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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Late post is of course very late. It's been snowy here, a snowy wonderful wonderland. Of course this means that there has been very little in way of coverage where I work. I left this morning and I got the freight done, but it also looked like the entire place had been exploded, not fun.

This weekend I actually got to see Tangled (on the positive side) and it was an insanely cute movie so I can definitely see what trex_in_boots was going on about when she posted all of those trailers. I sort of want a Flynn icon, but then I don't know. Maybe when I get the DVD (because I will own that movie, yes yes yes.) But I think the best thing about that was that the girl actually saved the guy numerous times, he was almost just a courier, she really did everything.

So yes, excellent movie!

Nothing in Take That land, well there has been alot of things but right now I'm just trying to keep a low profile there for the mere fact that everyone was in essence freaking out. So I'm going to sort of try to forget about it (though come on Take That, release your new single because I WANTS A B-SIDE.. and perhaps you could, you know, make it sappy and mushy? I'm hankering for some traditional Take That fare.. loads of sap and romanticism.)

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Really? :D Tangled was good? Hmm, must reconsider seeing it.

Flynn is hilarious and quite unlike any disney hero I had ever seen!

Yay for some Tangled love! Finally someone else on my flist who has seen and loved this movie :D Rapunzel is def one of Disney's best female characters IMO.

LOL thank you! Sadly I'm not the maker ^w^

Super cute though ♥ makes me wanna go see the movie again.

Oh yes, strong woman.. she was absolutely awesome.

Yeah! I'm glad you liked the movie ♥

Ah I'm loving all the snow as well. It's so white and fluffy. You just wanna flop into it. Which is all good until you flop in it and land on one hard ass rock. Lol.

I've been curious about tangled. I might wait until it comes out but it looks so very cute. Disney did a good job.

I loved Tangled as well! It was awesome how Rapunzel was always the one saving Flynn's ass and they were both just super adorable.

I would like to say that there wasn't much saving on either side. Rapunzel and Flynn worked together as a team, though it's true that he didn't have to save her at all, she could rescue herself.

Still, I love the movie very very much. Rapunzel is one badass chick and my new favorite Disney heroine.

Ah, I'd been debating about seeing Tangled...but hearing you say that you really liked it kind makes me want to see it even more (actually, everyone who's seen it on our f-list has been having really positive things to say about it--so that's definitely helping!). Can't decide on if I want to see it in theaters or when it comes out on DVD, but I think I'm definitely going to check it out at some point. I loved the fairy-tale version of Rapunzel when I was younger...so that's definitely also making me curious about the Disney adaptation too. :D

Aw, while I really disliked that we got a ton of snow last winter (haha, no one could leave their houses for over a week and there were still really large piles of snow from the snow plows for about a month afterwards XD)...all of the snowy wonderland talk we've been seeing is making me feel all left out now! Haha, I love when you go somewhere and it doesn't seem like there's a ton of snow yet--and then it's like outside is completely transformed after you step out into it. Be careful with driving, but I hope the snow is enjoyable for you! :D

LOVED Finn. Also Rapunzel totally rocked the short hair style. 8D

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