Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Happy Thanksgiving :

For all of my american friends, happy thanksgiving. For all my british friends, just remember that Thanksgiving is a bizarre ritual involving turkeys and indians, and that we aren't really all that happy that we ceded from you... we were probably just in it for the food. Or something.

I get to work Black Friday, well starting at 10 pm thanksgiving day. I am guarding hot item B which I am pretty sure is a TV. I also got a promotion at Walmart, imagine that. I'm now a backroom ICS associate (meaning I bin and such.. bleah) It means twenty cents more but more over then that, I could probably run circles around the people who already work down there.

I'm going into blitz/yearly event a bit sick, but I'm going to rest today. All day today, take lots of cold medicine and hope I feel up to par. Good thing all I have to do until five am is monitor people in line.
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