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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Sometimes you come across an author that writes things so perfectly that you just want to read absolutely everything that she has written regarding Take That and most importantly Jason/Howard. She doesn't really write smut, but just unabashed fluff.. the type that just sort of steals your heart.

Howard was sure that Jason could read his mind, because the post-it notes had started to adorn the apartment less than a day after worry had set in. Post-it notes were left for him everywhere and pretty soon their entire relationship was spelled out in little pink and yellow squares. There were post-its on his clothes; ‘Other t-shirt in wash, miss you smelling like home’. There were often post-its on the bathroom mirror; ‘Please shave soon, homeless beards are too scratchy to kiss’. There were always post-its in the kitchen; ‘Made you a curry for lunch, don’t DJ on an empty stomach love’. Howard had even woken up to post-its on Jason’s freshly plumped pillow; ‘Morning love’ and ‘Mwah’. His favourite post-it had been pressed to his chest one night; ‘I love you’. He’d saved that one.

Yeah, facebook has sort of been bereft of Take That-ism.. but I'm pretty sure that the guys are filming a new video. Still reading the fics though, the sweet sappy Take That fics. I'm not all obsessed over it and I've been playing video games and doing some Hetalia related searches (Denmark/Norway for the win, maybe) and I've been listening to Take That music a little less (Laura Willig has been eating my soul with the Pink Carnation series in which my heart was utterly stolen by Lord Vaughn and Mary Alsworthy.. and that book had no sex in it, which was a surprise.. it was actually pretty refreshing, alot of tension but no follow through, oh well.. they had sex in my head and that's all that matters!)

So while I had written Laura Willig's first two books in the series off, the third and fourth were good.. and the fifth one marks a great deal of happiness. Going to be buying these books if only for the fourth book. As famous pokemasters say, 'gotta catch them all'. except not.


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I enjoyed reading the excerpt that you put up here. I bet it's a good read!

It is a wonderful read, if you ever want to read it.. I can send the link.. it's archived on a nice little site. Really very good.. of course you know that I love your Alex/Howard the best!

Well do send me the link and I will check it out when I have some spare moments!


Here it is, peruse it at your leisure. Really awesome ficcage.

Thank you! I have bookmarked it for later consumption.

That's a really well-written excerpt you posted! XD

~We're doing okay. Just a little snowed in, lolz. How about you? :)

We're hanging in there with the snow.. but it's damnably cold here.

I'm not into RPS, but that fic bit was really cute :)

I'm doing ok :D

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