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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The 'made of awesome and win' news for today is the following.

They are making FFXIII-2. Now everyone knows my opinion on FFXII-2, I hated it though the concept was good.. three girls on their own taking a trip across the world and oh coincidentally they fight crime. I hated the game because I had an ex-girlfriend whom thought she was Nooj the Deathseeker. (don't ask me about why I dated trolls back then, I don't even know as much seriously)

But FFXIII-2 may just give me hope in the entire thing, I could get into it especially if it had Fang and Vanille or something along those lines. I don't know though, if it doesn't have Fang and Vanille then I'd just feel jipped. But seriously, I will be looking forward to more art for it and all things considering, I'll be interested to know how these plans go around. (though Square Enix, when are you going to remake FFVI?)

That is my special news for the day. Ready to slog through my friend's list to see what other news have been posted, but really it is just everyone's reaction.

This game can't possibly have Nooj so as long as it doesn't, I'm happy.

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(though Square Enix, when are you going to remake FFVI?)

INORITE? I mean seriously, the closest we've gotten is the new translation with FFVI Advance. Sigh. And FFIV has gotten remade for the DS and everything.

I am disappoint Square Enix. I am disappoint.

And the new translation so totally sucked because in no way shape or form did Kefka refer to Edgar as 'the son of a submariner' which was the height of Kefka's cheesy insults. Court Jester = Fail.

HERP DERP You meant X-2 right? The whole YuRiPa thing and the like?

Yeah, though Fran, Penelo and Asche I wouldn't of turned down.

For most of XII I had my main party as Ashe, Basch, and Vaan. Although Balthier and Fran were my backups.

As for remakes...I heard of the rumor that S-E is remaking V and VI on the upcoming 3DS.

How could they possible make FFXIII-2 without Fang and Vanille? I just...can't imagine it.

I had no idea they were making this game. Time to look it up!

This game can't possibly have Nooj so as long as it doesn't, I'm happy.
~Haha, watch...it's going to happen and I'll have to cry a whole lot. XD

FFXIII-2 is...well, interesting. Since the trailer only showed Lightning right now, I guess it's going to be a waiting game to see if the other characters will show up (I hope so though! *crosses fingers*). I'm kind of impressed that the original director is going to be supervising the development and that it's supposed to address "valid criticisms" Square-Enix said people had with the first title, which seems to be a one-up on some of their other sequels (gah, FFXII: RW and Dirge of Cerberus mainly). Hopefully the game will end up being one of the more decent sequels for a main installment FF title Square-Enix has done. *crosses fingers* I suppose we'll just have to wait and see though.

...I've heard the rumors about 3DS remakes of FFV and FFVI as well. I hope they're true! *crosses fingers again*

Haha, I'll probably be having a "news announcement" post on a whole bunch of Square-Enix things tomorrow. XD

Edited at 2011-01-20 02:54 am (UTC)

And I will look forward to it! ♥ Though FF Crisis Core I enjoyed so very much, I absolutely love it but I'd also love to see them have another sort of port for Dissidia.

Ohh, a XIII sequel, that sounds very interesting (although I haven't played to far into the first one /fails) I'd like to see Vanille in it too because I actually liked her personality in XIII. There are some who'd say she's super annoying but I didn't think so. So far, that is

I'd love a remake of VI too!

You know, alot of people said Vanille was annoying but she had alot of depth, toward the end of the game you realize that she's really just flawed and that's quite alright, her cheerfulness is just a cover for a very serious girl. It fits in well with Fang's bravado.

Yay for another Vanille fan! (even if you didn't play the game)

I really thought the ending to FFXIII was pretty much perfect. More then anything, I'd prefer Fang and Vanille be left alone just because their sacrifice was just that--a sacrifice, and I can't really say they are miserable where they are together either.

On the plus side I would love to see what has become of all other characters especially Hope, Sazh (and his son) etc. Mainly, I'd like to learn more about Pulse's past too. Basically AS LONG AS IT ISN'T FFXII-2 with updated graphics. I'll smash something if there is any clothing spheres. Any sort of outfit changing should NOT be part of the main plot. And if Serah is knocked, let them please change her character model for fucks sake.

You know you weren't the only one to think that Serah was gonna be knocked up. >.>

Tsk. that's all Snowe thought about the whole damn game afterall. Heh, maybe she was already before turning into crystal and that's why Light. was so freakin' pissed in the first place. Yay, plot twist.

Snow definitely doesn't strike me as the type to know what birth control is... let's just hope he's intelligent enough not to use Crocadile shit

D-Diaphragms?! Oh fucking ick. I couldn't think of a better way to direspect a vagina. Seriously. That is the ultimate...

Yeah, you can tell that throughout history.. contraceptive hijinks have always been thought up by men. I mean really.. stuffing a lemon up one.. I don't think any woman would think that a 'good idea'

I was kinda mad when XIII-2 was announced tbh. I'm getting highly annoyed with SE for announcing more and more games when they haven't even finished their backlog yet. Where's Versus XIII, dammit? /bitter.

That aside, I'm kind of indifferent to XIII-2 to be honest. Most of my friends didn't like XIII and I didn't like how they cut out towns and the like from the final game so I never actually bought it. /shrug. I just hope it doesn't go the fail route that XIV did.

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