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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: I survived Blitz/Yearly Event and DID NOT DIE :
Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where
The post subject should seriously be enough however a variety of things did happen. Most of them amusing.

1.) Old Ladies fought over $1 towels and the police had to get involved.
2.) Some jackass was using his cart to keep people away from the DVDs while he was sifting through them. What did I do? I took that cart and then shoved it down the aisle. You know why I did that? Because he was being a jerk. Do you think I care if he calls me into bentonville? Yeah, whatever. That's the one day of the year I can tell customers exactly what I think of them and management will just go "oh yeah, that person deserved it". But the jerkwad ran after that cart probably because he had other things in it that he knew customers would grab. Next time he kept his cart far away from where I could get to it.
3.) NO ONE WANTED MY HOT ITEM! (I feel so trampled)

So yeah, I survived it. 365 more days til the next one.

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Number 1 xD

But I'm glad you're alright!

I was pretty much in a state of disbelief over number 1 too. >.>

Yeah, Walmart associates unite!

I may be half-dead, but I managed to survive, too. =P

Yeah I can imagine.. I know that cashiers had it very rough all night.

Oh wow, #1. The things people do to get cheap stuff...

Congrats on surviving ;D

I feel like I survived a Zombie Horror Flick.

Survival is good. ::nods, hugs lots::

lol sounds AWESOME >D $1 towels? i should've gone to my Walmart ;w;

glad you survived! ♥

THAT IS IF THERE WAS ANY LEFT! (The grandmothers probably took 'em all)

Fighting over $1 towels was so hilarious! No one fought at our Wal-Mart which I guess was good.

My friend wanted the $198 Emerson 32" TV, but apparently there were tickets this year for them, and the tickets were gone by 12:30 AM (but they couldn't buy them until 5) so we went and found another 32" Emerson TV because we decided we didn't want to be vultures - this TV had more HDMI ports that was like the only difference...and we bought it at 4:30 AM and we got it for $198. We were very very surprised and she was very very happy.

I wish I could've seen how #1 happened

Well there was this one old lady who started to pile them all into her cart. other old ladies didn't like this and started to claw at her and reach for her hair. Voila, insta-fight!

wow at #1. Crazy stuff >.>;

Oh I know, I was amazed and perhaps a little bit impressed!

Haha, I am horribly amused that the police had to be involved! XD Congrats on surviving! ♥

Yeah they did. Because evidentally if you are old, 1 dollar towels are serious business (though I was like "why get all in a hassle baout towels that will likely shrink and becomme abrasive with two washings?)

#1 made me laugh.
I wish I could tell customers what I truly think, but we have nothing like a Black Friday at Tim Hortons... although some people are crazy every day/any day regardless.

Ahahaha, the general public never ceases to amuse. XD

Glad you made it through! :) I was telling people a few of my old Black Friday horror stories the other day. They wouldn't believe the lengths that some customers will go to for the toy of the moment, for example.

After a day of doing my department alone(shoes as dept. manager) and also being alone in covering for jewelry some years ago, I've flat out refused to acknowledge Black Friday's existence in all aspects.

Oh you were department manager of shoes. I'm sorry. Yuck.

Oh my god jerk with the cart. >8( I would've taken his items out and thrown them across the store, just to watch him run after them. 8D

Oh man, you know how I was tempted to do that?

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