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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Jason☆Give me half as much
So yes, I still exist. Thank you everyone for not deleting me off your friend's list even though in fact I've been a bad friend and probably no doubt deserve it. My soul has been eaten, by two words.. and special hint, those two words have THREE T's in them. Though Dragon Quest IX is also pretty much owning my soul as well.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO PASSED NANO, you guys have proven yourself to be far better troopers then I ever was, because I certainly couldn't of written 50,000 of anything. (well I could of, just in small doses, once a day for a year.) Seriously, I lack the discipline for it and I'm quite well with that.

Let's see, first thing of note. Take That fandom ahoy.

I've been hanging out in the Take That fandom and whooboy, I tell you, some wierdness abounds. And there are people who of course make facebook accounts masquerading as their favorite Take That member. That's all well and good, however the thing that boogles me the most is.. why would you create a journal for Nigel Martin-Smith, their overly abusive ex-manager?. Don't you LOVE the lads? Come on, really? Or do you secretly hate them and want them to die?

I love Jason, Howard, Mark and Gary (and yes Robbie is creeping up on me like something insidious, he'll never be in the top four but at the very least I'm amused by him), and yes I have a bout of fannish retardation (like my love of Jason/Howard anything) but there's a limit to how much stupidity one could take. It makes me wish that I knew where all the intelligent Take That fans are. I'm going out with one, then there is this person in Germany whom I regularly trade emails with, then there is this girl on the Jason Orange Juice Community who at teh very least says mounds of entertaining things (like her rendition of "I kissed a Jason Orange and I liked it"), and then a few american fans whom are pretty sane but for the most part, it's like they've never quite made it past their childhood and they have these dumbfuck arguments about 'who loves Jason/Howard/Mark/Gary/Robbie more'. And don't get me started about the ones who actually actively stalk them IRL.

At the very least I can share my thoughts with shuufish and she's perfectly sane. Remember kids, it's okay to LUST after your favorite Take That member. But when you're stalking them/sitting outside their hotel room etc.. that's not cool.

Also last but certainly not least. SHOUT OUT TO zweilous. Because of her awesomeness, I now own "PROGRESS" yes the legal version. It's going in my car and it may never come out. ♥♥♥♥

Also added note. Because it just occured to me. You know what Take That fandom reminds me of? The Kyou Kara Maou fandom. Except with less demons and less gay.

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The fandom sounds kind of lulzy XD But at least there are some normal people you can talk to :D

Yeah there is and that's a good thing! Hey the one thing about this fandom is that everytime one of the guy's breathe, they snap a picture, so it perpetuates itself into my Take That picture folder.

It's okay, everyone gets caught up in fandoms from time to time and real life things--no biggie! ♥

And THANK YOU for mentioning that Dragon Quest IX is partially owning your soul right now--I thought I was the only one! ♥ Haha, I think I'm about halfway to the "ending" now (I just finished the story arc with Greygnarl which was actually quite wonderfully done, that cinema had my jaw dropping, and managed to escape from the prison)...and I've been just having a lot of fun running around revisiting towns and doing side-quests while advancing the main story. I wish I had more time to play it, but oh well...it's addicting and fun whenever I am able to do so. I'm glad that someone else on our f-list is having fun with it too. DQ needs more love. :D

I love writing when I am feeling creative, but you're right...I'm not sure I'd have the discipline and drive needed for NaNo. I'm always in awe of the people who pass it, it's a truly praiseworthy feat.

Ah, fandoms seem to be insane quite a lot of the time...even when it does involve real life people, which I always find very odd (stalking is never good!). I'm glad that you can at least talk to shuufish about Take That and have a sane conversation with someone about them...that's always a good thing. :)

I love it, the changing vocations thing is quite simply awesome. I think that I spent like a total of four hours on the Armamentalist quest (you know the erecting wizard ward and then killing two metal slimes with caster) which was so totally hard. But I managed to do it and I felt so.. so accomplished.

Yeah, the people who do NaNo are awesome. nuff said.

Also the Take That fandom.. well I like icons and yes I am probably in a little bit too deeply but never once do I have these bizarre fantasies involving Take That, well I do but they are silly.. like seeing Jason Orange at my Walmart and then giving him my address and telling him to go knock on my door just randomly and ask for me to either Shuu or Todd, see what they say. But that's a pretty fun little mental image. I don't know, I would never snap pictures of them as they entered a resturant, because honestly.. they are people too and yeah they do desire their privacy. It sorta makes me realize why they don't come to America.. because at the very least they have their privacy here. Not throughout the rest of Europe, but they can always come to America and -not- get recognized and maybe I'm just glad that my country is a bastion of safety for them because honest to god, they need it.

Do tell zweilous that I appreciated her Christmas wishes!

I was wondering where you went! I was worried. I'm happy to see that all is well though!

Omg fandom, it's so fun/funny. I enjoy it so much.

Yeah, it's definitely been an eye opening expirience!

Hopefully I'll get into the groove of posting. I keep meaning to post and then putting it off, however it didn't helpp that I was sick last week, that probably explains a good deal of it.

:/ that's bad, glad you are feeling better ♥

I'd never delete you ♥

Awww that makes me happy! ♥ Well I'd never delete you either, because you are one of the most recognizeable people on my flist.

Don't worry about commenting etc. bb. Life happens... and so does fandom. xDD

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