MACHINE! This thing can kill OTHER PEOPLE. It's DANGEROUS. (and I am by nature a cautious person)

Love your new icon! Beautiful!

"I tell them that they have to appreciate the fact that I'm such a well rounded individual." Awwww! Well spoken! That's exactly what I tell my colleague, who's the unlucky lad that has to share an office with me, every time he annoys me so much that I feel the desperate urge of blowing bubbles at him. Silly boys indeed! :D

Normal girls who like Take That don't have the sick sense of humor that I have, so really they're getting a deal! And ahahaha, I have a little speaker set attached to my ipod which blares whatever I'm listening out through the backroom. Mwhahaha (I call it brainwashing)

lol - you see that's why it's good to be around here: not many normal girls who loike TT on our f-lists... ;)

I know.. alot of TT fangirls are insane. >.> seriously scary, what with following them all around on their previous promotional tour. Scary, that is.

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