Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: I survived Blitz/Yearly Event and DID NOT DIE :

The post subject should seriously be enough however a variety of things did happen. Most of them amusing.

1.) Old Ladies fought over $1 towels and the police had to get involved.
2.) Some jackass was using his cart to keep people away from the DVDs while he was sifting through them. What did I do? I took that cart and then shoved it down the aisle. You know why I did that? Because he was being a jerk. Do you think I care if he calls me into bentonville? Yeah, whatever. That's the one day of the year I can tell customers exactly what I think of them and management will just go "oh yeah, that person deserved it". But the jerkwad ran after that cart probably because he had other things in it that he knew customers would grab. Next time he kept his cart far away from where I could get to it.
3.) NO ONE WANTED MY HOT ITEM! (I feel so trampled)

So yeah, I survived it. 365 more days til the next one.
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